IRAN Weekly HR report (1 October 2011) : (Prison)

Prison Condition

Americans convicted in Iran say they were hostages
Two American men jailed in Iran for more than two years for spying arrived in New York on Sunday, saying they were innocent and had been held hostage simply because of their nationality.
Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer،arrested with their friend Sarah Shourd while hiking along the Iraq-Iran border in July 2009،were freed on Wednesday after Oman paid bail of $1 million.
Shourd was released on $500،000 bail a year ago.
Fattal and Bauer were sentenced to eight years in prison last month after a trial held behind closed doors. Washington denied the group were spies and U.S. President Barack Obama said on Wednesday they should never have been detained.
Flanked by family members at a news conference in New York،Bauer and Fattal said the case against them was a 'total sham' with 'ridiculous lies that depicted us as being involved in an elaborate American-Israeli conspiracy to undermine Iran’.
'The only explanation for our prolonged detention is the 32 years of mutual hostility between America and Iran،' Bauer said. 'We were convicted of espionage because we are American. It`s that simple. No evidence was ever presented against us’...
'Sarah, Josh and I have experienced a taste of the Iranian regime`s brutality. We have been held in almost total isolation from the world and everything we love, stripped of our rights and freedom،' said Bauer, who is engaged to Shourd.
Bauer said whenever they complained about their treatment, the guards would remind them of conditions at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where terrorism suspects are held, and at secret CIA prisons.
‘We do not believe that such human rights violations on the part of our government justify what has been done to us. Not for a moment.
However, we do believe that these actions on the part of the U.S. provide an excuse for other governments, including the government of Iran, to act in kind,’ Bauer said.
The men spent the first three months of their detention in solitary confinement before they were put in an 8 foot by 13 foot (2.5 meter by 4 meter) cell together. They spent their time reading and testing each other on various topics and were allowed a short time in an outside room to exercise daily.
During 781 days in jail،they had 15 minutes of phone calls with their families and one short visit from their mothers, Fattal said. They staged repeated hunger strikes over demands they be given letters sent by their families, he said.
‘Many times, too many times, we heard the screams of other prisoners being beaten and there was nothing we could do to help them. Solitary confinement was the worst experience of our lives,' Fattal said.
‘It was clear to us from the very beginning that we were hostages. This is the most accurate term because, despite certain knowledge of our innocence, the Iranian government has always tied our case to its political disputes with the U.S’...
Bauer and Fattal plan to spend time with their families in an undisclosed location and appealed to the media for privacy...
Bauer said they could not forgive the Iranian government when it continued to imprison other innocent people.
‘It is the Iranian people who bear the brunt of this government’s cruelty and disregard for human rights,’ he said.
‘If the Iranian government wants to change its image in the world, and ease international pressure, it should release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience immediately.
They deserve their freedom just as much as we do’. (Reuters- Sep. 25, 2011)

Prison sentence

Iran sentences Baha’i man to 5 years of prison

An activist fighting for the right to education who was also banned from continuing his own education was sentenced to five years of prison.
This Baha’i student was charged with disrupting public order and having satellite receiver equipment in the 26th branch of the Tehran Revolutionary Court headed by Judge Pir Abbasi.
Bashir Ehsani was arrested after the events of December 27, 2009 on February 10, 2011 and was transferred to cellblock 240 in Evin Prison. He was released on bail 37 days later on March 9, 2010. His home was raided by security forces in March but agents were not able to arrest him again. (Student Committee in Defense of Political Prisoners – Sep. 28, 2011)


شرايط زندان

آمريکاييهاي محکوم به جاسوسي در ايران مي‌گويند آنها گروگان بودند

خبرگزاري رويتر – 26سپتامبر 2011 – ساعت 0454 – نيويورک – دو مرد آمريکايي که به مدت بيش از 2سال به‌خاطر جاسوسي در ايران زنداني شدند، روز يکشنبه به نيويورک رسيدند و گفتند که آنها بيگناه بوده و صرفاً به‌خاطر تابعيتشان به گروگان گرفته شدند …

بائر و فتال، در کنار اعضاي خانواده در يک کنفرانس خبري در نيويورک گفتند، پرونده عليه آنها ”کاملاً جعلي“ و همراه با ”دروغهاي مسخره‌يي بود که ما را به‌عنوان افرادي جلوه مي‌داد که در يک توطئه استادانه آمريکايي- اسراييلي براي تضعيف ايران نقش داريم“.

بائر گفت، ” تنها توضيح براي بازداشت طولاني‌مدت ما، 32سال خصومت متقابل بين آمريکا و ايران بود. ما به جاسوسي محکوم شديم چون آمريکايي بوديم. به همين سادگي. هيچ‌گاه سندي عليه ما ارائه نشد“. …

فتال گفت، ”بارها و بارها صداي فرياد زندانياني را مي‌شنيديم که کتک مي‌خوردند و ما نمي‌توانستيم براي کمک به آنها کاري انجام بدهيم. حبس انفرادي بدترين تجريه در زندگي ما بود“. …

آنها هم‌چنين از بازيگر سينما شان پن، بوکسر محمد علي، فيلسوف نوام چومسکي، خواننده يوسف اسلام، فعال آمريکايي ضد جنگ سيندي شهام و برندگان جايزه نوبل اسقف اعظم دزموند توتو و ميريد ماگوئير (mairead maguire) قدرداني کردند…

سارا شورد در يک کنفرانس مطبوعاتي در نيويورک گفت، اين 3نفر، که در سنين 20 و 30سالگي هستند، در آينده در مورد رنجهايي که متحمل شدند ”به تفصيل“ خواهند نوشت…

بائر گفت، آنها نمي‌توانند دولت ايران را که به حبس افراد بيگناه ادامه مي‌دهد ببخشند.

او گفت، ”اين مردم ايران هستند که فشار بيرحمي و بي‌اعتنايي اين رژيم به حقوق‌بشر را تحمل مي‌کنند“.

”اگر دولت ايران خواهان تغيير وجهه خود در جهان و زدودن فشار بين‌المللي است، بايد تمامي‌زندانيان سياسي را بلافاصله آزاد کند“.

”آنها به ميزان ما مستحق آزادي هستند“. (خبرگزاري رويتر- 4/7/1390)

حكم زندان

محکوميت بشير احساني به ۵ سال زندان

کميته دانشجويي دفاع از زندانيان سياسي: فعال حق تحصيل و دانشجوي محروم از تحصيل بهايي به ۵ سال حبس تعزيري محکوم گرديد.

به گزارش کميته گزارشگران حقوق بشر، دادگاه اين دانشجوي محروم از تحصيل بهايي ۱۶ مرداد ماه با تغيير اتهامات در شعبه ۲۶ دادگاه انقلاب به رياست قاضي پيرعباس برگزار شد، اتهامات وي در کيفرخواست صادره «اخلال در نظم عمومي و داشتن تجهيزات ماهواره» بود..

بشير احساني پس از حوادث روز عاشورا سال ۸۸ در تاريخ ۲۱ بهمن ماه ۱۳۸۸ بازداشت و به بند ۲۴۰ زندان اوين منتقل و پس از ۲۷ روز بازداشت در تاريخ ۱۸ اسفند ۱۳۸۸ با قرار وثيقه آزاد شد. در اسفندماه‌‌ همان سال و همزمان با ديگر بازداشت‌هاي گستردهٔ اسفند ۸۸، منزل او مورد هجوم مجدد نيروهاي امنيتي قرار گرفت که ماموران امنيتي موفق به بازداشت وي نشدند. (كميته دانشجويي دفاع از زندانيان سياسي – 6/7/90)


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