SSF says Orumieh Lake environmentalists are criminals

Asre Iran state-run Website :
The Commander of the East Azarbaijan State Security Forces said, “Most of those arrested during the seditions related to the Orumieh Lake are criminals with records who had plans other than Orumieh Lake”.
“This group of people were arrested because of their criminal activities and disrupting public security and after criminal records were filed for them, they were handed over to judicial officials”, Massoud Khoramnia said.
“A group of these people who did not play a central part in these activities and were deceived were mostly released on bail”, he added.

ناجا: دستگير شدگان اغتشاشات درياچه اروميه مجرمان سابقه دار هستند

فرمانده نيروي انتظامي آذربايجان شرقي گفت: اكثر دستگير شدگان اغتشاشات مربوط به درياچه اروميه مجرمان سابقه دار هستند كه اهدافي به غير از درياچه اروميه داشته اند...

مسعود خرم نيا گفت: اين دسته از افراد با توجه به اعمال مجرمانه و بر هم زدن امنيت عمومي دستگير و پس از تشكيل پرونده تحويل مقامات قضايي شدند.

وي اظهار داشت: دسته اي از افراد نيز كه نقش محوري در اين تحركات نداشته و فريب خورده بودند عمدتاً پس از اخذ وثيقه آزاد شدند.عصر ايران – 11/7/90)


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