IRAN: Update on Student protests TODAY-

From several sources in Iran, we have update news about the protests ongoing and the general situation on the streets, which we like to share without readers.
Note: We appreciate the effort and risk each report has taken to get to us and do hope that our readers try to help in the diffusion of the news.

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Reports coming in real words:
First report:

Yesterday while passing Tehran University, we could hear the Song "Iran Azmin"
loud enough - sang by student protesters inside the University- to follow the
rhyme. It was just wonderful and encouraging to hear it from there after all the

Second Report

Special suppressive forces _Nirooye entezami- is EVERYWHERE! But our Guys (bache ha ) are doing just tremendously ..Nothing is stopping them from commemorating our memories
You should have been here with us .. They – The Special Forces, are so scared. Though they have bullet proof jackets on , but fear is so obvious on their faces.. as if they are waiting to be attacked or swept by us ..

Third report :

I just had a round in Tehran: Imam Hossien underground had 30 unites stationed there. Other places the same; Enghelab Swuare had at least 25 units, Ferdowsi had around 25 unites, And Reazayee ha square too
Third report:
Just passed the rout. There are check points stationed at : Tajrish , Azadi, Youssef Abad , Toopkhane squares.There were major problems with Mobiles today too

Incidents :

Yesterday in Honar University , during the protests that passed by students, they were attacked by So called security forces of the University and in that attack a girl student was pushed and bashed her head on the ground and was wounded. ..

In polytechnic clashes, which occurred around 12 noon , a prepared crowd of Bassidj and special plain cloth persons attacked the students and 3 were taken away

Displaying Heavy Security Presence Near Enghelab Square in Tehran


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