Jailed female journalist -Nazanin Khosrovani-banned from visits

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

An informed source said that the family of jailed journalist Nazanin Khosrovani, who had gone to prison to visit her, was told that she is banned from visits. Agents refused to give further explanations about why this prisoner of conscience was banned from visits.
Khosrovani was arrested on November 2, 2010 in her home by security forces and has only called her family once since her arrest. Officials have not said why she was arrested and what she has been charged with. Nazanin Khosravani was not involved in any media activities after the elections and according to her friends she did not have any media or political activities. Her arrest and lack of knowledge about her condition after her arrest has surprised her former colleagues.

نازنين خسرواني ممنوع الملاقات است

يک منبع مطلع به کمپين بين المللي حقوق بشر در ايران گفت که به خانواده نازنين خسرواني روزنامه نگاري که براي ملاقات وي به زندان اوين مراجعه کرده بودند گفته شده است که وي ممنوع الملاقات است. مامورين از ارائه هرگونه توضيحي در مورد اينکه به چه دليل اين زنداني عقيدتي ممنوع الملاقات است خودداري کرده اند.
خانم خسرواني روز چهارشنبه ۱۱ آبان در منزلش توسط نيروهاي امنيتي دستگير شد و تا کنون تنها يک بار با خانواده اش تماس تلفني داشته است. تا کنون دليل دستگيري و اتهاماتي که موجب دستگيري وي شده از سوي مقامات مسوول ارائه نشده است.نازني خسرواني پس از انتخابات از فعاليت هاي مطبوعاتي به دور بود و به گفته دوستانش هيچ گونه فعاليت مطبوعاتي و سياسي نداشت. دستگيري وي و نيز بي خبري از وضعيت وي پس از دستگيري موجب شگفتي همکاران سابق وي شده است. (کمپين بين المللي حقوق بشر در ايران – 27/8/89)

Human Rights Activists in Iran

Sixty days after the arrest of Foad Farimian, an Amir Kabir University student, those close to him still have no news on his whereabouts.
This master’s degree student in Amir Kabir University was arrested two months ago by the intelligence unit of the Revolutionary Guards Corps. This student was active in Mir Hossein Moussavi’s election staff in this university.
His family and friends are extremely worried because officials refuse to answer their concerns about his condition and whereabouts.

پس از ۶۰ روز، کماکان بي خبري از فواد فريماني دانشجوي زنداني در بند سپاه پاسداران
شصت روز است که از بازداشت فواد فريماني دانشجوي دانشگاه اميرکبير مي گذرد و نزديکان وي کماکان از وضعيت وي بي خبرند.
به گزارش دانشجو نيوز، فواد فريماني دانشجوي کارشناسي ارشد دانشگاه اميرکبير است که از دو ماه پيش در بازداشت نيروهاي اطلاعات سپاه پاسداران به سر مي برد. اين فعال دانشجويي از فعالين ستاد انتخاباتي ميرحسين موسوي در دانشگاه...
عدم پاسخگويي مسئولين نسبت به وضعيت سلامت و وضعيت بازداشت اين دانشجو، باعث نگراني شديد خانواده وي و دوستان اين دانشجو شده است. (هرانا – 27/8/89)
Student Committee in Defense of Political Prisoners

Prison guards in Rajayi Shahr (Gohardasht) Prison in Karaj raided the cells of political prisoners in cellblock 4 on Thursday morning and searched their cells and personal belongings.
According to reports from Rajayi Shahr Prison, on November 18, 32 members of the Special Guards Forces in prison along with 14 military officers’ raided hall 10 in this prison which is where political prisoners are kept and violently searched their belongings.
These raids, in which prison guards violently conduct searches, beat prisoners and destroy their personal belongings, have been carried out numerous times in the past months. Some time ago prison guards raided cellblock 4 along with two dogs and searched the belongings of political prisoners in hall 10 in this prison.
Rajayi Shahr Prison is used by security officials to send political prisoners (to as punishment) because of its unsuitable conditions. This prison which is known as the ‘center of exile for political prisoners’ is used to put pressure on political prisoner because of its unsuitable sanitary conditions, detaining political prisoners with methadone prisoners, prisoners who inject drugs, troublemakers and drug addicts who have been arrested on the streets and those who are psychologically ill in one cellblock, the systematic beating of prisoners, limitations in in-person visits and the lack of medical services.

يورش به بند زندانيان سياسي
صبح امروز پنج شنبه بيست و هفم آبان ماه، نيروهاي حفاظت زندان رجايي شهر کرج با يورش به محل استقرار زندانيان سياسي بند چهار اين زندان، اقدام به بازرسي محل نگهداري و وسايل شخصي اين زندانيان نمودند.
به گزارش کميته دانشجويي دفاع از زندانيان سياسي، بنا به گزارش هاي رسيده از زندان رجايي شهر کرج، صبح امروز پنج شنبه بيست و هفتم آبان ماه، 32 تن از نيروهاي يگان ويژه حفاظت با همراهي 4 افسر نظامي به سالن 10 بند چهار زندان رجايي شهر کرج که محل استقرار زندانيان سياسي اين زندان مي باشد يورش برده و با بر هم زدن وسايل شخصي ايشان، اقدام به بازرسي اين محل نمودند.
اين چندمين باري است که در طول ماه هاي اخير مامورين امنيتي اين زندان، با يورش به سلول زندانيان سياسي بند چهار، اقدام به بازرسي هاي وحشيانه، ضرب و شتم و تخريب اموال اين زندانيان مي نمايند. چندي پيش نيز زندانبانان بند 4 زندان رجايي شهر کرج، در اقدامي عجيب همراه با 2 قلاده سگ اقدام به بازرسي اتاق و وسايل زندانيان سالن 10 بند چهار زندان رجايي شهر کرج نموده بودند.
زندان رجايي شهر کرج، به علت شرايط نامناسب نگهداري، از جمله مکان هايي است که توسط مقامات امنيتي براي تبعيد زندانيان سياسي مورد استفاده قرار مي گيرد. اين زندان که به «تبعيدگاه زندانيان سياسي» شهرت يافته است، به علت شرايط نامناسب بهداشتي، نگهداري زندانيان سياسي با زندانيان متادوني، تزريقي، اشرار و معتادين جمع آوري شده از خيابان ها و روانيان، و ضرب و شتم سازمان يافته زندانيان سياسي، محدوديت ملاقات هاي حضوري و عدم ارائه حداقل خدمات درماني و ... همواره از جانب مسئولان قضايي و امنيتي جمهوري اسلامي به عنوان تبعيدگاه زندانيان سياسي و براي تحت فشار گذاشتن اين زندانيان به کار گرفته مي شود. (کميته دانشجويي دفاع از زندانيان سياسي – 27/8/89)

There has been no news on the condition of political prisoner Mohammad-Ali Mansouri, three weeks after he was thrown in a solitary cell in cellblock 1 in Gohardasht Prison known as the ‘doghouse’.
Mansouri was summoned along with a number of political prisoners to the Intelligence Unit in prison after singing the banned national anthem when a prisoner was being released from prison. After long interrogations, he was transferred by the head of the Intelligence Unit, Faraji, to a solitary cell in the doghouse.
His family has gone to the Revolutionary Court, Prison Organizations and Gohardasht Prison several times but has not been given any answers on the condition of their loved one. This has led to serious concerns for his family. Prisoners who are transferred to cellblock 1 are subjected to severe physical torture including being beaten with electric batons while handcuffed, being subjected to electric shocks and being tortured with other tools for a prolonged amount of time which usually leads to broken legs and hands. Cells in this section lack minimum facilities and prisoners have to sleep on the ground. Guards wet the ground day and night to prevent the prisoner from sleeping on the ground and to subject the prisoner to extreme cold. Prisoners are allowed to bathe only once every few weeks and to use the bathroom three times a day. The amount of food given to prisoners is only enough to live on and the sanitary conditions are appalling. Ailing prisoners are banned from taking their medicine and are denied minimum medical treatment.
Political prisoner Mohammad-Ali Mansouri was arrested in September 2007 after participating in the 19th anniversary of the massacre of political prisoners in 1988 and was sentenced to 17 years of prison by Judge Salavati. He was sentenced to spend his prison time in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj. He was also a political prisoner in the 80’s. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

بي خبري مطلق از وضعيت و شرايط زنداني سياسي محمدعلي منصوري در سلولهاي انفرادي

بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران" بيش از سه هفته از انتقال زنداني سياسي محمد علي منصوري به سلولهاي انفرادي بند 1 معروف به سگ دوني زندان گوهردشت کرج مي گذرد ولي از شرايط و وضعيت اين زنداني سياسي هيچ خبري در دست نيست.
زنداني سياسي محمدعلي منصوري 4 آبان ماه هنگام آزادي يک زنداني همراه با ساير زندانيان اين بند براي بدرقۀ وي اقدام به خواندن دست جمعي سرود :« اي ايران اي مرز پرگهر» نمودند.متعاقب اين مسئله اطلاعات زندان وحشت زده اقدام به احضار تعدادي از زندانيان سياسي نمود که از جملۀ آنها آقاي منصوري بود پس از بازجوييهاي طولاني مدت توسط فرجي رئيس فعلي اطلاعات زندان او را به سلولهاي انفرادي بند 1 معروف به سگدوني منتقل کردند.
خانواده زنداني سياسي منصوري در طي اين مدت به دادگاه انقلاب، سازمان زندانها و زندان گوهردشت کرج بارها مراجعه کردند ولي تا به حال هيچ پاسخي به آنها داده نشده است. اين مسئله باعث شده است که اين خانواده در نگراني فزاينده اي بسر برد.
زندانيان که به سلولهاي انفرادي بند 1 معروف به (سگدوني) منتقل مي شوند مورد شکنجه هاي وحشيانه جسمي قرار مي گيرندکه از جملۀ آنها ؛ دست بند و پابند و چشم بند زدن به زنداني و بردن او به اتاق شکنجه و شکنجۀ وي با باتونهاي برقي،شوک الکتريکي و ساير ابزارهاي شکنجه براي مدتي طولاني که در اکثر موارد منجر به شکستن دست و پاي زنداني مي شود،سلولها فاقد امکانات اوليه است و زنداني بايد بر کف بتوني سلول استراحت نمايد پاسداربندها در طي شبانه روز چند بار کف سلول را با آب سرد خيس مي کنند تا زنداني نتواند استراحت کند و در معرض سرماي شديد قرار گيرد،زنداني هر چند هفته يکبار امکان استفاده از حمام را دارد، زنداني 3 بار در روز حق استفاده از سرويسهاي بهداشتي را دارد،غذاي زنداني در حد زنده ماندن است و شرايط بهداشتي فاجعه بار است. زندانيان بيماري حق استفاده از داروهاي خود را ندارند و از امکانات اوليه پزشکي محروم هستند و همچنين محدوديتهاي متعدد ضد بشري ديگري را متحمل مي شوند.
زنداني سياسي محمد علي منصوري پس از شرکت در مراسم نوزدهمين سالگرد قتل عام زندانيان سياسي سال 1367 در شهريور ماه 1386 دستگير شد و توسط قاضي فرمايشي صلواتي به 17 سال زندان و تبعيد به زندان گوهردشت کرج محکوم شد. او همچنين از زندانيان سياسي دهۀ 60 مي باشد. (فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران – 27/8/89)

Shahrzad News

The death sentence for Shahla Jahed which was signed last week by Larijani, was announced to the Tehran prosecutor and will be carried out on December 1 if the family of the murdered victim does not grant her amnesty. Shahla Jahed has been convicted of murdering Laleh Saharkhiz, the wife of Naser Mohammad Khani whom she had a relationship with for four years. She initially confessed to murder, but in court she said that she was forced into confession under pressure and torture. Her case is one of the most controversial murder cases in the past years.

شهلا جاهد روز 10 آذرماه اعدام مي‌شود
حکم اعدام شهلا جاهد که هفته‌ي پيش توسط لاريجاني امضا شد، به دادستاني ابلاغ شده و او قرار است در صورتي که طي اين مدت ”اولياي دم“ از حکم قصاص صرفنظر نکنند، روز 10آذر ماه حلق‌آويز شود. شهلا جاهد که 4سال با ناصر محمدخاني ارتباط داشت، به قتل لاله سحرخيزان، همسر ناصرمحمدخاني، متهم است. وي ابتدا به قتل اقرار کرد، اما در دادگاه گفت که اين اقرار تحت فشار و شکنجه از او گرفته شده است. پرونده‌ي شهلا جاهد يکي از جنجالي‌ترين پرونده‌هاي قتل در سالهاي اخير است. (شهرزادنيوز- 27/8/89)

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United Nations A/C.3/64/L.37
General Assembly
29 October 2009
Original: English
Sixty-fourth session
Third Committee
Agenda item 69 (c)

Promotion and protection of human rights: human rights situations and reports of special rapporteurs and representatives

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Micronesia (Federated States of), Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Palau, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and United States of America:


Situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran

The General Assembly,

Guided by the Charter of the United Nations, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,1 the International Covenants on Human Rights2 and other international human rights instruments,

Recalling its previous resolutions on the situation of human rights in the
Islamic Republic of Iran, the most recent of which is resolution 63/191 of
18 December 2008,

1. Takes note of the report of the Secretary General submitted pursuant to
its resolution 63/191,3 which highlights many areas of continuing concern with
respect to the promotion and protection of human rights in the Islamic Republic of
Iran and notes with particular concern negative developments in the area of civil and
political rights since June 2008, and which discusses some positive achievements
with respect to economic and social indicators;

2. Expresses its deep concern at serious ongoing and recurring human rights
violations in the Islamic Republic of Iran relating to, inter alia:

(a) Torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, including flogging and amputations;
(b) The continuing high incidence and increase in the rate of executions carried out in the absence of internationally recognized safeguards, including public executions and executions of juveniles;
(c) Stoning as a method of execution and persons in prison who continue to face sentences of execution by stoning, notwithstanding a circular from the head of the judiciary prohibiting stoning;
(d) Arrests, violent repression and sentencing of women exercising their right to peaceful assembly, a campaign of intimidation against women’s human rights defenders, and continuing discrimination against women and girls in law and in practice;
(e) Increasing discrimination and other human rights violations against persons belonging to religious, ethnic, linguistic or other minorities, recognized or otherwise, including, inter alia, Arabs, Azeris, Baluchis, Kurds, Christians, Jews, Sufis and Sunni Muslims and their defenders, and, in particular, attacks on Baha’is and their faith in State-sponsored media, increasing evidence of efforts by the State to identify, monitor and arbitrarily detain Baha’is, preventing members of the Baha’i faith from attending university and from sustaining themselves economically, and the continuing detention of seven Baha’i leaders who were arrested in March and May 2008 and faced with serious charges without adequate or timely access to legal representation;
(f) Ongoing, systemic and serious restrictions of freedom of peaceful assembly and association and freedom of opinion and expression, including those imposed on the media, Internet users and trade unions, and increasing harassment, intimidation and persecution of political opponents and human rights defenders from all sectors of Iranian society, including arrests and violent repression of labour leaders, labour members peacefully assembling and students, noting in particular the forced closure of the Defenders of Human Rights Centre and the subsequent arrest and harassment of a number of its staff;
(g) Severe limitations and restrictions on freedom of religion and belief, including arbitrary arrest, indefinite detention and lengthy jail sentences for those exercising their right to freedom of religion or belief;
(h) Persistent failure to uphold due process of law rights, and violation of the rights of detainees, including defendants held without charge or held incommunicado, the systematic and arbitrary use of prolonged solitary confinement, and lack of timely access to legal representation;

3. Also expresses particular concern at the response of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran following the Presidential election of 12 June 2009 and the concurrent rise in human rights violations including, inter alia:

(a) Harassment, intimidation and persecution, including by arbitrary arrest, detention or disappearance, of opposition members, journalists and other media representatives, bloggers, lawyers, clerics, human rights defenders, academics, students and others exercising their rights to peaceful assembly and association and freedom of opinion and expression, resulting in numerous deaths and injuries;
(b) Use of violence and intimidation by Government-directed militias to forcibly disperse Iranian citizens engaged in the peaceful exercise of freedom of association, also resulting in numerous deaths and injuries;
(c) Interfering in the right to a fair trial by, inter alia, holding mass trials and denying defendants access to adequate legal representation, resulting in death sentences and lengthy jail sentences for some individuals;
(d) Reported use of forced confessions and abuse of prisoners including, inter alia, rape and torture;
(e) Escalation in the rate of executions in the months following the elections;
(f) Further restrictions on freedom of expression, including severe restrictions on media coverage of public demonstrations and the disruption of telecommunications and Internet technology and the forcible closure of the offices of several organizations involved in the investigation of the situation of persons imprisoned following the election;
(g) Arbitrary arrest and detention of employees of foreign embassies in Tehran, thereby unduly interfering with the performance of the functions of those missions in a manner inconsistent with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations;

4. Calls upon the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to address the substantive concerns highlighted in the report of the Secretary-General and the specific calls to action found in previous resolutions of the General Assembly, and to respect fully its human rights obligations, in law and in practice, in particular:

(a) To eliminate, in law and in practice, amputations, flogging and other forms of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment;
(b) To abolish, in law and in practice, public executions and other executions carried out in the absence of respect for internationally recognized safeguards;
(c) To abolish, pursuant to its obligations under article 37 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,2 executions of persons who at the time of their offence were under the age of 18;
(d) To abolish the use of stoning as a method of execution;
(e) To eliminate, in law and in practice, all forms of discrimination and other human rights violations against women and girls;
(f) To eliminate, in law and in practice, all forms of discrimination and other human rights violations against persons belonging to religious, ethnic, linguistic or other minorities, recognized or otherwise, to refrain from monitoring individuals on the basis of their religious beliefs, and to ensure that access of minorities to education and employment is on par with that of all Iranians;
(g) To implement, inter alia, the 1996 report of the Special Rapporteur on religious intolerance, which recommended ways in which the Islamic Republic of Iran could emancipate the Baha’i community, and also to accord the seven Baha’i leaders held since 2008 the due process of law rights they are constitutionally guaranteed, including the right to adequate legal representation and the right to a fair trial;
(h) To end the harassment, intimidation and persecution of political opponents and human rights defenders, students, academics, journalists, other media representatives, bloggers, clerics and lawyers, including by releasing persons imprisoned arbitrarily or on the basis of their political views, including those detained following the Presidential election of 12 June 2009;
(i) To uphold due process of law rights, to end impunity for human rights violations, and to launch a credible, impartial and independent investigation into the allegations of post-Presidential election human rights violations;

5. Further calls upon the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to redress its inadequate record of cooperation with international human rights mechanisms by, inter alia, reporting pursuant to its obligations to the treaty bodies of the instruments to which it is a party and cooperating fully with all international human rights mechanisms, and encourages the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to continue exploring cooperation on human rights and justice reform with the United Nations, including the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights;

6. Expresses deep concern that, despite the Islamic Republic of Iran’s standing invitation to all thematic special procedures mandate holders, it has not fulfilled any requests from those special mechanisms to visit the country in four years and has not answered numerous communications from those special mechanisms, and strongly urges the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to fully cooperate with the special mechanisms, including facilitating their visits to its territory, so that credible and independent investigations of all allegations of human rights violations, particularly those arising since 12 June 2009, can be conducted;
7. Invites the thematic special procedures mandate holders to pay particular attention to the human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, in particular the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention and the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances, with a view to investigating and reporting on the various human rights violations that have arisen since 12 June 2009;

8. Requests the Secretary-General to report to it at its sixty-fifth session on the progress made in the implementation of the present resolution;

9. Decides to continue its examination of the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran at its sixty-fifth session under the item entitled “Promotion and protection of human rights”.

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Religious freedom deteriorates in Iran: US


The US government said Wednesday that respect for religious freedom deteriorated in Afghanistan and Iran while China and Indonesia earned mixed scorecards.
In its report on international religious freedom for the last year, the US State Department also raised sharp complaints about Myanmar and North Korea as well as US allies Egypt and Saudi Arabia…
The report said 'government respect for religious freedom continued to deteriorate in Iran, with which the US government is locked in a showdown over its nuclear ambitions and human rights.
‘The government severely restricted freedom of religion and reports of government imprisonment, harassment, intimidation, and discrimination based on religious beliefs continued during the reporting period,' the report said.
Iranian Muslims who were not from the majority Shiite group faced 'substantial societal discrimination,' it said.
‘And government rhetoric and actions created a threatening atmosphere for nearly all non-Shia religious groups, most notably Bahais, as well as Sufi Muslims, evangelical Christians, members of the Jewish community,' it said.

آمريکا: آزاديهاي مذهبي در ايران و افغانستان بدتر شده‌اند
خبرگزاري فرانسه، 17نوامبر، 2010 - واشنگتن - دولت آمريکا روز چهارشنبه گفت محترم شمردن [عدم رعايت] آزاديهاي مذهبي در افغانستان و ايران بدتر شده است و دراينحال چين و اندونزي کارتهاي متفاوتي به‌دست آوردند. …
مسلمانان ايران که از گروه شيعي اصلي ايران نيستند با تبعيض اجتماعي اساسي مواجه هستند. … (خبرگزاري فرانسه- 26/8/89)

The Supreme Court asked that political prisoner Hossein Khezri be executed in a letter to the 9th branch of the Revolutionary Court in Orumieh.
According to reports, this letter which was seen by Hossein Khezri’s lawyer was the last legal way for Khezri’s execution to be revoked. His lawyer also suspiciously resigned as his lawyer after seeing this letter.
Notably, the 9th branch of the Sentence Implementation Unit in the Orumieh Court has sent the case of this death row political prisoner to the Prosecutor, and his death sentence will be carried out after the prosecutor agrees to it. (Human Rights Activists in Iran

قريب الوقوع بودن اجراي حکم اعدام حسين خضري

ديوان عالي کشور در نامه اي به شعبه 9 اجراي احکام دادگاه انقلاب اروميه خواهان اجراي حکم اعدام حسين خضري شده است.
بنا به اطلاع گزارشگران هرانا، اين نامه ارسالي که به روئيت وکيل حسين خضري نيز در آمده است آخرين راه هاي قانوني براي لغو حکم اعدام وي بوده است، از سوي ديگر وکيل نامبرده پس روئيت نامه به طرز مشکوکي از برعهده گرفتن وکالت اين زنداني انصراف داده است.
گفتني است، شعبه 9 اجراي احکام دادگاه اروميه جهت اجراي حکم، پرونده اين زنداني را به دادستان استان ارسال کرده است که در صورت موافقت دادستاني اجراي حکم اعدام حسين خضري قريب الوقوع خواهد بود. (هرانا – 26/8/89)
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

According to reports, Mehri Javan Mahjoub, who was a former political prisoner in the 80’s and is the wife of political prisoner Abedi Ba Khoda was arrested yesterday and taken to the Lakan Prison in Rasht.
Mahjoub Doust, 52, was summoned to the 4th branch of the Revolutionary Court on Tuesday November 16 and was interrogated for a prolonged amount of time for having a computer and satellite receiver in her home and for describing her husband’s condition to the international media and human rights organizations. A 50 million toman (50,000 dollar) bail order was then issued for her. She was only given 2 hours to provide the bail money and she said that she could not afford to pay this amount stressing that she had not committed any crime for which she would have to pay bail for.
Mahjoub Doust was kept in Police Station number 5 in Rasht until 7 pm and was subsequently transferred to the Lakan Prison in Rasht without being officially convicted.
Before this, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence had raided her home and seized some of their personal belongings.
Mahjoub Doust is suffering from numerous physical ailments such as heart problems, arthritis and migraines.
She was the caretaker of her husband, Abedi Bakhoda who was on a medical leave from prison to receive surgery and was hospitalized at home. She was responsible for most of his nursing including giving him injections. Abedi Bakhoda was shot in the spinal cord in the 80’s when security forces were trying to arrest him and has become crippled. He is confined to a wheelchair and cannot move. Security forces have arbitrary and illegally arrested Mahjoub Doust to put more pressure on this family, especially her husband.

يکي از زنان زنداني سياسي دهه 60 دستگير و به زندان لاکان رشت منتقل شد
بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران" خانم مهري جوان محجوب دوست از زندانيان سياسي دهه 60 و همسر زنداني سياسي عابدي با خدا روز گذشته دستگير و به زندان لاکان رشت منتقل گرديد.
خانم مهري جوان محجوب دوست 52 ساله که از زندانيان سياسي دهه 60 مي باشد روز سه شنبه 25 آبان ماه به شعبۀ 4 بازپرسي دادگاه انقلاب رشت فراخوانده شد و پس از بازجويي طولاني بخاطر داشتن کامپيوتر ، رسيور ماهواره در منزل و تشريح وضعيت و شرايط همسرش با رسانه هاي بين المللي و سازمانهاي حقوق بشري براي او قرار وثيقه 50 ميليون توماني صادر گرديد . به او فقط 2 ساعت براي تهيه وثيقه فوق وقت داده شد.خانم محجوب دوست به آنها اعلام کرد که قادر به تهيه مبلغ فوق نيستند و او هم مرتکب هيچ جرمي نشده است و دليلي براي قرار دادن چنين وثيقه اي را نمي بيند.
خانم محجوب دوست تا ساعت 19:00 در کلانتري 5 رشت در بازداشت بود و سپس به بند زنان زندان لاکان رشت بدون داشتن هيچ محکوميتي منتقل گرديد.
پيش از اين مامورين وزارت اطلاعات به منزل آنها يورش برده بودند و بخشي از وسايل شخصي اين خانواده را جمع آوري و با خود برده بودند.
خانم محجوب دوست از ناراحتيهاي متعددي جسمي مانند ناراحتي قلبي،آرتروز و ميگرن رنج مي برد.
خانم محجوب دوست از همسرش، زنداني سياسي عابدي باخدا که در مرخصي استعلاجي جهت عمل جراحي در منزل بسر مي برد پرستاري مي نمود و اکثر کارهاي تزريقي دارو و ساير موارد را براي او انجام ميداد. آقاي عابدي باخدا در اثر شليک گلوله پاسداران به نخاعش دچار قطع نخاع است و بر روي صندلي چرخدار مي باشد و قادر به حرکت نيست.هدف از دستگيري و بازداشت خودسرانه و غير قانوني خانم محجوب دوست ايجاد فشار بر روي اين خانواده بخصوص همسرش مي باشد. (فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران – 26/8/89)

Center in Defense of the Families of those Slain and Detained

According to reports, on Monday November 16, security forces raided the home of Allah Verdi Rohi and arrested him and one of his relative identified as Hamid. These forces searched his home and seized some of his personal belongings such as his computer. It is still not clear where these two are being kept. His family and relatives have pursued the reason behind their arrest but have not been given any information as yet. Raids by security forces to the homes of political and human rights activists especially in the weeks leading up to Student Day (December 7) has become prevalent in Iran.

دستگيري يک روحاني و يكي از بستگانش
براساس گزارشات دريافتي ,صبح روز دوشنبه 89.8.24 در يورشي به منزل آقاي الله وردي روحي و يكي از بستگانش بنام حميد هر دو نفر را بازداشت نمودند.در بازرسي كه از منزل آقاي روحي به عمل آمده وسايل شخصي ايشان از جمله كيس كامپيوتر و ساير متعلقات آن را مأموران با خود برده اند.هنوز محل نگهداري و بازداشت اين دو نفر مشخص نگرديده است.خانواده وآشنايان اقاي روحي بدنبال پيگيري دليل دستگيري آنان هستند,اما تا كنون اطلاعي از آنان داده نشده.يورش مأمورن به منازل خانواده هاي سياسي و يا فعالين حقوق بشري بطور خاص در ايام نزديك به 16 آذر امري رايج گشته است. (كانون حمايت ازخانواده هاي جان باختگان و بازداشتي ها – 26/8/89)
Saham News

Ayub Qanbarpourian, who was arrested after the elections, is in very poor mental and physical condition in prison but the Tehran Prosecutor and prison officials have refused to grant him a leave from prison.
He has been detained for more than a year and has been only able to see his family a few times because they live in another town and cannot easily come to Tehran.
He was sentenced to five years of prison after months of being kept in a state of limbo in cellblocks 350 and 209 in Evin Prison.
This 20 year old political prisoner is from Koh Dasht Village in Lorestan and worked as a construction worker in Tehran. He was arrested for participating in the peaceful demonstrations in protest to election results.
Qanbarpourian supported his family after he lost his father and his family has been facing financial hardships in the past few months.
He is currently detained in cellblock 350 in Evin along with many other political prisoners. His family and fellow prisoners are severely concerned for his mental and physical condition to the point that everyday, a number of political prisoners in this cellblock take the responsibility of looking out for him in prison.

وخامت حال جسمي و روحي ايوب قنبر پوريان
ايوب قنبرپوريان يکي از زندانيان حوادث پس از انتخابات ،وضعيت جسماني و روحي بسيار نامناسبي دارد اما با اين حال دادستان تهران و مسئولان زندان با مرخصي او مخالفت مي کنند .
به گزارش کلمه، او که بيش از يک سال در زندان است تنها چند بار توانسته با خانواده و بستگان خود ملاقات کند، چرا که خانواده اش در شهرستان زندگي مي کنند و به سختي امکان سفر به تهران را پيدا مي کنند.
او پس از ماه ها بلاتکليفي و زنداني بودن در بند ۳۵۰ و ۲۰۹ به پنج سال حبس تعزيري محکوم شد .
ايوب قنبرپوريان ، ۲۰ ساله و اهل يکي از روستاهاي کوه دشت لرستان است که در تهران به عنوان کارگر ساختمان مشغول به کار بوده است . او در تظاهرات هاي مسالمت آميز مردم در اعتراض به نتيجه انتخابات ۲۲ خرداد ۱۳۸۸ شرکت داشته و به همين دليل بازداشت و روانه زندان شده است .
قنبرپوريان به دليل از دست دادن پدرش، سرپرست خانواده بوده و در تمام ماههاي گذشته ،خانواده او با مشکلات مالي فراوان دست به گريبان بوده اند.
وي هم اکنون در بند ۳۵۰ زندان اوين به همراه بسياري ديگر زندانيان سياسي به سر مي برد. خانواده قنبر پوريان و هم بندي هاي او نسبت به وضعيت جسمي و روحي او به شدت اظهار نگراني مي کنند تا جايي که هر روز چند نفر از زندانيان سياسي اين بند مسئوليت مراقبت از او را در زندان به عهده مي گيرند. (سحام نيوز – 26/8/89)

Five lawyers have been arrested in Iran for security-related offences, a local news agency said on Sunday, the latest in a series of arrests of human rights' activists since last year's disputed presidential election.
Tehran general prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi said three of the lawyers were arrested when they returned from a trip to Turkey, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.
"Two other lawyers related to the three were also detained in Iran," the prosecutor told Fars.
"They have been detained for committing security-related offences and violating the Islamic Republic's moral standards outside Iran," he said, without elaborating on the charges.
Sara Sabaghian, Maryam Kian-Ersi and Maryam Karbasi were arrested at Tehran's International Imam Khomeini Airport on Saturday, the Sharq newspaper reported…
Judiciary chief Sadeq Larijani has warned lawyers over criticising the judicial system and on giving interviews to foreign media, the moderate Arman newspaper reported on Sunday.

ايران 5نفر از وکلا را به اتهامات امنيتي بازداشت کرد
به گزارش يک خبرگزاري محلي در روز يکشنبه، پنج نفر از وکلا در ايران به اتهام تخلفات امنيتي دستگير شدند. اين دستگيريها به‌دنبال يک سلسله از دستگيري فعالان حقوقبشر است که از انتخابات مورد منازعه گذشته تاکنون ادامه داشته است. …
احمدي‌نژاد در ماه سپتامبر درحاليکه از ملل ‌متحد در نيويورک ديدار مي‌کرد گفت تمامي مخالفان ما و رهبرانشان آزاد هستند. ما هيچ منتقد يا مخالفي نداريم که در زندان باشد.
سازمانهاي حقوقبشري نيز بازداشت نسرين ستوده حقوقدان را مورد انتقاد قرار داده‌اند. بنابه گزارش وبسايت کلمه، ستوده مادر دو فرزند است که در ماه سپتامبر به اتهام تهديد عليه امنيت ملي دستگير شده است.
ستوده به اعتصاب خشک خود هفته گذشته پايان داده است. … به گزارش روزنامه مدره‌ي آرمان در روز دوشنبه، صادق لاريجاني رئيس قوه قضاييه به وکلا نسبت به انتقاد کردن به نظام قضايي و مصاحبه کردن با رسانه‌هاي خارجي هشدار داده است. (خبرگزاري رويتر- 23/8/89)

Peik-e Iran

According to reports from Mashhad, 15 people were tried on charges of acting against national security and propagating against the government. Some of these people were arrested in 2009 and spent time in prison. They were sentenced to 3-16 years of prison. Their charges were having email communications with a number of people outside of the country. Three of them identified as Ali Ebadi, Mohammad Mirzayi and Mehdi Jalili are currently in prison and the rest are free on bail.
Notably, Ali Ebadi is a former political prisoner and has been detained in a solitary cell for more than a year.
Some of those sentenced are as follows:
Ali Ebadi, six years of prison
Mehdi Jalili, 16 years of prison
Hassan Oganji, 6 years of prison
Zohre Ebadi, wife of Hassan Oganji, three and a half years of prison
Javad Ebadi, 3 years of prison
Ahmad Mirzayi, six years of prison
Mohammad Ghobrayi, six years of prison
Salmas Parsi, three years of prison

محاکمه 15 نفر به اتهام اقدام عليه امنيت کشور در مشهد
بنا بر گزارش دريافتي دادگاهي در مشهد 15 نفر را به اتهام اقدام عليه امنيت کشور و تبليغ عليه نظام محاکمه کرد. اين افراد که بعضا در سال 88 دستگير و مدتي زنداني بودند به حکم هايي از 16 تا 3 سال محکوم شده اند. اتهام آنها ارتباط ايميلي با بعضي افراد در خارج از کشور مي باشد. سه تن از اين متهامان به نام هاي علي عبادي و محمد ميرزايي و مهدي جليلي هم اکنون در زندان بوده و بقيه به قيد ضمانت آزاد هستند.
لازم به ذکر است که آقاي علي عبادي از زندانيان سياسي سابق است و بيش از يک سال در سلول انفرادي بوده است.
اسامي به شرح زير مي باشد:
علي عبادي 6 سال
مهدي جليلي 16 سال
حسن اوگنجي 6 سال
زهره عبادي همسر حسن اوگنجي سه سال و نيم
جواد عبادي 3 سال
احمد ميرزايي 6 سال
محمدغبرايي 6 سال
سلمان پارسي 3 سال (پيك ايران – 24/8/89)
Daneshju News

Yaser Rahmani, a medical student at the Shiraz Medical Science University and the political secretary of the Islamic Association in this university was finally expelled from university after being kept in a state of limbo for one and a half years. He was expelled in a sentence by the Central Disciplinary Committee of the Ministry of Health and Hygiene…
Notably, in this time, the Protection Department of his university and security officials in the province of Fars tried to ruin the image of this student activist and member of the Office for Consolidating Unity by saying that he had given interviews and had made confessions under pressure whish he has strongly denies.

اخراج ياسر رحماني، فعال دانشجويي دانشگاه پزشکي شيراز
ياسر رحماني دانشجوي رشته پزشکي دانشگاه علوم پزشکي شيراز و دبير سياسي سابق انجمن اسلامي اين دانشگاه، پس از يک سال ونيم بلاتکليفي، بالاخره در حکمي توسط کميته انضباطي مرکزي وزارت بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشکي از دانشگاه اخراج شد...
خاطر نشان مي شود در طول اين مدت حراست دانشگاه و مسئولين امنيتي استان فارس براي خدشه وارد کردن به فعاليت هاي اين فعال دانشجويي و دفتر تحکيم وحدت دروغ هاي بسياري مثل مصاحبه و اعترافات ساختگي را به اين فعال دانشجويي باسابقه و خوشنام نسبت دادند که قويا از سوي وي تکذيب شد. (دانشجو نيوز – 24/8/89)
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

According reports, in a deadly clash in cellblock 5 in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, prisoner Mohammad Baba Alian was murdered.
On the morning of November 14, at about 3 pm, 22 year old Mohammad Baba Alian was wounded after being stabbed in three parts of his body in a clash. His fellow inmates cried for help for about thirty minutes from behind the closed doors of cellblock 5’s hall before he was finally transferred to the infirmary. He was not immediately treated in the infirmary and no one did anything to stop his bleeding. Prison officials also refused to take him to a hospital outside of the prison and he passed away in front of other inmates without being given first aid.
Before this clash and in the past few days, Alian and his cellmate were reportedly summoned by the assistant head of prison Ali Mohammadi and Faraji, the head of the Intelligence Unit, to the Intelligence Unit and were instigated to fight with one another. They were separately told that if they murder the other prisoner, their sentences would be commuted. Despite the fact that these two prisoners had a friendly relationship with each other, threats and promises by the assistant head of prison and the head of the Intelligence Unit led to this horrific crime.

درگيري خونين در بند 5 زندان گوهردشت کرج منجر به قتل يک زنداني گرديد
بنابه گزارشات رسيده به " فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران" در طي يک درگيري خونين در بند 5 زندان گوهردشت کرج زنداني محمد بابا عليان به قتل رسيد.
صبحگاه روز شنبه 22 آبان ماه حوالي ساعت 03:00 طي يک درگيري خونين زنداني محمد بابا عليان 22 ساله بر اثر اصابت تيزي به 3 نقطه از بدنش دچار خونريزي گرديد.همبنديان او در حدود نيم ساعت پشت دربهاي بسته سالن بند5 فرياد کمک سر مي دادند تا اينکه درب سالن باز شد و او را به بهداري زندان منتقل کردند. هنگام انتقال به بهداري مدتي طولاني از رسيدگي پزشکي و جلوگيري از خونريزي وي اقدامي انجام نشد و همچنين از انتقال او به بيمارستانهاي خارج از زندان خوداري کردند تا اينکه در بهداري زندان بدون رسيدگي اوليه پزشکي در مقابل چشمان همبنديانش که او را به بهداري منتقل کرده بودند جان باخت.
گفته مي شود که درروزهاي قبل از اين درگيري محمد بابا عليان و هم سلولي او بارها توسط علي محمدي و فرجي به اطلاعات و معاونت زندان احضار شده بودند و آنها را بر عليه يکديگر تحريک کردند و به هر کدام از آنها بطور جداگانه گفته شده بود در صورت به قتل رساندن ديگري از محکوميت آنها کاسته خواهد شد.عليرغم اينکه اين دو فرد هم خرج بودند و رابطۀ دوستانه اي بين آنها وجود داشت ولي تهديدات و تطميع علي محمدي معاون زندان و فرجي رئيس اطلاعات زندان باعث بوجود آوردن چنين جنايتي هولناکي شد . (فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران – 24/8/89)

Committee of Human Rights Reporters

Arash Sadeqi, an Alameh Tabatabayi University student who was banned from continuing his education was sentenced to five years of prison by a court of review. Sadeqi was a member of the Central Council of this university’s Islamic Association.
He was arrested on December 27, 2009 and spent more than a year in detention in cellblocks 2-A which is run by the Revolutionary Guards Corps and cellblock 209, run by the Intelligence Agency.
He is now free on a 500 million toman (about 500,000 dollar) bail. This is while despite being temporarily released from prison, security forces raided his home in the past few days to arrest him. His mother had a shock and heart attack as a result of the raid and passed away.

محکوميت آرش صادقي به پنج سال حبس تعزيري در دادگاه تجديد نظر
آرش صادقي دانشجوي محروم از تحصيل کارشناسي ارشد فلسفه و عضو شوراي مرکزي انجمن اسلامي دانشگاه علامه طباطبايي در دادگاه تجديد نظر به پنج‌ سال حبس تعزيري محکوم شد.
وي در تاريخ ۶ دي‌ماه ۱۳۸۸ بازداشت شده و دوره‌ي بازداشت خود را در بندهاي ۲-الف سپاه و ۲۰۹ وزارت اطلاعات به مدت بيش از يک سال گذرانده است.
وي هم‌ اکنون به قيد وثيقه‌ي ۵۰۰ ميليون توماني به طور موقت آزاد است. اين در حالي است که با وجود آزادي موقت، مامورين امنيتي در روزهاي گذشته به منظور بازداشت وي به منزل پدري او يورش بردند. اين يورش باعث شوک، حمله‌ي قلبي و نهايتا فوت مادر آرش صادقي شد. (كميته گزارشگران حقوق بشر – 24/8/89)
Human Rights activists in Iran
On Thursday, November 11, labor activist Omar Ismail Pour, was summoned and arrested by the Revolutionary Guards Corps.
According to reports, no one knows where he was taken and what his current condition is.

يک فعال کارگري ديگر در سقز بازداشت شد
روز پنچ شنبه مورخ ۲۰ / ۸ / ۸۹، عمر اسماعيل پور فعال کارگري، در شهرستان نقده از طرف حفاظت سپاه پاسداران احضار و بازداشت شد
به گزارش کميته هماهنگي، تا کنون هيچ اطلاعي از محل و وضعيت اين فعال کارگري به دست نيامده است. (هرانا – 23/8/89)

Last week, 30 year old Hamid Madmali who was arrested by the Intelligence Unit of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, suspiciously passed away in an unknown detention center. He was arrested on charges of insulting the leader in his contacts a satellite Persian network.
According to reports, Hamid Madmali who was from the town of Masjid Soleiman was arrested some time ago in his home in Tehran for having communications with a satellite Persian network and criticizing the leader and president of Iran.
RGC forces violently beat him upon his arrest and took him to an unknown location. His family’s months long pursuits for his whereabouts led to nowhere.
Finally after constant pursuits, intelligence agents buried his body in his birth place, Masjid Soleiman, under severe security measures and his brother was also threatened for filing a complaint against the relevant institution.

يک جوان معترض به رهبر ايران به طرز مشکوکي در بازداشتگاه سپاه جانباخت

هفته گذشته يک جوان سي ساله به نام "حميد مدملي" که به اتهام توهين به رهبر ايران در تماس با يک شبکه فارسي زبان توسط اطلاعات سپاه پاسداران بازداشت شده بود به طرز مشکوکي در بازداشتگاه نامعلومي جانباخت.
بنابه اطلاع گزارشگران هرانا، حميد مدملي اهل محله سرآسياب شهرستان مسجد سليمان چندي پيش به دليل ارتباط با يک شبکه فارسي زبان ماهواره اي و انتقاد به رهبر ايران و رئيس جمهوري توسط اطلاعات سپاه پاسداران در منزل مسکوني اش در تهران بازداشت شد.
ماموران امنيتي سپاه در هنگام مراجعه به منزل اين شهروند، با ضرب و شتم شديد وي را به مکان نامعلومي منتقل کردند و پيگيري هاي خانواده اين زنداني با گذشت چندين ماه از زمان بازداشت راه به جايي نبرد.
سر انجام پس از پيگيري هاي مستمر ماموران اطلاعاتي جسد اين جوان را با تدابير امنيتي در زادگاه اش "مسجد سليمان" به خاک سپرده و برادر وي را نيز به دليل شکايت از ارگان مربوطه تهديد کردند. (هرانا – 23/8/89)
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

According to reports, prison guards in Gohardasht (Rajayi Shahr) Prison in Karaj prevented a memorial ceremony for the late father of political prisoner Karim Poursamadi in cellblock 2 in this prison.
Close to a week after the death of this political prisoner’s father, political prisoners intended to hold a memorial ceremony to give condolences to their fellow inmate Karim Poursamadi which was unfortunately met with the refusal of prison agents and they were told that they did not have the right to hold any kind of ceremony in prison.
About four weeks ago, the Intelligence Agency called Poursamadi’s father and told him that his son would be hanged in the morning. His father subsequently had a brain stroke and suddenly passed away.
Notably, because there is no evidence against Poursamadi, his detention order had been changed to a 50 million toman (about 50,000 dollar) bail by the Revolutionary Court but he has not been released from prison. He was under severe pressure because he was not allowed to say his last farewell to his father when he was ill and because he was banned from participating in his funeral.

ممانعت زندانبانان از برگزاري مراسم ختم براي پدر زنداني سياسي کريم پور صمدي
بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران"زندانبانان ولي فقيه از برگزاري مراسم ختم پدر زنداني سياسي کريم پور صمدي در بند 2 زندان گوهردشت کرج ممانعت به عمل آوردند.
با توجه به اينکه نزديگ به يک هفته از فوت پدر زنداني سياسي کريم پور صمدي مي گذرد. زندانيان سياسي قصد داشتند براي تسلي خاطر همبند خود زنداني سياسي کريم پور صمدي به همراه ايشان مراسم يادبود و ختمي را در زندان گوهردشت بند 2 بر پا نمايند که متاسفانه با مخالفت ماموران روبرو شد و به ايشان تذکر دادن که حق برگزاري هيچ مراسمي را در داخل زندن نداري.
شايان ذکر است حدود 4 ماه پيش از طرف وزارت اطلاعات با منزل پدر زنداني سياسي کريم پور صمدي تماس تلفني گرفته شد و به وي گفتند : «پسرتان را سحرگاه امروز اعدام خواهيم کرد» و همين امر باعث آن حملۀ مغزي و لخته شدن خون در مغز ايشان گرديد و مرگ ناگهاني وي را در بر داشت.
شايان ذکر است قرار بازداشت وي در پرونده با توجه به نبود هيچ مدرکي توسط دادگاه انقلاب تبديل به قرار وثيقه مالي 50 ميليون توماني شده است اما تا به امروز ايشون را آزاد نکردند. بدليل عدم اجازه آخرين وداع و حضور در مراسم خاکسپاري پدرش باعث ايجاد فشارهاي روحي و عاطفي عليه اين زنداني سياسي شده اند. (فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران – 23/8/89)
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

Some time ago, agents of the Intelligence Agency in Rasht raided the home of political prisoner Hadi Abedi Bakhoda and violently searched this home. These agents seized some of this family’s personal belongings including their computer, telephone book, satellite receiver, CD’s and other things.
These forces also intended to arrest Mehri Javan Doust, Bakhoda’s wife but were met with her resistance against this arbitrary arrest. They summoned Javan Doust that same day to the Intelligence Agency and interrogated and threatened her for three hours and then released her. But last week, she was once again summoned to the Rasht Intelligence Agency and interrogated again for a prolonged amount of time. Because intelligence interrogators did not have any evidence to charge her, they used her children’s computer and the fact that she had a satellite receiver in her home as an excuse to file a criminal record against her.
These interrogators have also informed her that she will be put on trial on November 15 on these charges.
Hadi Abedi Bakhoda was shot in the spinal cord in the 80’s when regime forces were trying to arrest him and is now paralyzed and on a wheelchair. He was a political prisoner in the 80’s and was recently sentenced to 2 years of prison under fabricated charges. Because of his physical condition, he is receiving treatment under the care of his wife.

پرونده سازي بازجويان وزارت اطلاعات بدليل داشتن کامپيوتر و رسيور ماهواره در منزل
مامورين اداره اطلاعات چندي پيش به منزل آقاي عابدي با خدا در رشت يورش بردند و منزل آنها را به صورت وحشيانه اي مورد بازرسي قرار دادند .مامورين اداره اطلاعات رشت پس از بازرسي، بعضي از وسايل شخصي اين خانواده را با خود بردند که از جملۀ آنها؛کامپيوتر،دفترچه تلفن خانواده،ريسيور ماهواره،سي دي و غيره مي باشد.
مامورين وزارت اطلاعات همچنين قصد دستگيري خانم مهري جوان محجوب دوست همسر آقاي عابدي با خدا را داشتند که با مقاومت وي از دستگيري خودسرانه او منصرف شدند.آنها همان روز خانم محجوب دوست را به اداره اطلاعات فراخواندند و به مدت 3 ساعت مورد بازجويي و تهيديد قرار داند و سپس او را آزاد کردند. ولي مجددا هفته گذشته او را به اداره اطلاعات رشت احضار کردند و براي مدتي طولاني وي را مورد بازجويي قرار دادند.بازجويان وزارت اطلاعات بدليل اينکه هيچ مدرکي عليه او نيافته بودند اين بار کامپيوتر فرزندانش و داشتن رسيور ماهواره در منزل را بهانۀ پرونده سازي عليه او نمودند.
بازجويان وزارت اطلاعات همچنين به او اطلاع داده اند که قصد دارند وي را به اين خاطر در روز 24 آبان ماه مورد محاکمه قرار دهند.
لازم به يادآوري است آقاي هادي عابدي باخدا که در اثر شليک گلول پاسداران در دهۀ 60 دچار قطع نخاع شده است و بر روي ويلچر قرار دارد. او همچنين از زندانيان سياسي دهۀ 60 مي باشد که سال گذشته با بهانه هاي واهي به 2 سال زندان محکوم شده است اما بخاطر شرايط حاد جسمي در حال حاضر تحت درمان قرار دارد و تنها پرستار وي همسرش خانم محجوب دوست مي باشد. (فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران – 23/8/89)
Mukerian News Agency

According to reports from Saqez, in the past few days, security forces arrested three Kurd activists in this town.
Haj Saied Fatahi, a 60 year old Bazaar merchant, Ali Mohammadian (Ali Khorkhoreyi), artist and Rozgar Moradi, a law student at Tabriz University were arrested.
Judicial officials in Saqez have not given any reason for the arrest of these men as yet.

بازداشت دانشجو، هنرمند و بازاري در سقز
بر اساس اخبار رسيده از شهر سقز طي روزهاي اخيرسه فعال کرداهل اين شهرتوسط نيروهاي امنيتي بازداشت شدند.
به گزارش آژانس خبري موکريان، حاج سعيد فتاحي 60 ساله بازاري ، علي محمديان (علي خورخوره اي) هنرمند و رزگار مرادي دانشجوي رشته حقوق دانشگاه تبريز از جمله بازداشت شدگان هستند.
تاکنون هيچ علت يا عللي براي بازداشت اين چهره هاي فرهنگي و هنري از طرف مقامات قضايي شهرسقز ، اعلام نشده است. (آژانس خبري موکريان – 23/8/89)
Khorasan state-run Daily

The hand of another robber will soon be chopped off in Mashhad. Prosecutor Mahmoud Zoqi and Colonel Ahad Karimi, the State Security Forces Commander in Mashhad said in separate interviews that in the near future, the amputation sentence of a thief who has committed violent crimes would be carried out in Mashhad.

حکم قطع يد يک زورگير به زودي در مشهد اجرا مي شود
به زودي شاهد اجراي حکم قطع يد يکي از سارقان زورگير در مشهد خواهيم بود. به گزارش خراسان، محمود ذوقي دادستان و سرهنگ احد کريمي فرمانده انتظامي شهر مشهد در گفت وگوهايي جداگانه با خراسان اظهار داشتند که در آينده نزديک حکم قطع دست يک سارق زورگير که مرتکب جرايم خشن شده است در مشهد اجرا مي شود. (روزنامه خراسان – 23/8/89)
Fars state-run News Agency

Farid Boghlani, a chain murderer in Abadan was hanged in the Karoun Prison in Ahwaz.
According to reports, Boghlani who was sentenced to 13 death sentences by the Penal Court in the province was taken to the gallows in the morning after months of anticipation. He was hanged with the presence of the families of his victims, reporters and judicial officials seeing to his case.

يك مرد در آبادان اعدام شد

فريد بغلاني، قاتل زنجيره‌اي آبادان در زندان كارون اهواز اعدام شد.
به گزارش خبرگزاري فارس از اهواز، فريد بغلاني به 13 بار قصاص از سوي دادگاه كيفري استان محكوم شده بود، صبح امروز پس از ماه‌ها انتظار، با حضور اولياي دم، خبرنگاران و مسئولان قضايي مرتبط با پرونده، پاي چوبه دار رفت. (خبر گزاري فارس – 22/8/89)

Iran Arrests Four Student Leaders

ISNA website

Four prominent Iranian student activists were arrested over the weekend in a fresh crackdown targeting students.
Iranian authorities have been tightening security ahead of a controversial government plan to phase out basic food and fuel subsidies.
The government is bracing for social unrest, and has increased the police presence in Tehran and other cities. On Monday, several underground rap musicians were arrested in Tehran, and last week hundreds of young men and women were arrested in what the police termed a 'security cleansing’.
The four students, from cities across Iran, are recently elected members of the central committee of a politically active student group, the Office for Fostering Student Unity, which has local chapters at campuses nationwide. The group has been at the forefront of the struggle to reform the regime.
The group says the government pressured it not to hold its biennial election this year to select five new committee members. The ballot was held via the Internet last week, the group said, and as of Monday, four of the five elected had been arrested and one was in hiding.
The detained students are Ali Qolizadeh, Alireza Kiani, Mohsen Barzegar and Mohamad Heydarzadeh. The four men were picked up by plainclothes agents without arrest warrants, according to their families and the group's website. Their current whereabouts aren't known. Prosecutors in local chapters of the Revolutionary Court, which tries political dissidents, have told their families that the men will be transferred to Evin prison in Tehran in the next few days.
‘Day to day, the regime is systematically targeting different groups, like lawyers, students and journalists, in order to prevent them from activism,' said Hadi Ghaemi, director of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, an independent organization based in New York.
The case of a jailed human-rights lawyer is also in the spotlight after she began a hunger strike last week. Nasrin Sotoudeh, a mother of two young children, has been in solitary confinement for 75 days. She faces trial later this month on charges of threatening national security and of belonging to a nonprofit organization of human-rights lawyers in Iran.
President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad has denied that Iran imprisons its critics and has slammed recent reports of human-rights violations in Iran as propaganda. 'All of our opponents and their leaders are free. We do not have any critics or opponents in jail,' Mr. Ahamdinejad told journalists in New York during his September visit to the United Nations General Assembly.
One of the detained students, Mr. Qolizadeh, a 25-year-old with a degree in engineering, was a subject of a front-page Wall Street Journal story last December detailing the Iranian regime's war on student activists.
Mr. Qolizadeh, the only son of a working-class family in the conservative northwestern town of Mashad, had been a candidate to study for an M.B.A. degree. In a placement exam, he earned a national ranking of 43 among 25,000 applicants, but was told he was banned for life from education because of his political activism.
Mr. Qolizadeh later received several scholarship offers from western universities. He told The Wall Street Journal over the summer that he was studying to improve his English, but had decided to stay in Iran. 'Leaving Iran is like defeat,' he said. 'I feel that I can better serve our cause from here now’.
Mr. Qolizadeh's mother, reached by phone in Mashad, said her family was devastated and had been warned not to talk to the media about her son.
‘My son has done nothing wrong, he is innocent,' she said. 'Why are they treating the country's brightest youth this way’? (Wall Street Journal- Nov. 8, 2010)

Iran to send drug dealers to forced labor camps
The head of the State Security Forces Narcotics Department stressed that forced labor camps would be built in the outskirts of large cities and said, “Narcotics drug dealers who have been arrested by the police will be transferred to these camps and will be put to work under the hardest possible conditions”.
According to him, drug dealers will be put to work in these forced labor camps under hard and severe conditions so that when they leave the camp, they would not think about going back to drug dealing.
“The arrangements for this plan have been made and in the very near future, forced labor camps will host drug dealers”, Hossein Abadi said.

ايران 4 رهبر دانشجويي را دستگير ميکند
در روزهاي آخر هفته، در يک سرکوبي جديد عليه دانشجويان، 4 دانشجوي فعال ايراني شناخته شده دستگير شدند.
مقامات ايراني قبل از به اجرا گذاشتن طرح دولت جهت حذف سوبسيدهاي غذا و سوخت شرايط امنيتي شديدي را تدارک ديدند.
دولت در حال آماده‌شدن براي مقابله با ناآرامي‌هاي اجتماعي است و حضور پليس در تهران و شهرهاي بزرگ ديگر را افزايش داده است. روز دوشنبه چندين موسيقيدان زيرزميني رپ (rap) در تهران، و هفته گذشته صدها مرد و زن جوان، به اسم “پاکسازي امنيتي“ دستگير شدند.
چهار دانشجو از شهرهاي سرتاسر ايران اخيراً اعضايي از کميته‌مرکزي گروه دانشجويان فعال سياسي، موسوم به دفتر تحکيم وحدت دانشجويي (office for fostering student unity) را برگزيدند. اين دفتر در تمامي دانشکده‌هاي سراسر ايران شعبي دارد. اين گروه پيشتار مبارزه براي اصلاح رژيم بوده است.
گروه ميگويد که دولت روي آن فشار گذاشته تا از انتخابات دو ساله براي انتخاب 5 عضو جديد دست نگه دارد. گروه گفت نظرسنجي از طريق اينترنت روز دوشنبهصورت گرفته و از 5نفر انتخاب شده 4نفرشان دستگير و نفر پنجم در خفابهسر ميبرد.
علي قلي‌زاده، عليرضا کيان، محسن برزگر و محمد حيدرزاده دانشجويان دستگير شده ميباشند. اين چهار دانشجو به گفته خانواده‌هايشان و همچنين وب‌سايت دانشجويي، توسط پليس‌هاي لباس شخصي بدون حکم دادگاه دستگير شده و از محل حبس آنها اطلاعي در دست نيست. …
حميد قائمي، مدير کارزار بين‌المللي حقوقبشر در ايران، سازماني مستقل و مستقر در نيويورک اظهار داشت، “ روزانه رژيم بهطور سيستماتيک گروههاي دانشجويي، مانند وکلا، دانشجويان و روزنامه‌نگاران را مورد هدف قرار ميدهد تا مانع از فعاليتهاي آنها شود“.
قضيه خانم وکيل [مدافع] حقوقبشر زنداني، که هفته پيش اعتصاب غذاي خود را شروع کرد، در کانون توجهات قرار دارد. نسرين ستوده، 75روز در زندان انفرادي محبوس بوده است. اواخر اين ماه وي دادگاهي خواهد شد. …
محمود احمدينژاد رئيسجمهور ايران انکار کرد که ايران مخالفين خود را زنداني ميکند و گزارشات داده شده در مورد نقض حقوقبشر در ايران تبليغات سوء ميباشد…
آقاي قلي‌زاده 25ساله و داراي مدرک مهندسي، يکي از 4 دانشجوي زنداني است که داستان وي در صفحه اول روزنامه وال استريت ژورنال در دسامبر گذشته آمده بود. روزنامه موضوع جنگ رژيم با فعالين دانشجويي را با جزئيات درج کرده بود.
آقاي قلي‌زاده، تنها فرزند خانواده کارگري ساکن مشهد، شهر محافظه‌کار شمال‌شرقي ايران ميباشد که براي ادامه تحصيل براي اخذ مدرک فوق‌ليسانس انتخاب شد. وي در ميان 25هزار متقاضي در سطح کشور، رتبه چهلو ‌سوم را به‌دست آورده بود. به وي ابلاغ شد که بهخاطر فعاليت سياسي، مادام‌العمر از تحصيل محروم است.
آقاي قلي‌زاده بعداً از دانشگاههاي کشورهاي غربي به وي چندين کمک‌هزينه دانشجويي پيشنهاد شده بود.
وي به روزنامه وال استريت ژورنال در تابستان گفت که وي براي ارتقاء زبان انگليسي به تحصيل مشغول است، ليکن تصميم به ماندن در ايران دارد. وي گفت، “ترک ايران به منزله شکست ميباشد. احساس ميکنم که از همين جا ميتوانم نهضت‌مان را بهتر پيش ببريم“.
مادر آقاي قلي‌زاده که با وي تلفني تماس گرفته شده بود، گفت که خانواده وي متلاشي شده است و به آنها هشدار داده شده که در مورد فرزندشان با رسانه‌ها صحبتي نکنند.
وي گفت، “فرزندم مرتکب هيچ عمل خطايي نشده و بيگناه است. چرا با باهوش‌ترين جوانان کشور اين چنين عمل ميکنند؟ ” (وال استريت ژورنال- 17/8/89)
Human Rights Activists in Iran

The two year prison sentence of Vahid Lalipour, husband of political prisoner Mahdieh Golro was announced to him by the 28th branch of the Revolutionary Court headed by Judge Moqiseh.
According to reports, this is while he was not involved in any political activities and was only sentenced to prison because of his wife, jailed student activist Mahdieh Golroh.
Golroh, who is serving her 3 year prison term in Evin Prison, was transferred to the Methadone Cellblock in this prison last week along with a number of other prisoners in the public female cellblock. Golroh is banned from making phone calls under orders from the Tehran Prosecutor.

دو سال حبس تعزيري براي وحيد لعلي‌پور همسر مهديه گلرو
حکم دو سال زندان تعزيري روز گذشته از سوي شعبه ۲۸ دادگاه انقلاب به رياست قاضي مقيسه به وحيد لعلي‌پور همسر مهديه گلرو فعال دانش‌جويي ابلاغ شد.
به گزارش خبرنگار رهانا، حکم دو سال زندان براي لعلي‌پور در حالي صادر مي‌شود که وي داراي هيچ فعاليت سياسي نبوده است. وي تنها به خاطر همسرش مهديه گلرو فعال دانشجويي که در زندان به سر مي برد به اين حکم محکوم شده است.
مهديه گلرو همسر لعلي‌پور که دوران ۳ سال و نيم محکوميت خود را در زندان اوين سپري مي‌کند هفته گذشته به همراه چند تن ديگر از زندانيان بند عمومي زنان زندان اوين به قرنطينه زندان ، بند متادون منتقل شده است. گلرو به دستور دادستان تهران از حق تماس تلفني محروم است. (هرانا – 19/8/89)
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

According to reports, a prisoner was blinded in his right eye after an attack by a gang which works under the command of the head of Gohardasht Prison, Ali Haj Kazem.
Prisoner Zare Javadzadeh, 29, is detained in Hall 3, Cellblock 1 in Gohardasht Prison. Some time ago, a prison gang which has been organized under orders of the head of this prison to suppress dissident prisoners and sell narcotics attacked this prisoner with knives and clubs. He was stabbed in the eye and sustained a serious injury.
He was told in the prison infirmary that he had to pay a large sum of money to have an eye surgery and that the prison would not pay for his surgery. He was told that they could only take his eye out; otherwise, the prisoner would have to pay for the expenses of surgery. Javadzadeh accepted to pay the expenses for fear of going blind but said that he needed about two weeks to come up with the money. The heads of the infirmary said that they would postpone the surgery for two weeks and would wait for his payment.
After two weeks, he was able to come up with the money for surgery but a specialist doctor told him that because he waited too long for the treatment, his eye is untreatable and that he would be blinded and he did lose his eyesight in his right eye.
Zare Javadzadeh was arrested in 2007 and was detained for a long period of time in the Shahpour Detention Center, Intelligence Agency detention center and the notorious Kahrizak ‘death’ camp. He was under severe inhumane torture for 48 days in the Kahrizak Camp. Javadzadeh was tortured along with other prisoners by Ahmad-Reza Radan and Yahaqi, two State Security Forces commanders, for two weeks in this death camp.

عدم داشتن هزينه درمان باعث از بين رفتن بينايي يک زنداني گرديد
بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران"در اثر يورش باندهاي مافيايي تحت امر رئيس زندان علي حاج کاظم به يکي از زندانيان بند 1 زندان گوهردشت کرج منجر به کور شدن چشم راست وي شد.
زنداني زارع جواد زاده 29 ساله که در سالن 3 بند 1 زندان گوهردشت کرج زنداني است . مدتي پيش توسط باند مافيايي زندان که به دستور علي حاج کاظم رئيس زندان گوهردشت کرج تشکيل شده است و براي سرکوب زندانيان معترض و فروش مواد مخدر در زندان بکار برده مي شوند مورد يورش و به قصد کشت آماج چاقو وقمه و ساير ابزار آنها قرار گرفت که يکي از چاقوها به چشم وي اصابت کرد و آسيب جدي ديد.
هنگامي که او را به بهداري زندان منتقل کردند به وي گفته شد که انجام عمل جراحي بر روي چشمش نياز به هزينۀ زيادي دارد و زندان آن را پرداخت نخواهد کرد و آنها فقط مي توانند چشم وي را تخليه کنند، در غير اينصورت زنداني بايد خود متحمل هزينه آن شود.آقاي جواد زاده براي جلوگيري از نابينا شدن پذيرفت که هزينۀ عمل جراحي را خود بپردازد ولي نياز به مدت زماني در حدود 2 هفته بود. پاسخ مسئولين بهداري زندان به او اين بود پس عمل جراحي وي را تا 2 هفته ديگر به تعويق خواهند انداخت و منتظر تهيۀ هزينۀ آن مي شوند.
او پس از 2 هفته مبلغ مورد نياز براي عمل جراحي را تهيه نمود اما پزشکان متخصص به وي اعلام کردند بدليل دير مراجعه کردند ديگر چشم او قابل درمان نيست و چشم راست وي نابينا مي شود و چنين شد.
زنداني زارع جواد زاده در سال 1386 دستگير شد و براي مدت طولاني در بازداشتگاههاي آگاهي شاهپور تهران،اطلاعات و اردوگاه مرگ کهريزک بسر برد. او به مدت 48 روز در اردوگاه مرگ کهريزک تحت شکنجه هاي قرون وسطايي جسمي و روحي قرار گرفت. آقاي جواد زاده 2 روز در هفته توسط شخص احمدرضا رادان و سرگرد پاسدار ياحقي همانند ساير زنداني بصورت جمعي در اردوگاه مرگ کهريزک مورد شکنجه قرار مي گرفتند. (فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران – 22/8/89)
Kurdaneh website

Shirvan Prison is located in the town of Shirvan in the Southern Khorasan Province. This prison has been built in the outskirts of town and holds about 500 prisoners…
All sorts of narcotics which can be found outside of prison can also be found in cellblock 1 in this prison including various kinds of crystal meth, marijuana and other narcotics which is sold for 10 times as much in prison...
Shirvan Prison seems like a normal prison, but prisoners are denied minimum facilities. There are not enough blankets given to prisons in the cold seasons. Food quality is very poor and food rations are very scarce. Prisoners who have money buy food from the prison shop to stay alive but shops usually cheat prisoners from their money.
Narcotics are brought into prison via visits, prisoners who come back from leaves and the prison guards.
There is a solitary cell in this prison known as the doghouse. Those who do not follow prison regulations are transferred there. The doghouse is a 2 by 1 meter room which has no cooling or warming facilities and does not even have a ventilator.
If a prisoner goes on a hunger strike, they are transferred to this room.
Three people were executed in the last 3 months in Shirvan Prison.
There is no rule of law in prison and only injustice. Prison guards threaten and take bribes from prisoners on a daily basis. In one case Abuzar Heidari, a prison guard, abducted a prisoner’s fiancé who intended to come to prison for a visit under the pretext of an inspection and raped her. After this crime was disclosed, the assistant head of prison entered the scene and gave promises to the prisoner’s fiancé and the case was silenced.
Torture and abuse is a usual thing in prison. Torture is also a routine procedure in the Police Intelligence Offices and it is also usual for prisoners to be used for the personal aims of prison officials in the workers cellblock in this prison. For example, prisoners in this cellblock are forced to work until 2am every day building the home of the assistant head of prison …
There are more prisoners in this prison than its capacity and prisoners are forced to sleep on the ground, hallways or restrooms. The most horrible issue is the condition of the families of prisoners who are taken advantage of by prison officials.
This is the condition of non political prisoners. One could only imagine the condition of political prisoners. Some time ago a prisoner identified as Ramezan Baghcheqi died in prison due to lack of on time treatment.

گزارشي از زندان شيروان و وضعيت غير انساني اين زندان
زندان شيروان يکي از صدها زندان ايران است که در شهر شيروان واقع در خراسان جنوبي بنا شده است. زندان شيروان در خارج شهر ساخته شده است و در حدود 500 زنداني در آن نگهداري مي شود...
در بند يک هرنوع مواد مخدري که در بيرون وجود داشته باشد در زندان و بند يک وجود دارد .انواع کراک شيشه، ترياک و چيزهاي ديگر البته به قيمت 10 برابرگران تر از بيرون .
زندان شيروان به ظاهريک زندان معمولي است. زندانيان از کمترين امکانات محروم هستند. پتو در فصل سرما به اندازه کافي به زنداني داده نمي شود. سهميه غذا اگر چه کمترين کيفيت را دارد از لحاظ مقدار هم بسيار ناچيز است.زنداني که پول دارد براي زنده ماندن بايد از فروشگاه زندان خريد کند که فروشگاه هم براي چپاول بيشتر زنداني است.
مواد از طريق ملاقاتها، مرخصي و توسط افسر نگهبانها وارد زندان مي شود.
در زندان شيروان يک انفرادي وجود دارد که به سگداني معروف است. کساني که مقررات زندان را رعايت نمي کنند به آنجا منتقل مي شوند. سگداني، اتاقي با 2 متر طول و يک متر عرض و بدون امکانات سرمايشي و گرمايشي و حتي اين اتاق هواکش هم ندارد.
در صورتي که زنداني اعتصاب غذا نمايد . زنداني را به اين اتاق منتقل مي کنند. در زندان شيروان در سه ماه گذشته 3 نفر اعدام شدند.
در زندان قانوني وجود ندارد و بي عدالتي بيداد مي کند زندانبانان هر روز در حال باج گرفتن و تهديد زندانيان هستند. در يک مورد ابوذر حيدري دژبان زندان به همسر يک مددجو که هنوزعروسي نکرده بودند و هنوز نامزد بودند وي را از مقابل درب زندان به بهانه بازرسي ربود و به او تجاوز کرد. پس از افشاي اين جنايت با پادرمياني معاون زندان و حفاظت زندان و دادن وعده به همسر زنداني از وي رضايت گرفتند و موضوع را مسکوت گذاشتند .
در زندان شکنجه و آزار زنداني بسيار معمول است. در اداره آگاهي هم شکنجه بسيار معمول است در بند کارگري استفاده از زندانيان براي کارهاي شخصي بسيار معمولي است. به طور مثال از زندانيان اين بند براي ساختن خانه معاون زندان تا ساعت 2 بعد از نيمه شب کار کشيده مي شود ...
تعداد زندانيان اين زندان بيشتر از ظرفيت زندان است و زندانيان بر روي زمين و در کريدور زندان و در سرويس بهداشتي بندها مي خوابند واز همه دردناکتر وضعيت خانواده زندانيان است که هميشه مورد سو استفاده قرار مي گيرند.
و اين قصه تلخ طولاني تر از اين حرفهاست اين وضعيت زندانيان عادي است حال شما تصور کنيد و ضعيت زندانيان سياسي چگونه است چند وقت پيش يک زنداني به نام رمضان باغچقي به علت عدم رسيدگي پزشکي فوت کرد. (كوردانه – 21/8/89)
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

According to reports, because of the intolerable conditions in Gohardasht Prion in Karaj, two prisoners in cellblock 2 attempted suicide and one passed away in the prison infirmary because of lack of on time treatment.
On the night of Friday November 11, two defenseless prisoners in cellblock 2 in Gohardasht Prison attempted suicide to escape the intolerable pressures in the medieval conditions in prison.
Prisoner Khan Ali Taran, 57, from Hall 6, Cellblock 2, committed suicide and passed away. He had been in prison for four years and was on death row.
Another prisoner in Hall 2, Cellblock 2 who was recently arrested attempted suicide and is currently in the infirmary in critical condition.

شرايط قرون وسطايي در زندان گوهردشت کرج باعث خودکشي 2 زنداني گرديد
بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران" در اثر فشارهاي طاقت فرسا شب گذشته 2 زنداني در بند 2 زندان گوهردشت کرج اقدام به خودکشي نمودند که به دليل عدم رسيدگي پزشکي به موقع يکي از آنها جان باخت.
جمعه شب 21 آبان ماه دو زنداني بي دفاع در 2 سالن بند2 زندان گوهردشت کرج به دليل فشارهاي طاقت فرسا و شرايط قرون وسطايي حاکم بر زندان و براي رهايي يافتن از اين شرايط اقدام به خودکشي نمودند که يکي از آنها به دليل عدم رسيدگي پزشکي و انتقال به موقع به بهداري زندان جان باخت.
زنداني خان علي طاران 57 ساله که در سالن 6 بند 2 زندان گوهردشت کرج بود اقدام به خودکشي نمود که منجر به مرگ وي شد.او 4 سال بود که در زندان بسر مي برد و محکوم به اعدام بود.
زنداني ديگري از سالن 2 بند 2 زندان گوهردشت کرج که اخيرا دستگير و به زندان منتقل شده بود. اقدام به خودکشي نمود او در حال حاضر در بهداري زندان در وضعيت وخيمي بسر مي برد. (فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران – 21/8/89)
Majzoubian Noor
Three lawyers were arrested in the morning in the Khomeini Airport in Tehran.
According to reports, Sara Sabaghian, Maryam Kian Ersi and Maryam Karbasi were arrested by security forces upon their arrival from Turkey in the Khomeini Airport at about 4am.
There are still no reports on where they are being kept or why these three lawyers were arrested.
Sara Sabaghian who is a member of the Support Committee for Women’s and Children’s Rights in the Lawyers’ Center, was arrested along with lawyer Mohammad-Ali Dadkhah and a number of other lawyers on July 8, 2010. Sabaghian is one of the lawyers of jailed blogger Hossein Ronaqi.
Maryam Kian Ersi is the lawyer of Kobra Najar, a woman who has been sentenced to death by stoning.

بازداشت سه وكيل دادگستري در فرودگاه امام خميني
سه وکيل دادگستري، بامداد امروز در فرودگاه امام خميني تهران بازداشت شدند.
به گزارش مجذوبان نور، ساعت چهار صبح امروز، سارا صباغيان، مريم كيان‌ارثي و مريم كرباسي سه وكيل دادگستري هنگام مراجعت از کشور تركيه در فرودگاه امام خميني تهران، توسط مأمورين امنيتي بازداشت شدند.
هنوز از محل نگهداري و علت بازداشت اين سه وكيل خبري در دست نيست.
سارا صباغيان که از اعضاي کميته پشتيبان حقوق زنان و کودکان کانون وکلاي دادگستري است، که روز ۱۷ تير ماه توسط ماموراني که قصد بازداشت محمدعلي دادخواه را داشتند، به همراه چند وکيل ديگر همراه دادخواه بازداشت شد. صباغيان يکي از وکلاي بلاگر زنداني، حسين رونقي (بابک خرمدين) است.
مريم کيان‌ارثي نيز وکيل کبري نجار، زني که چندي پيش به سنگسار محکوم شده بود. (مجذوبان نور – 22/8/89)

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

There is no news on the condition of six supporters of Ayatollah Borujerdi who were arrested in a widespread raid on Monday.
These violent attacks by the Ministry of Intelligence started on Monday November 8 at about 4 pm and continued until 1 am. All the detainees were taken to solitary cells in cellblock 209 in Evin Prison. There has been no news on the condition of the detainees since their arrest.
The families of the detainees have gone to various centers about their loved ones but have not received any specific answers about them.
The names and specifics of the detained supporters of dissident jailed cleric Ayatollah Borujerdi is as follows:
1- Narges Ghafarzadeh, about 52 years old, has a bachelor’s degree in English, has been arrested twice before
2- Maryam Azimi, 47, married with two children, has a bachelor’s degree in literature. She has been arrested twice before this and suffers from severe respiratory problems which she got from her time in prison. She also suffers from arthritis.
3- Mohammad-Reza Sadeqi, about 24 years old, has a master’s degree in computer. He has been arrested twice before. He was detained for about 4 months in a solitary cell the first time and for about 2 months in a solitary cell for the second time. He was released both times on bail. He is suffering from heart problems.
4- Roya Araqi, 41 years old. Has a Ph.d in chemistry.
5- Tayebeh Hosseini, 34, married with one child.
6- Forough Hemat Yar, 28. She is married and has a master’s degree in hygiene.

از وضعيت و شرايط 6 تن از هوداران آيت الله بروجردي هيچ خبري در دست نيست
بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران" از وضعيت و شرايط 6 تن از هوادران آيت اللهبروجردي که در يورش گسترده روز دوشنبه دستگير شدند هيچ خبري در دست نيست.
يورشهايي وحشيانه مامورين وزارت اطلاعات روز دوشنبه 17 آبان ماه از حوالي ساعت 16:00 آغاز گرديد و تا ساعت 01:00 بامداد ادامه داشت.تمامي دستگير شدگان به سلولهاي انفرادي بند 209 زندان اوين شکنجه گاه وزارت اطلاعات منتقل شدند. از زمان دستگيري تاکنون از وضعيت و شرايط آنها هيچ خبري در دست نيست.
خانواده هاي دستگير شدگان براي اطلاع يافتن از عزيزانشان به مراکز مختلفي مراجع کردند ولي تا به حال به آنها پاسخ مشخصي داده نمي شود.
اسامي و مشخصات دستگير شدگان هواداران آيت الله بروجري به قرار زير مي باشند؛
1- نرگس غفارزاده حدودا 52 ساله ،ليسانس زبان انگليسي و تا به حال حداقل دو بار دستگير شده است
2- مريم عظيمي 47 ساله ،متاهل و داراي 2 فرزند ،ليسانس ادبيات،خانم عظيمي پيش از اين 2 بار دستگير شدند و از ناراحتي حاد تنفسي که در جريان بازداشتهاي قبلي دچار آن شده است رنج مي برد. او همچنين از ناراحتي آرتروز رنج مي برد.
3- محمدرضا صادقي حدودا 34 ساله و داراي فوق ليسانس کامپيوتر است. او پيش از اين 2 بار بازداشت شده است. بار اول حدودا 4 ماه در سلول انفرادي بوده است و بار دوم در حدود 2 ماه در سلول انفرادي بسر برده بود و هر دو بار با قرار وثيقه آزاد شده است.آقاي صادقي از ناراحتي قلبي رنج مي برد.
4- روياعراقي 41 ساله و داراي دکتراي شيمي است.
5- طيبه حسيني 34 ساله متاهل و داري يک فرزند است.
6- فروغ همت يار 28 ساله،متاهل و داراي فوق ليسانس بهداشت است. (فعالين حقوق

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

According to reports, there is no news on the condition of abducted labor activist Gholamreza Gholam Hosseini.
This labor activist was abducted after he was attacked by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence in a street in Karaj and after severe beatings, was transferred to a solitary cell in the Sepah Cellblock in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj. There has been no news on his condition since his arrest.
His family has constantly approached various centers asking about his condition but they have not been given any answers and his family is very concerned for his safety.
Agents of the Ministry of Intelligence attacked his home before this and took his child hostage for one day in his absence. They also seized his ID, passport and bank card and booklet from his home. His family is now unable to draw money from their bank account and is facing financial problems.
Gholam Hosseini’s family went to the Karaj Intelligence Agency to get back their personal documents and bank cards but was met with disrespect by an intelligent agent who threatened them that ‘if we arrest Mr. Gholam Hosseini, we will skin him”.
A new method used by intelligence agents is that in addition to cutting off the wages of the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company’s suspended workers, they seize the bank documents of these workers so that their families would not be able to draw money from the bank and in this way put their families under financial pressure.

از وضعيت و شرايط فعال سنديکايي ربوده شده هيچ خبري در دست نيست
بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران" از وضعيت و شرايط فعال سنديکايي ربوده شده آقاي غلامرضا غلامحسيني هيچ خبري در دست نيست.
فعال سنديکايي غلامرضا غلامحسيني که با يورش مامورين وزارت اطلاعات در يکي از خيابانهاي کرج پس از ضرب و شتم شديد، وي را ربوده و به سلولهاي انفرادي بند سپاه شکنجه گاه وزارت اطلاعات در زندان گوهردشت کرج منتقل نمودند.از زمان دستگيري تا به حال از وضعيت و شرايط او هيچگونه خبري در دست نيست
خانواده اين فعال سنديکايي در طي اين مدت با مراجعات مکرر به مراکز مختلف خواستار مطلع شدن از وضعيت و شرايط عزيزشان هستند ولي تا به حال جوابي به اين خانواده داده نشده است و اين خانواده در نگراني فزآينده اي بسر مي برد.
از طرفي ديگر مامورين وزارت اطلاعات پيش از اين درطي يورشي که به منزل اين فعال سنديکايي داشتند بدليل عدم حضور او در منزل، فرزند وي را بمدت يک روز به گروگان گرفتند آنها همچنين کارت شناسايي،پاسپورت،کارت و دفترچه هاي بانک و غيره را با خود بردند.اين مسئله باعث شده است که اين خانواده نتوانند از حساب بانکي خود پول مورد نياز براي امرار معاش را برداشت نمايد و آنها را با مشکلات عديده معيشتي مواجه کرده اند.خانواده آقاي غلامحسيني به اداره اطلاعات کرج براي بازپس گرفتن مدارک شخصي و کارت بانک مراجعه نمودند ولي پس از مدتي انتظار با برخوردي غير انساني يکي از بازجويان وزارت اطلاعات مواجه شدند که اين خانواده را مورد تهديد قرار داد و به آنها گفت:« در صورت دستگيري آقاي غلامحسيني پوست او را خواهيم کند»
شيوه جديد بازجويان وزارت اطلاعات علاوه بر دستور قطع غير قانوني حقوق کارکنان تعليق شده شرکت واحد اقدام به ضبط کارت و دفترچه بانکي آنها مي نمايند تا خانواده هاي آنها نتواند از حساب بانکي خود پول براي امرار معاش برداشت نمايند و از اين طريق خانواده هاي آنها را تحت فشار شديد معيشتي قرار مي دهند. (فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران – 17/8/89)
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

According to reports, on November 10 at about 10 am, political prisoner Behrouz Javid Tehrani was suddenly summoned to the sentence implementation unit of Gohardasht Prison after 8 years of prison under torture and was lashed by Hassan Akharian who is the head of the sentence implementation unit and is known for torture, murder, and the rape of prisoners. Tehrani was lashed 74 times…
While being flogged, Behrouz Javid Tehrani did not even cry out to give his torturer satisfaction and despite the severe pain and a bloody and bruised back, smiled at his torturer and treated him with contempt.

مامورين ولي فقيه عمل قرون وسطايي اجراي حکم شلاق را بر عليه بهروز جاويد طهراني به اجرا در آوردند
بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران" صبح امروز 19 آبان ماه حوالي ساعت 10:00 صبح زنداني سياسي بهروز جاويد طهراني بعد از تحمل نزديگ به 8 سال زندان و شکنجه هاي قرون وسطايي به طور ناگهاني به اجراي احکام زندان گوهردشت کرج فراخواند شد و توسط يکي از جنايتکاران عليه بشريت و شکنجه گر شناخته شده « حسن آخريان» که به خاطر قتل و دست و پا شگستن و تجاوز و شکنجۀ زندانيان سياسي ترفيع سمت يافته است و اکنون به عنوان رئيس اجراي احکام ولي فقيه علي خامنه اي در زندان گوهردشت منصوب شده است. حکم ضد بشري 74 ضربه شلاق را عليه اين زنداني سياسي به اجرا گذاشت...
در طي مدتي که شلاقها بر تن اين فرزند آزديخواه مردم ايران وارد مي شد زنداني سياسي بهروز جاويد طهراني حسرت يک آخ کشيدن را به دل اين فرد گذاشت.عليرغم درد شديد و کبود شدن پشت او ولي با لبخند به لب اين جناتيکار عليه بشريت را با نگاهها و برخورد هاي خود تحقير نمود. (فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران – 19/8/89)

Fars state-run News Agency
Pointing to the hand amputation sentence the head of Friday Prayers in Tehran said, “These (sentences) are considered violent by those who do not know about the depth of these customs, while it is the greatest mercy”…
Ahmad Khatami stressed that retribution (death sentences) and amputation are the greatest mercy in the society and said, “Islam… talks of the decisive implementation of Islamic laws because in this way, the life of thousands are saved”.

سيد احمدخاتمي: حكم قطع يد نهايت رحمت است
امام جمعه تهران با اشاره به حكم قطع يد در صورت فراهم بودن شرايط سرقت حدِي گفت: اينها در نگاه كساني كه از عمق اين معارف خبر ندارند، خشونت است، در حاليكه نهايت رحمت است...
وي قصاص و حدِ را بهترين بستر مهر به جامعه عنوان كرد و گفت: اسلام.. از اجراي قاطعانه قوانين اسلام هم سخن مي‌راند، چون از اين طريق جان هزاران انسان در امان مي‌ماند. (فارس – 18/8/89)
Al-Arabia website
Mohammad Aman Amin, the assistant head of the Consulate Department of the Afghanistan Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday that Iran refuses to hand over the bodies of executed Afghan nationals.
“The Iranian Judicial System has recently issued death sentences for 127 afghans”, Amin said in a speech in the Afghan Senate.
The Afghan Foreign Minister had said before this that about 3,000 Afghan nationals are jailed in Iran for various crimes. Notably, because of the constant wars and severe poverty in Afghanistan, more than 3 million Afghan refugees live in Iran.

رژيم حکم اعدام 127 افغاني را صادر کرده است
محمد امان امين معاون بخش کنسولي وزارتخارجه افغانستان امروز سهشنبه اعلام کرد ايران از تحويل اجساد اعداميان افغاني خودداري ميکند. محمد امان امين که در مجلس سناي افغانستان سخنراني ميکرد افزود: دستگاه قضائي ايران اخيراً حکم اعدام 127 افغاني را صادر کرده است...
وزير امورخارجه افغانستان پيشتر گفته بود که در ايران در حدود 3000 افغاني به اتهام ارتکاب جرايم مختلف در زندانهاي اين کشور بهسر ميبرند. گفتني است که بر اثر جنگهاي مستمر و فقر شديد در افغانستان بيش از 3 ميليون پناهنده اين کشور در ايران
بهسر ميبرند. (سايت العربيه – 18/8/89)