With deep regrets we have heard and watched documented clips of a blatant massacre of Human individuals who were completely defenseless by Iraqi trained, commandos whose only mission seemed to be "obliteration" and massacre of the innocent. Scenes that showed unarmed women holding hands in the air asking the aggressors to leave them alone, whilst their aggressors aim with precision live bullets at hearts and bodies of these women. !

Amnesty International statement has categorically condemned the plot : “Iraqi troops moved into the camp this morning and used excessive force against residents who tried to resist them, according to the information we have received,” said Malcolm Smart, Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme. “This is the latest of a series of violent actions that the Iraqi government has taken against the Camp Ashraf residents, whose continuing presence in Iraq they oppose.”

Clashes broke out this morning after Iraqi security forces took up positions in the camp using armoured personnel carriers and, apparently, live fire against residents who tried to resist them, resulting in multiple deaths and injuries. As yet, the number of casualties cannot be independently verified. The camp in Diyala province around 60 km north of Baghdad is home to some 3,400 Iranian exiles and refugees, including members and supporters of the banned Iranian opposition group the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI).

PMOI officials told Amnesty International that due to restrictions imposed by the Iraqi government, Camp Ashraf’s medical facility does not have adequate medicines or equipment with which to deal with those reported by the PMOI to have been injured in today’s clashes.” The scenes are immensely graphic at times , but reflect a shameful plot to eradicate human beings under the name of “protection” .

The excuse is balanced by political blabber and excuse that “US troops” are leaving their obligations without being accountable to the promises they had once given to these poor souls for protection against any assault or aggression.

The question is: Where is the given promise now? What happened to the truce agreement (available on line ) between top US generals with the refugees in the Camp after they were intentionally bombarded during the Iraq war? We will pass our millions of questions over the issue of the bombardment that left many killed of these refugees despite the fact that they were announced to be neutral and the camp a non Iraqi Camp and neutral zone.

Today , a plot to massacre as many as 3400 people cannot stay out of public eyes. The brutal assault on the camp has left 33 killed, including many women and youth and hundreds seriously injured.

Imagine: standing with your bear hands in front of live bullets trying to protect your dearest friends under a shower of attack. ! European Union and its High Representative were repeatedly warned well in advance about Mr Maliki’s intentions to massacre the Ashraf residents and several resolutions in the European Parliament on Ashraf had called on the EU and US to take urgent steps to prevent this bloodshed but no actions were taken by the EU leadership and the US authorities The US government and the Secretary of Defence Robert Gates who has been in Iraq this week, could have easily prevented today’s massacre by Maliki who took direct orders from the mullahs in Tehran.

Their consent to these crimes is not acceptable and it is a stain on the American government that had given written commitment to each and every one of Ashraf residents regarding their protection.

The PLOT :

The plot to wipe out camp Ashraf had long been planned. Accomplices were not sure as to the consequences to their ambitions of the crime, they would commit till the go ahead was given by US,EU and UN officials involved.

Each and every one had a major role in diluting the need for protection of these volatile refugees in the camp. The camp is already a focal hit point of the Iranian regime since 1980 because since its inception, it has been a safe haven for dissidents who are apt and willed to bring about a Democratic Change in their homeland Iran.

Those in the Camp as we see today have always been either former political prisoner escaped from Iranian dungeons and persecution or members of the only organized opposition in Iran the PMOI/MKO.

Most are families of the massacred 30 000 political activists during the 1980s and therefore are in themselves the only living documents which attest to GENOCIDE in Iran. There is ample reason for the barbaric regime in Iran to wish to obliterate the Camp.

But what about the reasons for US and UN inactions on the recent catastrophic scandal? Please read the following articles which has shed light to partial realities of the Plot to eradicate a “City of living testimonies “to the mullahs‘s genocide.

To read :

Article of the Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/apr/08/us-international-law-iraqi-attack

The Cable revealed by the Guardian; http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/apr/08/us-iraq-iranian-dissidents-mek

Women injured and need immediate medical need : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn52gqHiwX4&feature=channel_video_title Scenes of direct fire by Iraqi Forces on female residents of Camp Ashraf, April 8, 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yX2GjS4KYI

By S. Azad

On the 29th of March, I received the news of my father's death, who after enduring much pain, which resulted from deliberate prevention of his medical treatment by the Iranian regime's henchmen, died on Monday night in captivity.

My father, Mohsen Dogmechi, who was imprisoned since September 2009, was suffering from cancer for 8 months. The mullahs' henchmen prevented his medical treatment from the very beginning. As cancer covered his pancreas and pain all his body, henchmen prevented his medics in violation of all international Conventions. Narges Dogmechi giving TV statement regarding her fathers death under torture in Iranian dungeons.

The regime was evidently using a new Gestapo torture: Natural agony till death! But my father did not succumb to their demands which were to reject the PMOI, and to repeat three decades of lies against them. He refused for the sake of thousands desperate for freedom. He was too steadfast on the genuine and pure goals of the PMOI, to free its people of all kinds of religious fundamentalism. The Iranian regime's notorious Ministry of Intelligence asked him many times to take part in a TV interview and speak against the PMOI.

Such vile methods are in flagrant violation of basic human rights. It is a crime against humanity. It has been used by torturers against prisoners as a method of enforcing pressure and torture. However, what they can't understand is that a freedom fighter would give up his comfort and life for others.

My brave father chose to face the henchmen with tied hands and a body full of poison and cancer. With excruciating pains but willpower unconquered, he was able to defeat the torturers, and once again turned another page of pride in the Iranian history of resistance against tyranny. He proved the PMOI ideals, the will to be free cannot be defeated by any tyranny. The truth cannot be twisted.

It's true that it is very hard for me to lose my father. But there is something inside me that is above all the pain I received.

It is the triumph of true human values over suppression. Pride in such a resilient and brave father who defeated the Iranian regime's henchmen like this. I am proud of him with all of my heart, and his innocent and heroic martyrdom inspired me to continue the struggle against this bloodthirsty regime.

I want to tell the shattering mullahs' regime that your days are numbered.

Did you not see how "will" and determination and love for Freedom, won over the pain of loss of the loved ones? How Akbar Saremi and Behrouz Kazemi vowed with all might to continue their quest for Peace and Freedom, after the martyrdom of their fathers? Didn't you see how it inspired Ashraf residents in their quest for Freedom? Did you not see that their message was echoed by our courageous people in uprising in Iran as they chanted "The message of Jafar's blood is to resist one hundred times fold." We live for the day that our people are freed from such misery.

We bear all the pain, so that Iranians worldwide would once again feel proud to be Iranian in a Free and Democratic Iran, where Church and State are separated, women and men are truly equal, and where the ballot box is the only legitimate determinant of the future of our people.

The martyrdom of my courageous father under such callous and inhuman condition is document to a crime against humanity by the Iranian regime. It is a litmus test for International Humanitarian Community and the UN Special Rapporteur assigned on human rights violations in Iran, to prove their commitment for safeguarding basic Human rights.

It is an obligation for all those who pose for "human Right" safeguards and landmark for their obligations to prove the Iranian regime wrong, if it believes that politics can override basic Human Rights. It is time for this regime to be referred to the UNSC for its countless crimes against human dignity and War against Humanity.

This heroic martyrdom is also a golden chapter in the history book of the Iranian people's struggle. It is a symbol of perseverance for the sake of Freedom. It shows that one can defeat such heinous enemy even with hands and feet enchained, and a body full of pain. After I heard of my father's martyrdom, I asked God to help me be more persevering and more resilient in this path because this path is righteous. The path for freedom is a challenging and arduous one that separates those who are willing to pay the price sincerely, from pretentious opportunists who change color with every tide. It is a path that has been nourished by the blood of 120 thousand martyrs of the PMOI. From my father I learned perseverance and how to struggle one-hundred times fold against this inhumane regime.

I like to take this opportunity to remind my country fellow men and women of the great responsibility each and every one of us have in bringing about a peaceful, democratic and nuclear free Iran. We are freedom fighters enchained.

We are a generation that has decided to withstand all challenges to win freedom for our people. My father showed the end of the path to freedom is at hand.

BACKGROUND: Mohsen Dogmechi is a 50 year old merchant. He is well-known in the Tehran Bazaar. He was summoned to the Revolutionary Court on August 1st where he received a sentence of ten years imprisonment in Rajai Shahr prison. His charges are: providing financial aid to families of political prisoners, and visiting his daughters in Camp Ashraf.

In the last three months, human rights organisations warned about the deteriorating health of Mohsen Dogmechi. He was suffering from advanced pancreas cancer. In his last days, his conditions were so bad, he was even unable to sit up in bed. For four weeks, he was unable to eat any food and at the end, even drinking water or milk would cause him agonising pain. Despite all this suffering, Islamic Republic's prison authorities refused to release him.

Mohsen Dogmechi died on March 28th. The regime had also previously arrested, Dogmechi's wife, Maryam Alangi in October 2009. International Humanitarian organizations regard Mohsen Dogmechi's ordeal as a new method of torture used against major political prisoners mainly sentenced for "Moharebe"(waging war on God!. In this context God referring to the Iranian Islamic Leadership).

It is noteworthy to mention that Mr.Dogmechi's daughter is also in a Camp Ashraf, which has been under medical and supply siege for the past year and a half. Many cancer patients in need of medical treatment have also been BARRED from necessary treatment by Iraqi Al Maliki forces.

Reports of psychological torture on these patients through use of huge numerous loudspeakers as a form of "White Noise Torture" has also been reported. Narges Dogmechi is a PMOI member and is in Camp Ashraf. Camp Ashraf is under heavy medical and general siege by pro-Iranian Iraqi units.

Patients in Camp Ashraf are also prevented from having medical treatment by an Iraqi element under directions by Maliki. It is also subjected to extreme psychological torture through constant barrage of threats and verbal intimidation through 240 horn loudspeakers. Their torturers are Iranian paid agents with liaison of Maliki offices. S. Azad is a freelance commentator who writes informative articles and loves to receive feedback.

IRAN weekly HR report 3 April: Basic freedom and rights abused

Security forces attack mourners in funeral service for political prisoner and father of Ashraf resident

On Wednesday March 30, a large number of people came to the Behesht Zahra Cemetery in Tehran to participate in the funeral and burial service of political prisoner Mohsen Dokmeh Chi. This ceremony started a few hours ago and was finishing at 3 pm when security forces attacked the participants and intended to arrest one of the organizers of the service. The mourners countered their attack and prevented the arrest. The clashes between security forces, numbering more than 100, and the mourners are still in progress. The mourners are resisting their attacks and refuse to let the security forces make arrests. From the beginning of the service, these security forces disrupted the ceremony and even used profane insults to address the female mourners. There is a possibility that security forces will use force to arrest a large number of people. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Mar. 30, 2011)

يورش نيروهاي سرکوبگر ولي فقيه به شرکت کنندگان در مراسم خاکسپاري شهيد راه آزادي محسن دگمه چي روز چهارشنبه 10 فروردين ماه جمهيت زيادي در بهشت زهرا حضور يافتند و مراسم خاکسپاري شهيد راه ازادي مردم ايران محسن دکمه چي را برگزار کردند. اين مراسم که از ساعاتي پيش شروع شده بود حوالي ساعت 15:00 در حال پايان يافتن بود. که نيروهاي سرکوبگر ولي فقيه به حاضرين يورش بردن و قصد داشتند يکي از کساني که مراسم مذهبي خاکسپاري را برگزار مي کرد را دستگير کنند. حاضرين به مقابله با آنها بر خواستند و از دستگيري او ممانعت نمودند . درگيري بين حاضرين در مراسم و نيروهاي سرکوبگر ولي فقيه که بيش از 100 نفر مي باشند همچنان ادامه دارد.حاضرين در مقابل حملات نيروهاي سرکوبگر مقاومت مي کنند و اجازه دستگيري را به آنها نمي دهند. نيروهاي سرکوبگر ولي فقيه که تعداد آنها بيش از 100 نفر تخمين زده مي شد از بدو شروع مراسم خاکسپاري اقدام به ايجاد مزاحمت براي حاضرين نمودند و حتي اقدام به توهينهاي زننده به خانم هاي حاضر در اين مراسم نمودند. درگيري همچنان در بهشت زهرا ادامه دادرد و احتمال ضرب و شتم و دستگيريهاي گسترده مي رود. (فعالين حقوق بشر ودمكراسي در ايران – 10/1/90)

Iran officials torture political prisoner and father of Ashraf resident on his deathbed

According to reports, jailed Tehran Bazaar merchant, Mohsen Dokmeh Chi is in very critical condition in the hospital and prison guards in his room harass and abuse his family to increase the pressure on this political prisoner. Mr. Dokmeh Chi’s health is deteriorating day by day and he has constant pain and had become very weak. He cannot sit on his bed anymore. This political prisoner has been unable to eat solid food for the past four weeks and has not been able to drink fluids in the past few days. He suffers from extreme pain when trying to drink water. After his family went to Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolat Abadi to get a permit to nurse him in the hospital, his wife was only allowed a 10 minute visit with him. His wife is treated violently every time she comes for the 10 minute visit by the five agents stationed in his room. These harassments are carried out in front of Mr. Dokmeh Chi to increase the mental pressure on him and his family. When his wife asked these agents why she was treated in this way even as she has a permit for the short visits, she was told that they had orders to treat the family in this way. Mr. Dokmeh Chi’s doctors have stressed that one of his family members has to be by his side at all times to nurse him and that the presence of his family will improve his mental state. Agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and Abbas Jafari Dolat Abadi have not only denied this right to this political prisoner but they have also increased the number of agents in his room from four to five agents and have also intensified the violent treatment of his family and him. The rest of his family including his mother, sister and daughter are banned from seeing him. This political prisoner needs aid in going to the restroom, bathing and carrying out his other personal tasks. Most of the time, these tasks are intentionally carried out by the agents who treat him violently and inhumanely to mentally torture him. The Ministry of Intelligence and the Tehran Prosecutor intend to deceive public opinion and make is seem as if Mr. Dokmeh Chi is under treatment in the hospital while he is on the verge of death to avoid the responsibility of the death of this political prisoner. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Mar. 27, 2011)

Jailed student goes on hunger strike after being beaten and thrown in solitary

After jailed student Arash Sadeqi was tortured and thrown in solitary in Evin Prison, he went on a hunger strike on March 14 in protest to the illegal transfer to solitary and his poor health. This master’s degree student of philosophy at the Alameh Tabatabayi University was injured during the torture and beatings by prison agents and was thrown in solitary with a broken rib and shoulder. He has been on hunger strike for more than two weeks now. Prison officials prevent him from receiving medical care and refuse to take him to the infirmary. On the other hand, this student has been denied family visits for months now. It seems that the limitations and pressures on him comes after his interviews with independent media and the disclosure of the violent raid of security forces to his home during which his mother passed away because of this sudden attack. His resistance in the face of pressures by security interrogators and the fact that he wrote a letter to students for Student Day is another reason he is abused and harassed. (Daneshju News – Mar. 29, 2011)

Jailed student in coma after going on hunger strike in protest to torture

The condition of jailed student activist Arash Sadeqi has become very critical and he has gone into a coma after he went on a hunger strike in his solitary cell on March 14 and because of the pressure and tortures by security forces. Evin Prison officials have been forced to take him to hospital. According to reports, prison officials informed his family today that he has fainted due to extreme weakness. This is while it seems that they have transferred Arash to the hospital and he is currently in a coma. At the same time, security officials called his family telling them not to come to the hospital to visit him because they will in no way be allowed to see him. But his family intends to go to the hospital anyway. In the past few days, the shoulder and ribcage of this student activist who is jailed in cellblock 209 in Evin Prison, has been fractured as a result of the torture and prison agents refused to take him to infirmary and instead threw him in solitary. (Daneshju News – Mar. 30, 2011)

اعمال ضد بشري و مجازاتهاي بيرحمانه

قطع عضو, شلاق, شكنجه, تحقير و توهين

تشديد شکنجه روحي بازاري زنداني در آستانه مرگ و خانواده اش در بيمارستان

بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران"وضعيت بسيار وخيم جسمي بازاري زنداني محسن دکمه چي و برخوردهاي وحشيانه و غير انساني پاسداربندهاي حاضر در اتاق با خانواده اش در حين ملاقات براي افزايش فشار روحي عليه آنها. وضعيت جسمي بازاري زنداني محسن دکمه چي روز به روز وخيم تر مي شود.درد جانکاه لحظه اي او را امان نمي دهد و دچار ضعف شديدي شده است . او ديگر قادربه نشستن بر روي تختخوابش نيست.بازاري زنداني 4 هفته است که قادر به خوردن غذا نيست و چند روزي است که حتي نمي تواند مايعاتي مانند شير و آب ميوه بنوشد. هنگام نوشيدن آب با درد هاي شديدي مواجه مي شود. با مراجعات مکرر خانواده زنداني سياسي محسن دکمه چي به عباس جعفري دولت آبادي دادستان تهران براي گرفتن مجوز جهت پرستاري و نگهداري از او، تنها به همسرش اجازه 10 دقيقه ملاقات داده شده است. خانواده در هر مراجعه جهت ملاقات 10 دقيقه اي با برخوردهاي وحشيانه و غير انساني 5 مأمور مستقر در اتاق مواجه مي شوند . اين حرکت غير انساني مقابل چشمان آقاي دکمه چي صورت مي گيرد تا فشارهاي روحي عليه او و خانواده اش را افزايش دهند . اين رفتار غير انساني از بدو ورود خانواده به اتاق تا هنگام خروج آنها ادامه دارد.وقتي که خانواده آقاي دکمه چي علت آن را جويا مي شوند و به آنها مي گويند که مگر دادستاني مجوز ملاقات به ما نداده پس چرا شما چنين برخوردي با ما داريد؟ مأمورين مستقر در اتاق به اين خانواده مي گويند به ما دستور داده اند که اينگونه رفتار کنيم! پزشکان معالج وي تاکيد کرده اند که بايد يکي از اعضاي خانواده اش بطور مستمر در آنجا حضور داشته باشد تا رسيدگي هاي لازم را انجام دهد و حضور اعضاي خانواده باعث تغيير در شرايط و روحيۀ او مي شود. بازجويان وزارت اطلاعات و عباس جعفري دولت آبادي نه تنها به اين خانواده چنين اجازه اي را نمي دهند بلکه تعداد مأمورها را از 4 نفر به 5 نفر افزايش داده اند و برخورهاي وحشيانه و غير انساني نسبت به بازاري زنداني و خانواده اش را شدت بخشيده اند.بجز ملاقات 10 دقيقه اي همسرش ساير اعضاي خانواده مانند مادر ،خواهر و فرزند آقاي دکمه چي حق ملاقات با او را ندارد. بازاري زنداني براي استفاده از سرويسهاي بهداشتي و استحمام و ساير کارهاي شخصي نياز به کمک دارد و اکثر اوقات اين کار به عمد به مأمورها سپرده شده است که رفتارهاي وحشيانه و برخوردهاي غير انساني و شکنجه هاي روحي عليه او بکار ببرند. بازجويان وزارت اطلاعات و عباس جعفري دولت آبادي عملا با ايجاد سلول انفرادي در بيمارستان براي اين بازاري زنداني که در مرحلۀ پاياني حيات خود بسر مي برد سعي دارند براي سلب مسئوليت و فريب افکار عمومي اينگونه وانمود کنند که اين بازاري در بيمارستان و تحت مداوا است و از مسئوليت قتل اين زنداني سياسي شانه خالي کنند.(فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران – 7/1/90)

اعتصاب غذاي آرش صادقي در پي انتقال وي به سلول انفرادي و ضرب و شتم شديد در پي اعمال شکنجه هاي سخت و شکستگي دنده ها و پهلوي آرش صادقي، دانشجوي محبوس در زندان اوين، و انتقال وي به سلول انفرادي، اين دانشجو در اعتراض به اين انتقال غير قانوني و همچنين وضعيت نامناسب جسمي خويش از ۲۴ اسفند تاکنون در اعتصاب بسر مي برد. بنا به اطلاع صفحه فيس بوک آرش صادقي، اين دانشجوي کارشناسي ارشد فلسفه دانشگاه علامه طباطبايي، در جريان شکنجه ها و ضرب شتم مامورين امنيتي به شدت مجروح شده و با کف و دنده هاي شکسته به سلول انفرادي منتقل شده است. بر اساس اين گزارش، آرش صادقي در اعتراض به اين انتقال و همچنين وضعيت اسفبار روحي و جسمي خويش، بيش از ۲ هفته است که در اعتصاب غذا بسر مي برد. اين گزارشات مي افزايد، مسئولين زندان اوين از رسيدگي به وضعيت اين دانشجو و انتقال مناسب وي به بهداري زندان ممانعت بعمل مي آورند. از سوي ديگر، ماههاست که اين دانشجو از هرگونه ملاقات با خانواده و وابستگان خويش محروم شده است. بنظر مي رسد اين محروميت ها و فشارهاي پي در پي به اين دانشجو بي ارتباط با مصاحبه هاي وي با رسانه هاي غير همسو با دولت و افشاي ابعاد کامل يورش وحشيانه مامورين امنيتي به منزل وي و همچنين جان باختن مادر اين دانشجو در اثر اين فشارهاي ناگهاني بوده است. مقاومت اين دانشجو در برابر خواسته هاي بازجويان امنيتي و همچنين نگاشتن نامه خطاب به دانشجويان به مناسبات روز دانشجو در ۱۶ آذر از ديگر دلايل آذارو اذيت وي بشمار مي ايد. آرش صادقي به ۵ سال حبس قطعي محکوم شد. (دانشجو نيوز – 9/1/90)

آرش صادقي در پي اعتصاب غذا به حالت کما فرو رفت

در پي اعتصاب غذاي آرش صادقي در سلول انفرادي، از ۲۴ اسفند ماه تاکنون، وضعيت جسمي اين فعال دانشجويي بسيار وخيم گزارش شده، طوري که در اثر فشارها و شکنجه هاي وارده از سوي ماموران حکومتي به حالت کما فرورفته و مسئولين زندان اوين مجبور به انتقال وي به بيمارستان شده اند. به گزارش دانشجو نيوز، مسئولين زندان اوين امروز به خانواده ي وي اطلاع دادند که وي به علت ضعف شديد از حال رفته است. اين در حاليست که گويا مسئولين زندان آرش را به بيمارستان مدرس منتقل کردند و اکنون در حالت کما به سر مي برد. در همين حال مسئولين امنيتي طي تماس تلفني به خانواده ي آرش خبر داده اند تا براي ملاقات به بيمارستان مراجعه نکنند چرا که به هيچ وجه اين اجازه داده نمي شود ولي با اين حال خانواده ي آرش صادقي قصد رفتن به اين بيمارستان را داشته اند. گفتني است در چند روز گذشته در اثر شکنجه هاي وارده به اين فعال دانشجويي محبوس در بند ۲۰۹ زندان اوين، کتف و دنده هاي وي دچار شکستگي شده و مامورين زندان اوين از انتقال وي به بهداري زندان جلوگيري نموده و وي را به سلول انفرادي منتقل کرده بودند. (دانشجو نيوز – 10/1/90)
Execution Death Penalty in 2010: Executing countries left isolated after decade of progress

Countries which continue to use the death penalty are being left increasingly isolated following a decade of progress towards abolition, Amnesty International has said today in its new report Death Sentences and Executions in 2010… A total of 31 countries abolished the death penalty in law or in practice during the last 10 years but China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the USA and Yemen remain amongst the most frequent executioners, some in direct contradiction of international human rights law…. Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates ignored international prohibitions in 2010 and imposed death sentences on individuals that were below 18 years of age when the crimes were committed… The Iranian authorities acknowledged the execution of 252 people, including five women and one juvenile offender in 2010. Amnesty International received credible reports of more than 300 other executions which were not officially acknowledged, mostly in Vakilabad Prison, Mashhad. Most were of people convicted of alleged drugs offences. Fourteen people were publicly executed. Death sentences continued to be imposed in large numbers. (Amnesty International – Mar. 28, 2011)

Almost half of global executions carried out in Iran - Amnesty China Iran North Korea Yemen and the US carried out the most executions last year, bucking a global trend towards abolition of the death penalty, a report has said… Setting China aside, Amnesty said at least 527 executions were carried out last year. Almost half of those took place in Iran (252)… (The Guardian- Mar. 28, 2011)

Iran secretly buries mutilated bodies of five executed political prisoners in desert

This report has come to us from Iran. Some of it has been omitted to keep the identity of the sender secret. This report was received at 4 am on Monday March 21. Five people were hanged on charges of espionage for Israel and acting against national security. Two of these people had cards with old pictures from the 80’s. They were a husband and wife. The woman did not have a left ear as if it was completely cut off in the past. Their tongues were also cut off halfway in a way that they were unable to speak. A woman and two other men were also executed but did not have pictures on their cards. Their bodies were full of wounds and bruises. They (security forces) had brought their dossiers with them and buried these five people in the desert region in the Qom road. According to the contents of their case and the sentence referred to the Sentence Implementation Unit from the 28th branch of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran their names were as follows: Hojat Nahavandi, son of Mohammad, about 38 years old Zahra Ismaili, daughter of Janali, about 30 years old Adiva Mirza Soleiman, Jewish, daughter of Yaqub, according to the card she was 55 years old Varia Ahmadi, son of Iraj, about 25 years old Varouzhan Petrosian, (Christian) son of Rubic, according to the card, he was 60 years old. (Pars Daily News – Mar. 31, 2011)

Letter:Confidential letter to the Prosecutor General by a Shobeiri and Ahmad Vahid announcing their agreement with the execution of five political prisoners charged with espionage for Israel. The above mentioned officials request that these executions be secretly carried out stating that because they include a Christian, Jewish and Baha’i, the execution should be organized in a way to prevent media attention and suggest that they be hanged in the New Year holiday

Deaths in custody Political activist tortured to death

Reza Maghamesi, a resident of Dezful was killed under torture on March 24 in a secret prison in the town of Ahwaz. According to reports, he was killed because of severe blows to his pelvis and internal bleeding. The health of another political prisoner, Hadi Rashedi, who was arrested a few days ago is critical because of constant torture and he is currently unconscious and under a ventilator. In the past few days, another Arab social activist from Ahwaz, identified as 36 year old Ramezan Khaledi from the Ramis Village, was arrested for protesting the pollution in his village because of soot from oil wells and because young people from his village were not employed by the oil company. Hundreds of people in this village are suffering from dangerous respiratory and lung problems for inhaling the soot from the oil wells. In the past few days, 234 Arab cultural and social activists from Ahwaz have been arrested in various southern towns in Iran. Thirty five of these activists were taken to unknown locations. (Ahwaz News Website – Mar. 27, 2011)

Jailed father of Ashraf resident passes away after being denied chemotherapy

Mohsen Dokmeh Chi, a political prisoner jailed in Rajayi Shahr Prison in Karaj passed away last night in the hospital after his health deteriorated because of not receiving medical attention. According to the Center to Defend Families of those Slain and Detained in Iran, this political prisoner was mentally tortured in addition to being denied medical care despite his critical condition. He was treated inhumanely and the presence of prison agents in his hospital room at all times was another source of mental pressure on him. In the last days of his life, his physical health deteriorated on a daily basis and he had constant and severe pain and was extremely weakened. He was unable to sit on his bed and had been unable to eat food for the last four weeks. In the last days before his death, he was not even able to drink fluids like milk and fruit juice and he would suffer extreme pain while drinking water. Notably, Mohsen Dokmeh Chi is a well-known Tehran Bazaar merchant who was tried and sentenced to 10 years of prison to be spent in Rajayi Shahr Prison in Karaj by Judge Salavati on charges of giving financial assistance to the families of political prisoners. He was suffering from pancreas cancer. (Daneshju News – Mar. 29, 2011) (Note: Mohsen Dokmeh Chi’s daughter is a member of the PMOI and lives in Camp Ashraf in Iraq)

Death sentence
132 prisoners in danger of imminent execution in Isfahan Prison Mohammad Mostafayi has announced that in the past year 191 prisoners sentenced to death in Isfahan who were convicted of carrying and possessing narcotics and some were sentenced to death by stoning submitted their requests for amnesty to the Amnesty Commission. In the end, the Amnesty Commission headed by Gholam-Hossein Ansari accepted the amnesty requests for 59 cases. Mostafayi, who is a lawyer, said that the hanging of the remaining 132 prisoners has been planned for the near future. These prisoners do not include those convicted of murder whose amnesty has to be granted by the families of their victims according to the law. According to Mr. Mostafayi, to keep the real numbers of executions from leaking out in Isfahan, every month dozens of people are secretly executed and their bodies are handed over to their families. Death row prisoners are denied due process and none of them had lawyers in the initial stages of the investigations. Most of them had public defenders given to them by the Judicial System because they could not afford lawyers. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Mar. 31, 2011)

اعدام مجازات مرگ در سال 2010: کشورهايي که اعدام مي‌کنند پس از يک دهه پيشرفت منزوي هستند

عفو بين المللي امروز در گزارش جديد خود با عنوان احکام مرگ و اعدامها در 2010 گفت، کشورهايي که به استفاده از مجازات مرگ ادامه مي‌دهند به‌دنبال يک دهه پيشرفت به سمت لغو [مجازات مرگ] به‌نحو فزاينده‌يي منزوي شده‌اند. در کل 31 کشور در 10سال گذشته مجازات مرگ را در قانون يا در عمل لغو کرده‌اند، ولي چين، ايران، عربستان سعودي، آمريکا و يمن هم‌چنان از جمله کشورهايي هستند که مکرراً اعدام مي‌کنند، که برخي در نقض مستقيم قانون حقوق‌بشر بين‌المللي است… بخش قابل توجهي از اعدامها يا احکام مرگ در سال 2010 در چين، مصر، اندونزي، ايران، لائوس، ليبي، مالزي، تايلند، امارات متحده عربي، عربستان سعودي و يمن به‌خاطر جرايم مواد مخدر ثبت شده است. ايران، پاکستان، عربستان سعودي و امارات متحده عربي از ممنوعيتهاي بين‌المللي در سال 2010 چشم‌پوشي نمودند و براي افراد زير 18سال بهنگام ارتکاب جرم، احکام اعدام صادر کردند… خاورميانه و شمال آفريقا… - مقامات ايراني به اعدام 252نفر، از جمله 5 زن و يک کودک بزهکار در سال 2010 اذعان کردند. عفو بين‌المللي گزارشهاي معتبري از بيش از 300 اعدام ديگر، اکثراً در زندان وکيل‌آباد مشهد که رسماً مورد تأييد قرار نگرفت، دريافت نمود. اکثر افراد به جرايم مواد مخدر متهم بودند. 14نفر در ملا عام اعدام شدند. احکام مرگ هم‌چنان در ابعاد زياد صورت مي‌گيرند. (سايت عفو بين‌الملل - 8/1/1390)

عفو بين اللملل: نيمي از اعدامهاي جهان در ايران صورت گرفته است به قلم مارک تران (mark tran) – گزارش عفو بين‌المللي فاش مي‌سازد، بسياري از کشورها هم‌چنان افراد را به‌خاطر جرايم اعدام مي‌کنند و صدها تن هم‌چنان در انتظار مرگ هستند. اين گزارش گفت، چين، ايران، کره شمالي، يمن و آمريکا در مقابل يک روند جهاني به سمت لغو مجازات مرگ، در سال گذشته بيشترين اعدامها را به اجرا گذاشتند… عفو، با مستثني کردن چين گفت، سال گذشته دستکم 527 اعدام صورت گرفت. تقريباً نيمي از آنها (252) در ايران انجام شد است. (سايت گاردين- 8/1/1390)

رژيم ايران جسد 5 زنداني سياسي اعدام شده را به صورت مخفيانه در بيايان خاك مي كند

گزارشي که در زير ميخوانيد از درون ايران به دستمان رسيده و به خاطر اينکه براي فرستنده که نام و مشخصاتش پيش ما محفوظ است ،دردسري ايجاد نشود مقداري از اين گزارش را که ميتواند احياناً براي فرستنده دردسر ساز شود حذف کرديم. گزارش دريافتي:ساعت ۴ صبح روز دوشنبه اول فروردين ۹۰ ۵ نفر را آورد‌ند و دار زدند که جرم همگي‌ ايشان جاسوسي براي اسرائيل و اقدام عليه امنيت ملي‌ بود . ۲ تا از اين‌ها کارت عکس قديمي‌ داشتند که متعلق به سال ۶۰ شمسي‌ بود و زن و شوهر بودند و زن گوش چپ نداشت انگار در گذشته به طور کامل بريده بودند . زبان اين زن و شوهر را هم بصورت نيمه بريده بودند به نحوي که قادر به هيچ کلامي نبودند . يک زن و ۲ مرد ديگر کارت عکس نداشتند . تمامي‌ اين‌ها پر از جاي زخم و کبودي بودند . پرونده را با خودشان آورد‌ند و پس از خاک کردن اين ۵ نفر در بياباني در جاده قم با خود بردند بر اساس مندرجات پرونده و حکم ارسالي‌ به اجراي احکام که از سوي شعبه ۲۸ دادگاه انقلاب تهران صادر شده بود اسامي آنها به اين شرح بود : حجت نهاوندي فرزند محمد حدوداً ۳۸ ساله زهرا اسماعيلي فرزند جانعلي حدوداً ۳۰ ساله آديوا ميرزا سليمان کليمي فرزند يعقوب بر اساس کارتکس ۵۵ ساله وريا احمدي فرزند ايرج حدوداً ۲۵ ساله واروژان پطروسيان فرزند روبيک بر اساس کارتکس ۶۰ ساله(پارس ديلي نيوز- 11/1/90)

مرگهاي مشكوك در بازداشت يک فعال عرب اهوازي زير شکنجه کشته شد

رضا مغامسي از ساکنان شهر دزفول در روز چهارم فروردين ماه، در يکي از زندان هاي مخفي شهر اهواز زير شکنجه کشته شده است . وي روز چهارشنبه سوم فروردين هزار وسيصد ونود بر اثر ضربه هاي شديد بر روي لگن خاصره و خونريزي داخلي کشته شد. نيز حال هادي راشدي که طي روزهاي اخير دستگير شده براثر شکنجه هاي پياپي، وخيم است و زير اکسيژن قرار دارد و هم اکنون بيهوش است. اين گزارش مي افزايد: طي روزهاي گذشته يک فعال اجتماعي عرب اهوازي به نام "رمضان خالدي" فرزند کريم، ٣۶ ساله، از ساکنان روستاي "رميص" واقع در جاده ميان اهواز - معشور توسط نيروهاي امنيتي دستگير شده است. وي به علت اعتراض به آلودگي روستايشان از دوده هاي برخاسته از چاه هاي نفتي و نيز عدم استخدام جوانان اين روستا توسط شرکت نفت دستگير شده است. در اين روستاي عرب نشين ده ها نفر از مردم به علت تنفس دود بر آمده از چاه هاي نفتي به بيماري هاي خطرناک تنفسي وريوي مبتلا شده اند. گفتني است که طي چند روز اخير حدود ۲٣۴ نفر از فعالان فرهنگي و اجتماعي عرب اهوازي در شهرهاي مختلف استان دستگير شده اند که سي و پنج نفر از آنان به مکان هاي نامعلوم منتقل شده اند. (سايت اهواز نيوز – 7/1/1390)

محسن دگمه چي، زنداني سياسي، در اثر عدم رسيدگي پزشکي در زندان جان باخت

محسن دگمه چي، زنداني سياسي محبوس در زندان رجايي شهر کرج، شب گذشته به‌دليل عدم رسيدگي پزشکي و وخامت حالش در بيمارستان جان باخت. به گزارش کانون حمايت از خانواده جان‌باختگان و بازداشتي ها، زنداني سياسي محسن دگمه چي قبل از درگذشتش به‌دليل وضعيت وخيم علاوه بر عدم دسترسي به امکانات پزشکي توسط عوامل زندان مورد شکنجه روحي قرار گرفته بود و به‌رغم وضعيت بسيار وخيم جسمي بازاري زنداني محسن دگمه چي و برخوردهاي غيرانساني، حضور پاسداربندهاي حاضر در اتاق هنگام ملاقات با خانواده‌اش عاملي ديگر براي افزايش فشار روحي عليه وي بود. در روزهاي آخر وضعيت جسمي بازاري زنداني محسن دگمه چي روز به روز وخيم‌تر مي‌شد ودرد جانکاه لحظه‌اي او را امان نمي‌داد و دچار ضعف شديدي شده بود. او ديگر قادربه نشستن بر روي تختخوابش نبود و حدود 4 هفته قادر به خوردن غذا نبود وي در روزهاي آخر حتي نمي‌توانست مايعاتي مانند شير و آب ميوه بنوشد و هنگام نوشيدن آب با درد هاي شديدي مواجه مي‌شد. لازم به يادآوري ست که محسن دکمه چي از بازاريان سر‌شناس تهران، به اتهام کمک مالي به خانواده‌هاي زندانيان سياسي توسط قاضي صلواتي مورد محاکمه قرار گرفت و به ۱۰ سال حبس تعزيري و تبعيد به زندان رجايي شهر کرج منتقل شد. وي مبتلا به سرطان پانکراس بود. (سايت دانشجو نيوز- 9/1/90)

حكم اعدام اعدام قريب الوقوع ۱۳۲ نفر در زندان اصفهان

محمد مصطفايي، وکيل دادگستري اعلام کرد که در سال گذشته تعداد ۱۹۱ نفر از محکومين به اعدام در اصفهان که جرم آن‌ها حمل و نگهداري مواد مخدر، و سنگسار بود درخواست عفو و بخشودگي خود را به کميسيون عفو و بخشودگي ارائه دادند که در ‌‌نهايت کميسيون عفو و بخشودگي به رياست غلامحسين انصاري با عفو ۵۹ مورد موافقت نموده و قرار است به زودي و در هفته‌هاي آينده تعداد ۱۳۲ نفر از محکومان به اعدام، به دار آويخته شود. اين تعداد جداي محکومين به قصاص است که عفو و بخشودگي آن‌ها طبق قانون به عهده ولي دم است. بر پايه اظهارات آقاي مصطفايي، در اصفهان به دليل اينکه آمار حقيقي بر اعدام به خارج از زندان درج نگردد در هر ماه ده‌ها نفر را مخفيانه اعدام کرده و جنازه اعدام شدگان را به خانواده‌هايشان تحويل مي‌دهند. محکومين به اعدام از دادرسي عادلانه برخوردار نبوده و هيچ کدام از آن‌ها در مراحل تحقيقات مقدماتي از وکيل دادگستري در دفاع از خود استفاده نکرده و به دليل عدم توانايي در پرداخت حق الوکاله عمده آن‌ها از وکلاي تسخيري که دستگاه قضايي معرفي مي‌کنند استفاده مي‌نمايند. (هرانا – 11/1/90)