Lawyer Says U.S. Pair Are Iran’s Hostages

The Iranian lawyer representing two American hikers who have been detained in prison for nearly two years describes the two as hostages who had become “playthings” for Iran
The lawyer, Masoud Shafii, said he had not been allowed to meet with the men - Joshua F. Fattal 29, and Shane M. Bauer <28 - since he was hired to represent them in late 2009.
Mr. Bauer and Mr. Fattal were detained in July 2009 by Iranian border troops as they hiked with Mr. Bauer’s fiancée, Sarah E. Shourd <32, in the mountainous Kurdish region of Iraq, which borders Iran.
All three were charged with espionage and illegally crossing the border; Ms. Shourd was released on bail in September 2010 and has said she does not intend to return to Tehran for trial.
It was not clear exactly where the two men’s cases stand in the Iranian judicial process. This week, IRNA, the official Iranian news agency, quoted Tehran’s chief prosecutor, Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi, as saying that a verdict could be handed down between June 22 and July 22. But other announced court dates have come and gone with no explanation.
Responding to questions by e-mail, Mr. Shafii said on Thursday that the spying charges were groundless.
“There is no legal reason my clients should be detained in prison,” Mr. Shafii wrote. “There is no espionage or illegal entry evidence against my clients. This case is political, and unfortunately my clients have been held hostage, and they have become playthings for the government. From a political view, however, my clients should not even be held even one more day, as this detainment is hurting the reputation of the Islamic Republic of Iran”.
Mr. Shafii said Mr. Fattal and Mr. Bauer had already been imprisoned longer than the maximum sentence under Iranian law for illegal entry into the country, which is one year. Many defendants facing that charge are simply fined or deported, he said.
“Even if my clients were charged with a crime, my clients should have already been released on bail and have had their case resolved, as Iranian law does not allow anyone to be detained in prison longer than the maximum sentencing of their accused crime,” Mr. Shafii wrote in the e-mail.
The United States and Iran do not have formal diplomatic relations. Representatives of the Iranian Mission to the United Nations and the Iranian Interests Section, the country’s unofficial presence in Washington, did not return calls seeking comment.
On Thursday, a senior State Department official said the United States was working through the Swiss government to win the two men’s release on humanitarian grounds.
“This has gone on far too long without any semblance of due process,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity as per diplomatic rules.
The official said that the State Department did not consider Mr. Fattal and Mr. Bauer to be hostages, and that Washington “had been very careful” to avoid calling the men’s continuing detainment a political issue.
The official also said that although the Swiss had been “very energetic” as intermediaries, they had been permitted to visit the men only three times, most recently on Oct. 26, 2010. Their families say they have become increasingly concerned about their condition and treatment.
Ms. Shourd said the men shared a 10-by-14-foot cell and were kept apart from other inmates at Evin Prison in Tehran. They are allowed out for about 40 minutes a day to exercise, and are blindfolded by guards when they walk to and from their cell.
Ms. Shourd said that at one point during their imprisonment a guard slammed the back of Mr. Bauer’s head against a wall “10 or 15 times.” Family members say that over the 23 months that Mr. Fattal and Mr. Bauer have been held, the men have been allowed to make three telephone calls, each lasting fewer than four minutes. One of the calls came last month.
In it, Mr. Bauer said that he and Mr. Fattal had recently been on a hunger strike for 17 days, seeking the right to receive mail from relatives and friends, according to Cindy Hickey, Mr. Bauer’s mother.
“We’re kind of at the bottom,” Ms. Hickey said. “We’re very fearful for them”.
Mr. Fattal’s mother, Laura Fattal, said the frequent court delays were like “a knife in my heart”.
Mr. Shafii, the lawyer, said that Iran’s suggestion several months ago that the hikers might be released as part of an exchange of detainees was further evidence that they were being held for political rather than legal reasons.
“Asking for a prison swap indicates that they are holding hostages, and this is against the Iranian people, who are against holding hostages and who do not want their national reputation marred,” Mr. Shafii wrote.
Ms. Shourd said that when Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahamdinejad, was in New York for a United Nations General Assembly meeting in September, he met with her briefly and told her he knew that she and the two men were not spies.
“He said: ‘I know. I know you’re good kids,’ ” Ms. Shourd said.

وکيل مي‌گويند دو مرد آمريکايي در ايران اسير هستند

مسعود شفيعي وکيل دو کوهنورد آمريکابي که نزديک به دو سال در زندان هستند، اين دو را به‌عنوان گروگانهاي بازيچه دست ايران توصيف کرد.

مسعود شفيعي، وکيل ايراني گفت، از زمان وکالت اين دو در اواخر 2009، هنوز به وي اجازه ملاقات با موکلين خود، جاشوعا فتال (joshua fattal)، و شين بائر (shane bauer) داده نشده است. …

آقاي شفيعي نوشت، “هيچ دليل قانوني براي زنداني شدن موکلين من وجود ندارد. هيچ توطئه يا شواهدي دال بر ورود غيرقانوني آنها به کشور وجود ندارد. اين يک پرونده سياسي است، و متأسفانه موکلين من قرباني و بازيچه دست دولت ايران شده‌اند.

حتي از ديدگاه سياسي، موکلين من يک روز هم نبايستي بازداشت مي‌شدند، زيرا اين به اعتبار جمهوري اسلامي ايران لطمه مي‌زند“. …

آقاي شفيعي نوشت، “وقتي در خواست معاوضه براي يک زنداني مي‌شود، مويد اين مي‌شود آنها در اسارت قرار گرفته‌اند. و اين بر خلاف مردم [خواسته] مردم ايران است که مخالف گروگانگيري هستند و نمي‌خواهند بر اعتبار ملي‌شان آسيب ببيند.

خانم شرود گفت، وقتي رئيس‌جمهور ايران، محمود احمدي‌نژاد در جلسه مجمع عمومي سازمان ملل در ماه سپتامبر شرکت کرد، و به اختصار با او ملاقات کرده بود گفت مي‌داند او و دو مرد ديگر جاسوس نمي‌باشند. (نيويورک تايمز- 29/3/1390)
Center to Defend Families of those Slain and Detained in Iran :
There is a Detention center in Zibashahr called, ‘The Center’, where children under 16 years of age are kept for committing crimes. They are denied the minimum care and facilities that children need in this age. They need healthy recreational activities but have no access to such activities. After they become adults, they are referred to prisons if their prison terms have not yet ended and are detained with criminals which subjects them various threats and dangers.

بازداشتگاه ”كانون ”درزيباشهر مكاني براي نگهداري كودكان با جرائم عادي

درزيبا شهر بازداشتگاهي براي كودكان به نام ”كانون ”مي باشد كه كودكان زير16 سال آنجانگهداري ميشوند . اين كودكان با جرايم مختلف عادي درزندان بسرمي برند . رسيدگي هاي اوليه به اين كودكان انجام نمي شود وازحداقل هاي امكانات رفاهي سنين خود بهره مند نيستند .اين كودكان نيازمبرم به تفريحات سالم سنين خودشان دارند،كه به هيچ وجه چنين شرايطي براي آنان مهيا نيست. اين كودكان بعدازاينكه به سن قانوني رسيدند، اگرزمان محكوميت زندانشان به اتمام نرسيده باشد ، به زندانهاي عادي منتقل ميشوند ودربندهاي زندانيان عادي با هرنوع جرمي محبوس ميشوند وبه اين شكل درمعرض انواع تهديد هاي فساد قرارمي گيرند . (كانون حمايت از خانواده جانباختگان و بازداشتي ها – 30/3/90)

ISNA state-run news agency – Jun. 20, 2011) :
State-run daily -The police paraded three troublemakers in the town of Kermanshah in line with the implementation of the social security plan.
According to reports, these convicts were arrested some time ago by the police on charges of troublemaking…
Two of the convicts identified as Omid and Hamidreza were paraded around in neighborhoods in which they had obstructed streets, created terror for citizens and vandalized public and personal property. The other suspect identified as Saeed who was a well-known troublemaker and had caused disturbances for citizens was paraded in the streets of Kermanshah.

اقدامي غيرانساني؛ سه جوان در خيابان‌ چرخانده شدند

Picture from archive- Young men humiliated and paraded in public in inhumane fashion

پليس، سه تن از اراذل و اوباش را در راستاي اجراي طرح ارتقاي امنيت اجتماعي و برخورد جدي و مقتدرانه با اين‌گونه افراد در سطح شهر كرمانشاه چرخاند. به گزارش (ايسنا)، متهماني که چندي پيش به اتهام شرارت... توسط ماموران کلانتري 19 دستگير شده بودند در سطح شهر كرمانشاه چرخانده شدند. دو متهم به نام‌هاي "اميد" و "حميدرضا" در محلاتي که با ابهت پوشالي خود اقدام به مسدود كردن خيابان، رعب و وحشت براي شهروندان و تخريب اموال عمومي و فردي كرده بودند، چرخانده شدند. متهم ديگر به نام "سعيد" که از اراذل و اوباش به نام بود و چندين بار براي مردم ايجاد مزاحمت کرده بود نيز در خيابان‌هاي کرمانشاه چرخانده شد. (ايسنا – 30/3/90)

Etele’at state-run daily :
According to reports, the 2nd and 4th branch of the Revolutionary Court had sentenced two men to death on charges of dealing drugs. One of the men was a resident of Zabol while the other man was an Afghan national.
According to this report, they were identified as Siah Khan Sh., charged with carrying 56 kilograms of opium and Mohammad N. who was charged with providing and dealing 159.50 grams of crack (the term used in Iran for a kind of heroin and not for crack cocaine) and 860 grams of heroin.
The sentences were carried out after they were upheld by the Attorney General and after their requests for amnesty were refused.

دو زنداني، از جمله يک شهروند افغاني، در اصفهان اعدام شدند

بر اساس نوشتهٔ روزنامهٔ اطلاعات شعبه‌هاي ۲ و ۴ دادگاه انقلاب اصفهان دو زنداني را که يکي اهل و ساکن زابل و ديگري تبعه افغانستان بودند به اتهام تهيه و توزيع مواد مخدر به مرگ محکوم کرده بودند.

بنا بر اين گزارش اين دو نفر با نام‌هاي سياه خان ـ ش به اتهام حمل ۵۶ کيلوگرم ترياک و محمد ـ ن به جرم تهيه و توزيع ۵۰/۱۵۹ گرم کراک و ۸۶۰ گرم هروئين محکوم به اعدام شده بودند.

گفته مي‌شود، که احکام صادره پس از تأييد دادستان کل کشور و رد درخواست عفو آن دو در کمسيون عفو استان، به اجرا درآمد. (روزنامه اطلاعات – 30/3/90)

Human Rights Activists in Iran :
The Sistan and Baluchistan Public Affairs Department announced in a statement that three men charged with adultery and armed robbery were executed today in Zabol.
This statement reads in part: “Three convicts identified as Babolddin Barkazayi son of Khavanin, Mohammad Pudineh son of Nazar and Valiollah Mir son of Nour Ahmad were hanged in the morning on charges of adultery and armed robbery in the town of Zabol…They were hanged on June 20 in public with the presence of the residents of Zabol. Hopefully the implementation of the death sentence in public for these dissidents will serve as a lesson for all those who intend to invade and attack the honor of the people”.

اعدام ۳ مرد در زابل در ملاء عام

روابط عمومي دادگستري سيستان و بلوچستان طي اطلاعيه‌اي اعلام كرد: سه محكوم به زناي عنف و سرقت مسلحانه امروز در زابل اعدام شدند.

در اين اطلاعيه‌اي آمده است: در پي اجراي حكم اعدام سه نفر از محكومان به نام‌هاي «باب‌الدين باركزائي فرزند خوانين»، «محمد پودينه فرزند نظر »و «ولي‌الله مير فرزند نوراحمد» به اتهام زناي به عنف و سرقت مسلحانه صبح امروز در شهرستان زابل اعدام شدند...

در اين اطلاعيه آمده است: اين سه نفر صبح امروز دوشنبه، سي‌ام خردادماه سال‌جاري، در ملأ عام و با حضور مردم شهيدپرور شهرستان زابل اعدام شدند.

اين اطلاعيه حاكي است؛ اميد است با اجراي حكم اين معاندان در ملأ عام، درس عبرتي براي تمام كساني كه قصد تعرض به اموال و نفوس و نواميس مردم را دارند باشد. (هرانا – 30/3/90)

Prison Condition

Journalist Transferred from Solitary Cell Only After Retracting Complaints of Abuse

A source with knowledge of journalist Massoud Bastani’s situation in Rajaee Shahr Prison, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said that after retracting a complaint against the soldier who abused him, Bastani was transferred from his solitary cell to the General Ward.
After Bastani and his family filed grievances against the soldier who beat him in the visitation hall in the presence of his mother, wife, and dozens of other witnesses, instead of investigating the complaints, prison authorities sent him to a solitary cell. Additionally, prison authorities charged Bastani and Issa Saharkhiz, who had gone to the aid of Bastani during the beating, with “creating an entanglement and insulting the chief warden”.
“After widespread media coverage of Massoud’s beating in front of dozens of witnesses, authorities in Rajaee Shahr Prison asked him today to retract his complaint in order to return him to the General Ward, and they, too, would retract their complaint against him and Issa Saharkhiz,” said the source close to the case, who requested anonymity for security reasons.
Journalist Massoud Bastani was beaten by a prison soldier last week when he asked for a few more minutes to say goodbye to his mother and wife. In a sudden move, the soldier threw him to the ground in the presence of others and hit him repeatedly in the head and face with his boot. After the beating, Bastani suffered nausea and disorientation and was transferred to hospital on his family’s request. He spent a day in hospital under observation for brain damage. (International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran – Jun. 13, 2011)

Prison sentence

Iran sentences two Kurd political prisoners to 6 years of prison

The Revolutionary Court sentenced two men from Bukan identified as Hossein Javadi and Osman Ahsani to 12 years of prison overall.
These two men have been detained in prison for over a year.
According to reports, they were each sentenced to 6 years of prison on charges of cooperating with religious groups. They are currently serving their prison time in the Rajayi Shahr Prison in Karaj. (Iran News Agency – Jun. 14, 2011)

Iran sentences man to prison for Facebook membership
Mostafa Akhevan, a piloting student in the Tehran Aeronautics Industry College was sentenced to one year of prison.
Akhevan who is a member of the E’temad Meli Party was sentenced to this prison term on charges of acting against national security, propagating against the government by posting [anti-government] slogans in Facebook, publishing the news of the Green Movement, membership in Facebook, calling for illegal gatherings, giving interviews to the media outside of Iran, and sending emails and articles to anti-government websites and networks. His court was headed by Judge Salavati. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Jun. 15, 2011)

Basic freedom and rights abused

Innocent minor in danger of death sentence

According to reports, a young man who has been jailed for more than 2 years on the fabricated charge of running over a member of the Bassij (government paramilitary forces known for their violent treatment of pro-democracy protesters) is in a state of limbo in prison and was recently tried.
Ali Nasiri, born in 1992, was only 17 years old when he was arrested. He was arrested along with his friend while they were in his car during the widespread demonstrations [in protest to the rigged presidential elections] on June 14, 2009 in Tehran. They were taken to the Shapour Criminal Intelligence Department and were released after eight days of detention. His car was impounded in Shapour.
At about 2:30 am on June 15, when Ali Nasiri was still in the police station, a number of Bassij forces in the Kaj Square were stopping automobiles and harassing the drivers and passengers when they were run over by an unidentified car which led to the death of a Bassij member identified as Hossein Gholam Kabiri.
Some time after his release, Ali Nasiri received a letter from the Shahpour Criminal Intelligence Department saying that he can get back his impounded automobile on July 31, 2009. He was arrested again when he went back for his car. Nasiri was initially detained in the Criminal Intelligence Department and was then sent to a correctional facility. He was subsequently transferred to the Gohardasht (Rajayi Shahr) Prison in Karaj. After two years of being kept in a state of limbo in prison, he was brought to court in June and was tried by Judge Aziz Mohammadi who has issued almost all the execution sentences in Tehran.
He was charged with complicity in the murder [of Gholam Kabiri] and not having a driving license.
Despite the fact that he was arrested before the incident actually took place, [regime forces] still insist on convicting this minor with murder.
The Fars state-run News Agency has in its latest reports tried to make this young man seem like a criminal by publishing lies. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Jun. 15, 2011)

Suppressive maneuvers

Pro-reform activists attacked, arrested in Iran

Opposition says electric batons used; NBC producer sees about 15 arrests in Tehran
Security forces attacked and arrested pro-reform demonstrators gathering in Tehran on Sunday to mark the anniversary of the country's 2009 disputed election, NBC News and Iran's opposition website Sahamnews reported.
‘Security forces attacked the crowd with electric batons ... in the Vali-e Asr street to disperse the demonstrators," said.
Ali Arouzi, a NBC News producer in Tehran, said he witnessed about 15 arrests and saw tens of thousands of pro-reform activists marching silently around the city.
Another opposition website,, said "hundreds of demonstrators" were arrested by the security forces.
Other witnesses said thousands of security personnel were deployed to stop any revival of anti-government protests that followed President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election in 2009.
Opposition websites had called for a "silent rally" to mark the vote, which reformists say was rigged to secure the hardline president's win. Authorities say the election was the most legitimate since Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution.
Sahamnews also said supporters of the opposition gathered in other parts of the city.
‘Shopkeepers were ordered to close down their shops ... hundreds of people have gathered in other areas of Tehran," the website said.
Opposition leaders Mirhossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi, who spearheaded protests against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election in 2009, had been placed under house arrest after calling for a rally on Feb. 14.
Two people were shot dead at the Feb. 14 rally, during which thousands of the opposition supporters took to the streets in defiance of a heavy security presence to back uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, that toppled their leaders.
Iran, which crushed its own anti-government protests in 2009, says uprisings in the Arab world were inspired by the country's 1979 Islamic Revolution but are worried about revival of anti-government unrest.
Iranian leaders have portrayed the Arab Spring as an "Islamic awakening", while avoiding to support the popular uprising in Syria, its most important ally in the region. (MSNBC – Jun. 1, 2011)

Security forces storm homes in Tehran and Mazandaran to round up satellite dishes
The plan to round up satellite dishes is continuing with full force in Tehran and Mazandaran.
According to reports, teams of plainclothes agents and security forces simultaneously enter the private properties of people introducing themselves as representatives of the public utilities department to round up satellite dishes.
Notably, this plan has been carried out with more violence in the towns of Babol, Sari and Behshahr and security forces have even broken down the doors of residents who prevented their entrance which is a violation of the constitution and the private property of citizens. (Jaras Website – Jun. 24, 2011)

Necklace ban for men as Tehran’s ‘moral police’ enforce dress code
Saeed Kamali Dehghan
Iranian men have been banned from wearing necklaces in the latest crackdown by the Islamic regime on 'un-Islamic' clothing and haircuts.
Thousands of special forces have been deployed in Tehran’s streets, participating in the regime’s 'moral security plan' in which loose-fitting headscarves, tight overcoats and shortened trousers that expose skin will not be tolerated for women, while men are warned against glamorous hairstyles and wearing a necklace.
The new plan comes shortly after the Iranian parliament proposed a bill to criminalise dog ownership, on the grounds that it 'poses a cultural problem, a blind imitation of the vulgar culture of the west.’
The Irna state news agency said the trend was aimed at combating 'the western cultural invasion' with help from more than 70,000 trained forces, known as 'moral police', who are sent out to the streets in the capital and other cities.
With the summer heat sweeping across the country, many people, especially the young, push the boundaries and run the risk of being fined, or even arrested, for wearing 'bad hijab' clothing.
Women in particular are under more pressure because of the restriction on them to cover themselves from head to toe. Men are allowed to wear short-sleeved shirts, but not shorts.
‘The enforcement of the moral security plan was requested by the nation and it will be continued until people`s concerns are properly addressed,’ said Ahmadreza Radan, the deputy commander of the Iranian police.
Iran`s moral police usually function under a body whose head is appointed directly by the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. In a live television programme last year, president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that he did not approve of the crackdown.
Speaking by phone, a Tehran resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said: 'It`s not only about clamping down on clothing, but they are spreading panic and fear by sending out this much of police into the streets under the name of this plan, to control the society. It`s unbelievable to see a regime that is not only concerned about its own survival but it goes into your personal life and interferes in that’.
Under Islamic customs, dogs are deemed to be 'unclean'. Iranians, in general, avoid keeping them at home, but still a minority, especially in north Tehran`s upper-class districts, enjoy keeping pets. Last year Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, a prominent hardline cleric, issued a fatwa against keeping dogs and said the trend must stop.
Last summer authorities in Tehran also released a list of approved hairstyles in an attempt to offer Islamic substitutes to 'decadent' western cuts, such as the ponytail and the mullet. (The Guardian – Jun. 14, 2011)

Violence against women

Female political prisoners in poor health in Evin Prison, denied treatment

Human rights sources have said that political prisoner Reihaneh Haj Ibrahim who is detained in the female cellblock in Evin Prison has been suffering from a nerve problem for a long time.
There were also reports that another political prisoner, Motahareh Bahrami, also in Evin Prison, is suffering from various ailments and is in poor health because of a lack of treatment.
According to reports, the lack of medical attention and treatment has caused severe feet aches for Reihaneh Haj Ibrahim and other prisoners have said that she is mostly unable to walk and receives help from her cellmates to do her day to day work.
Up to now, no serious measures have been taken to treat this political prisoner who was arrested after the elections in June 2010 and has been sentenced to 15 years of prison.
Bahrami is also suffering from constant pain due to a lack of medical attention.
Doctors have stressed that these political prisoners should receive treatment in hospitals outside of prison but agents of the Ministry of Intelligence have prevented this issue.
Notably, because of the lack of medical attention in prison, many prisoners are suffering from sometimes critical illnesses which have become known as a form of ‘constant torture’ among prisoners. (Center to Defend Families of those Slain and Detained in Iran – Jun. 15, 2011)


شرايط زندان

مسعود باستاني با پس گرفتن شکايتش از سرباز ضارب به بندعمومي بازگردانده شد

اين منبع نزديک به پرونده که نخواست نامش به دلايل امنيتي گفته شود به کمپين گفت : «مسولان زندان رجايي شهر کرج با رسانه اي شدن گسترده ضرب وشتم مسعود در جلوي ده ها شاهد، صبح امروز از اين زنداني خواستند تا با پس گرفتن شکايتش دوباره به سلول عمومي برگردد و آنها نيز شکايت خود را از او و عيسي سحرخيز پس خواهند گرفت.»- عکس: سايت آرش سيگارچي

يک منبع آگاه به کمپين بين المللي حقوق بشردرايران گفت که مسعودباستاني روزنامه نگارو زنداني عقيدتي با پس گرفتن شکايتش از سربازي که او را مورد ضرب و شتم قرار داده بود توانست صبح پنج شنبه از سلول انفرادي خارج و دوباره به بند عمومي باز گردد.

به دنبال شکايت مسعود باستاني و خانواده اش از سربازي که او را در زمان ملاقات جلوي مادر، همسرش و ده ها شاهد ديگر در سالن ملاقات مورد ضرب وشتم قرار داده بود مسولان زندان در واکنشي عجيب به جاي رسيدگي به اين شکايت او را به سلول انفرادي فرستادند وهمچنين بر عليه او و عيسي سحرخيز که در زمان ضرب وشتم به کمک اين زنداني رفته بود به اتهام “ايجاد درگيري و توهين به رياست زندان” شکايت کردند.

اين منبع نزديک به پرونده که نخواست نامش به دلايل امنيتي گفته شود به کمپين گفت : «مسولان زندان رجايي شهر کرج با رسانه اي شدن گسترده ضرب وشتم مسعود در جلوي ده ها شاهد، صبح امروز از اين زنداني خواستند تا با پس گرفتن شکايتش دوباره به سلول عمومي برگردد و آنها نيز شکايت خود را از او و عيسي سحرخيز پس خواهند گرفت.»

مسعود باستاني ، روزنامه نگار زنداني هفته گذشته در ملاقات خود با خانواده اش در حاليکه مي خواست چند دقيقه اي فرصت بيشتر براي خداحافظي با مادر و همسرش داشته باشد جلوي بقيه توسط سرباز زندان مورد ضرب و شتم قرار گرفت. سرباز در اقدامي ناگهاني جلوي بقيه او را به زمين پرتاب کرده و با پوتينش به سر و صورت او چندين بار لگد زده است. پس از ضربات مسعود باستاني دچار حالت تهوع و سرگيجه شد که با درخواست خانواده اين زنداني او به بيمارستان منتقل شد. و يک روز در بيمارستان به علت مشکوک بودن ضربه مغزي بستري بود.

با اين حال اين روزنامه نگار پس از برگشت به زندان به دستور رييس زندان رجايي شهر کرج به سلول انفرادي برده شد. همچنين در روز سه شنبه اين زنداني به همراه عيسي سحر خيز که هنگام ضرب و شتم مسعود باستاني درصدد جدا کردن سرباز از او بر آمده بود به دادگاه مستقر در زندان رجايي شهر فراخوانده شدند و در حاليکه تصور مي‌کردند قرار است پاسخ شکايتي را که باستاني از ضارب کرده است دريافت کنند در آنجا به اتهام ايجاد درگيري و توهين به رياست زندان مورد بازخواست قرار گرفتند. (کمپين بين المللي حقوق بشردرايران -۱۳۹۰٫۳٫۲۰)

حكم زندان

دو زنداني بوکاني به ۱۲ سال حبس محکوم شدند

دادگاه انقلاب اسلامي دو شهروند بوکاني را به نام هاي حسين جوادي و عثمان احسني به ۱۲ سال حبس محکوم کرد.

اين دو شهروند بيش از يک سال است که در زندان نگهداري مي شوند.

به گزارش آژانس خبري موکريان، اين شهروندان به اتهام همکاري با گروه هاي مذهبي هر کدام به ۶ سال حبس محکوم شدند.

گفتني است اين دو شهروند هم اکنون در زندان رجايي شهر کرج دوران محکوميت خود را سپري مي نمايند. (آژانس خبري موکريان – 24/3/90)

يکسال زندان به اتهام عضويت در فيس بوک

مصطفي اخوان دانشجوي خلباني دانشکده صنعت هوانوردي تهران از سوي شعبه ۱۵ دادگاه انقلاب تهران به يک سال حبس تعزيري محکوم شد.

اين عضو حزب اعتماد ملي از سوي شعبه ۱۵ دادگاه انقلاب به رياست قاضي صلواتي به اتهام اقدام عليه امنيت ملي، فعاليت تبليغي عليه نظام از طريق سر دادن شعار در فيس بوک، نشر اخبار جنبش سبز، عضويت در فيس بوک، دادن فراخوان براي تجمع غير قانوني، مصاحبه با رسانه‌هاي برون مرزي، ارسال ايميل و مقاله براي سايت‌ها و شبکه‌هاي معاند نظام به استناد ماده ۵۰۰ قانون مجازات اسلامي به تحمل يک سال حبس تعزيري محکوم شد. (هرانا – 25/3/90)

نقض حقوق پايه اي

نوجوان زنداني با اتهام دروغين در خطر اعدام قرار دارد

بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران"دروغپردازيهاي خبرگزاري سپاه پاسداران (فارس) عليه يک نوجوان بي گناه و محاکمۀ او در دادگاه که بيش از 2 سال در زندان به اتهام دروغين زير گرفتن يک بسيجي در حالت بلاتکليفي بسر مي برد.

نوجوان زنداني علي نصيري متولد سال 1371 در زمان دستگيري 17 سال سن داشت. در جريان اعتراضات گسترده مردم ايران در تاريخ 24 خرداد 1388 حوالي ساعت 23:30 دربلوار پاک نژاد سعادت آباد همراه با دوستانش در ماشين شخصي اش دستگير مي شوند.آنها را همان شب به بازداشتگاه آگاهي شاهپور منتقل مي کنند و پس از 8 روز بازداشت با فيش حقوقي آزاد مي شود ولي ماشين وي همچنان در توقيف اداره آگاهي شاهپور باقي مي ماند.

همان شب در حالي که چند ساعت قبل از آن علي نصيري در بازداشتگاه ادارۀ آگاهي شاهپور بود. بامداد 25 خرداد ماه حوالي ساعت 02:30 تعدادي بسيجي که در ميدان کاج وسايل نقليه شخصي مردم را متوقف مي کردند و آنها را مورد اذيت و آزار قرار مي دادند. توسط يک خودروي ناشناس، بسيجيهاي مذبور در ميدان کاج زير گرفته مي شوند که يکي از آنها بنام حسين غلام کبيري کشته مي شود.

پس از مدتي نوجوان زنداني علي نصيري نامه اي از اداره آگاهي شاهپور دريافت مي کند مبني بر اينکه در تاريخ 9 مرداد 1388 براي باز پس گرفتن خودروي توقيف شده به اداره آگاهي مراجعه نمايد.هنگامي که اين نوجوان به اداره آگاهي مراجعه مي کند او را مجددا دستگير و بازداشت مي کنند. او پس از بازداشت در آگاهي شاهپور،به کانون اصلاح و تربيت و سپس به زندان گوهردشت کرج منتقل مي گردد. پس از 2 سال بلاتکليفي در زندان در خرداد ماه جاري وي را به دادگاه منتقل و توسط فردي بنام عزيز محمدي که تقريبا اکثر احکام اعدام در استان تهران توسط اين جنايتکار صادر مي شود مورد محاکمه قرار مي گيرد. علي نصيري بر مبناي 2 اتهام مباشرت در قتل و نداشتن گواهينامه مورد محاکمه قرار گرفت.

عليرغم فاصله زماني بين دستگيري اين نوجوان و روي دادن حادثه تصادف که چندين ساعت بعد مي باشد.بازهم اصرار بر محکوم شناختن اين نوجوان را دارند.

پس از 2 سال بلاتکليفي در بازداشت در آستانۀ مناسبتهاي خونين خرداد ماه که توسط سرکوبگران بر مردم ايران تحميل کردند خبرگزاري سپاه پاسداران معروف به فارس با دروغپردازي و وارونه جلوه دادن واقعيتها سعي دارد که اين نوجوان را گناهکار معرفي نمايد. (فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران – 25/3/090)

مانورهاي سركوبگرانه

گزارش خبرگزاري NBC - تظاهرات گسترده در تهران، ده ها هزار نفر

تهيه کننده خبرگزاري NBC در تهران شخصا شاهد تظاهرات سکوت ده ها هزار تن در تهران بوده و به نقل از سحام نيوز از حمله نيرو هاي امنيتي به مردم و دستگيري حداقل پانزده نفر گزارش ميدهد. سايت كلمه گفت كه صدها نفر دستگير شدند. (سايت ام اس ان بي سي – 22/3/90)

يورش همراه با خشونت ماموران به منازل مردم در تهران و مازندران براي جمع آوري ماهواره

از چند روز پيش طرح جمع آوري ماهواره در تهران و مازندران با شدت بيشتري ادامه يافت.

طبق اخبار رسيده به جرس، نيروهاي لباس شخصي، انتظامي و امنيتي به طور همزمان با تيم هاي چندين نفره و معرفي خود به نام مامورين ادارات آب و برق و... به حريم خصوصي شهروندان وارد شده و به جمع آوري دستگاههاي ماهواره مبادرت مي نمايند.

گفتني است اين طرح در شهرستانهاي بابل ،ساري، بهشهر با خشونت بيشتر و حتي شكستن درب منازل و ضرب و شتم ساكنيني كه مانع ورودشان شوند، انجام مي شود كه نقض صريح قانون اساسي و حريم خصوصي است. (جرس – 24/3/90)

ممنوعيت گردن بند براي مردان در عين اعمال قانون پوشش توسط ”پليس اخلاق“ تهران

سعيد کمالي دهقان – در اقدام سختگيرانه اخير رژيم اسلامي بر لباس و آرايش ”غير اسلامي، “ حمل گردن بند توسط مردان ممنوع گرديد.

هزاران نيروي ويژه، در ”طرح امنيت اخلاقي“ اين رژيم، در خيابانهاي تهران صف آرايي کردند… و به مردان نسبت به آرايشهاي مسحور کننده و حمل گردن بند اخطار داده شد…

خبرگزاري دولتي ايرنا گفت، هدف از اين اقدام مبارزه با ”تهاجم فرهنگي غربي“ با کمک بيش از 70000 نيروي آموزش ديده، معروف به ”پليس اخلاق“ است، که در پايتخت و ساير شهرها به خيابانها اعزام شده‌اند…

پليس اخلاق ايران معمولاً تحت نظارت ارگاني عمل مي‌کند که رياست آن مستقيماً برعهده رهبر عالي، آيت‌الله علي خامنه‌اي است. سال گذشته، رئيس‌جمهور محمود احمدي‌نژاد در يک برنامه زنده تلويزيوني گفت، او اين سختگيريها را تأييد نمي‌کند.

يک ساکن تهران، که از طريق تلفن صحبت مي‌کرد و خواست ناشناس باقي بماند گفت: ”موضوع تنها سختگيري بر لباس نيست، آنها با اعزام اين ميزان پليس به خيابانها به اسم اين طرح، اضطراب و ترس ايجاد مي‌کنند تا جامعه را کنترل کنند. مشاهده رژيمي که نه تنها نگران بقاي خودش است بلکه وارد زندگي شخصي شما هم مي‌شود و در آن هم مداخله مي‌کند غيرقابل باور است. “(سايت گاردين- 24/3/1390)

خشونت عليه زنان

وضعيت وخيم جسماني ريحانه حاج ابراهيم و مطهره بهرامي

منابع حقوق‌بشري اعلام کرده‌اند که زنداني سياسي ريحانه حاج ابراهيم که در بند زنان زندان اوين محبوس مي‌باشد، مدتهاست از بيماري اعصاب رنج مي‌برد و هم‌زمان گزارش رسيده است که مطهره بهرامي، ديگر زنداني سياسي محبوس در زندان اوين نيز، بيمارهاي مختلفي دارد که به‌دليل عدم رسيدگي و درمان در زندان، دچار مشکلات بسيار جدي شده است.

به گزارش کانون حمايت از خانواده جان‌باختگان و بازداشتي ها، عدم رسيدگي و بي‌توجهي به وضعيت جسماني و درماني ريحانه حاج ابراهيم، سبب پا درد شديد اين زنداني سياسي شده و زندانيان گفته‌اند که وي اغلب در وضعيتي قرار مي‌گيرد که قادر به راه رفتن و انجام امور يوميه خود نمي‌باشد و از ساير همبندانش کمک مي‌گيرد.

اين گزارش مي‌افزايد ”طي اين مدت هيچ اقدام درماني جدي در رابطه با اين بازداشتي حوادث بعد از انتخابات که خرداد ٨٩ به پانزده سال حبس محکوم شده، صورت نگرفته است“.

مطهره بهرامي، زنداني سياسي که در زندان اوين محبوس مي‌باشد، بيمارهاي مختلفي دارد که به‌دليل عدم رسيدگي و درمان در زندان، دائماً از اين بيماريها در رنج است.

کانون حمايت از خانواده جان‌باختگان و بازداشتي ها مي‌افزايد ”وضعيت فعلي اين زنداني سياسي در شرايطي است که پزشکان گفته‌اند که مي‌بايست در بيمارستان بيرون از زندان معالجه و درمان شود، اما مأموران اداره اطلاعات مانع از درمان وي شده‌اند“.

قابل ذکر است به‌دليل عدم رسيدگي و پاسخگويي به مشکلات و بيماريهاي زندانيان، تعداد زيادي از آنان دچار بيماري حاد جسمي‌شده‌اند و در بين زندانيان اين امر به‌عنوان شکنجه دائمي آنان معرف گرديده است. (کانون حمايت از خانواده جان‌باختگان و بازداشتي ها -25/3/1390)

Iran flogs 3 environmentalists for protesting lake desiccation
The flogging sentence for three environmentalists arrested in a gathering in protest to the desiccation of Orumieh Lake, who were sentenced to 20 lashes and a fine of 300,000 tomans (about 300 dollars) by a court in Tabriz, was carried out on June 15.
Security forces arrested about 70 protesters in this gathering on April 2 and judicial cases were made for five detainees identified as Habib Pourvali, Jalil Alamdar Milani, Hojat Mokhtarzadeh, Ali Salimi, and Saied Siami who were charged with ‘conspiring and gathering to commit crime against national security’, and ‘disrupting public order’.
Their lawyer Mosa Barzin Khalifeh Lu confirmed that the lashing sentences were carried out for Jalil Alamdar Milani, Ali Salimi and Saied Siami after 3 months of detention. They were subsequently released. Pourvali and Mokhtarzadeh are still in prison. (Radio Farda Website – Jun. 16, 2011)
Arbitrary arrests

Political arrests

Iran once again jails father of Ashraf resident and former political prisoner

On Saturday, June 11, 58 year old Ali Moezi, who was a political prisoner in the 80’s and was recently released from prison was arrested after intelligence agents stormed his home in Tehran. He was taken to an unknown location. Intelligence agents also confiscated his personal belongings such as family pictures, cellphone, phone book and other things. According to other reports, on Saturday and Sunday intelligence agents stormed a number of other homes in Tehran and arrested its residents. They were also taken to unknown locations.
The Moezi family is not informed about Mr. Moezi’s current whereabouts. They were told at the prosecutor’s office and also Evin Prison that his name is not in the detainee list and that they do not know where he is. The Ministry of Intelligence usually carries out these measures in the initial stages of the detention of political prisoners to put mental pressure on their families.
Political prisoner Ali Moezi recently underwent surgery for a bladder tumor and was under treatment. He is also suffering from various ailments, such as serious kidney problems, ileus and varicose veins, from years of torture in prison in the 80’s.
In the new wave of arrests, which started in May and are still ongoing, a large number people were arrested only for having family relations with Camp Ashraf residents in Iraq.
Ali Moezi was detained in Ghezel Hesar Prison, Evin and Gohardasht (Rajayi Shahr) Prison from 1981 to 1984 and sustained many injuries from the severe mental and physical torture and is still suffering from outcome of the torture years after his detention. He was once again arrested in 2008 because his son went to Camp Ashraf and was jailed for years until he finished serving his prison term. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Jun. 15, 2011)

Social arrests

Iran closes down 21 gardens and villas that host mixed parties and celebrations; arrests more than 100 people
The Damavand State Security Forces Commander announced that 21 halls and gardens that hosted mixed parties and did not follow Islamic laws were closed and sealed off.
Colonel Qodsi said that in light of the warm season and the warm weather, many people like to hold their parties and celebrations in gardens and villas.
“Damavand is known for its villas and many gardens and birthdays and weddings are held in these gardens”, he added.
He said that mixed ceremonies [when both men and women are present in one area] where Islamic laws are not followed are considered crimes according to the constitution.
“With coordination with judicial officials and the Assembly of the Affairs of Halls and Restaurants, halls and ballrooms that hold mixed parties will be shut and sealed off”.
“More than 100 people who were in charge of these parties or those who participated in these kinds of ceremonies have been arrested and have been referred to the judiciary”. (ISNA state-run News Agency – Jun. 13, 2011)

RGC forces attack and arrest dozens of men and women in private parties
Fars state-run News Agency -The Commander of the Revolutionary Guards Corps in the town of Noor announced that two parties held in this town were [disrupted] and that elements behind the parties were arrested.
“According to reports we received that mixed night parties were being held in a home in one of the coast townships in Noor and after investigations into the report, the necessary measures were taken to disrupt the celebrations”, Yusef Taleb Nejad said.
RGC soldiers from the Baqiollah Base along with security forces entered the home the party was being held and were met with a number of half-naked [term used by regime officials meaning ordinary summer attire] women, girls and men who were drinking alcohol and dancing.
These people who had all drank alcoholic beverages and were intoxicated… were arrested by agents and were all transferred to the Izadshahr Police Station. They will be detained there until the end of legal procedures and will then be referred to the judiciary.
The RGC commander said that 15 men and women were arrested in the party.
Regarding the second party he said that “according to reports from Hezbollah [referring to pro-government vigilantes] and on investigations by the Noor Intelligence Unit regarding a mixed party with loud music… in a village in the Chamestan region, the location of the party was identified after coordination with the judicial officials and 16 men and women were arrested. (Fars state-run News Agency – Jun. 14, 2011)

اعمال ضد بشري و مجازاتهاي بيرحمانه

قطع عضو, شلاق, شكنجه, تحقير و توهين

اجراي حکم شلاق معترضان به خشک شدن درياچه اروميه

۱۳۹۰/۰۳/۲۶ رناد منشو (باکو) حکم بيست ضربه شلاق و پرداخت ۳۰۰ هزار تومان جريمه نقدي دادگاه تبريز براي سه تن از فعالين بازداشت شده در ميتينگ اعتراض به خشک شدن درياچه اورميه روز ۲۵ خرداد اجرا شده است.

نيروهاي امنيتي در ۱۳ فروردين حدود ۷۰ نفر از معترضان به خشک شدن درياچه اروميه را در جريان ميتينگي که ترتيب داده شده بود، دستگير کردند و براي پنج تن از بازداشت‌شدگان حبيب پورولي، جليل علمدار ميلاني، حجت مختارزاده، علي سليمي، سعيد سيامي به اتهام «تباني و اجتماع براي ارتکاب جرايم عليه امنيت» و «اخلال در نظم عمومي» پرونده قضايي تشکيل شد.

موسي برزين خليفه لو وکيل اين پنج فعال مدني در گفتگو با راديو فردا با تأييد اجراي حکم شلاق و جريمه نقدي جليل علمدار ميلاني، علي سليمي و سعيد سيامي بعد از سه ماه بازداشت و آزاد شدن اين فعالين مي‌گويد که هنوز پورولي و مختارزاده در بازداشت به‌سر مي‌برند. (سايت راديو فردا- 26/3/1390)

دستگيريهاي خودسرانه

دستگيريهاي سياسي

يورش به منازل برخي زندانيان سياسي سابق در تهران

روز شنبه 21 خرداد ماه علي معزي 58 ساله زنداني سياسي دهۀ 60 و 80 با يورش مامورين وزارت اطلاعات به منزلش دستگير و به نقطۀ نامعلومي منتقل گرديد. مامورين وزارت اطلاعات وسايل شخصي آقاي معزي مانند عکسهاي خانوادگي ، تلفن همراه ،دفترچه تلفن شخصي و ساير اموال شخصي او را جمع آوري و با خود بردند .همچنين گزارشاتي حاکي از آن است که در روزهاي شنبه و يکشنبه در نقاط مختلف تهران مامورين وزارت اطلاعات با يورش به منازل تعدادي از ساکنين تهران را دستگير و به نقاط نامعلومي منتقل کردند. اسامي آنها و گزارشات تکميلي متعاقبا اعلام خواهد شد.

خانواده معزي از مکان بازداشت و وضعيت و شرايط او بي اطلاع هستند. آنها هنگام مراجعه به دادستاني و بند 209 زندان اوين براي پيگيري وضعيت عزيزشان به آنها گفته شد که در ليست بازداشت شدگان نيست و ما از او بي اطلاع هستيد.معمولا مامورين وزارت اطلاعات براي تحت فشارهاي روحي قرار دادند خانواده و تحت شکنجه هاي جسمي و روحي قرار دادن زنداني سياسي در مراحل اوليۀ بازداشت ابراز بي اطلاعي مي کنند.

زنداني سياسي علي معزي اخير تحت عمل جراحي تومور مثانه قرار گرفته بود و در حال درمان بسر مي برد.او از ناراحتيهاي متعدد جسمي که در اثر شکنجه هاي قرون وسطايي در 2 دوره زندان در دهۀ 60 و 80 رنج ميبرد.آقاي معزي از ناراحتي حاد کليوي از قبيل، هيدرونفروز،سنگ کليه،تنگي حالب و نيز بيماري چسبندگي و انسداد روده کوچک و واريس رنج مي برد.

در موج جديد از دستگيريها که از ارديبهشت ماه جاري شروع شده است و همچنان ادامه دارد تعدادي زيادي از خانواده هاي که بستگان آنها در شهر اشرف در عراق بسر مي برند به صرف وابستگي خانوادگي دستگير شده اند.

زنداني سياسي علي معزي از زندانيان سياسي دهۀ 1360 مي باشد و از سال 1360 تا 1363 در زندانها ي غزل حصار،اوين و گوهردشت زنداني بود که در اثر شکنجه هاي و حشيانه جسمي و روحي دچار صدمات شديد جسمي شده است که عليرغم گذشت سالها ولي هنوز از عوارض آن رنج مي برد.او همچنين در سال 87 مجددا بدليل حضور فرزنداشت در شهر اشرف دستگير شد و براي چندين سال در زندان بسر برد و پس از طي کردن محکوميت غير انساني و قانوني از زندان آزاد شد. (فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران – 25/3/90)

دستگيريهاي اجتماعي

پلمپ ۲۱ باغ و ويلاي برگزارکننده مهماني و جشن‌هاي مختلط و دستگيري بيش از ۱۰۰ تن

فرمانده انتظامي دماوند از پلمپ ۲۱ سالن و باغي که اقدام به برگزاري مهماني مختلط و خارج از چارچوب شئونات اسلامي کرده بودند، خبر داد.

سرهنگ قدسي با بيان اينکه با توجه به آغاز فصل تابستان و گرمي هوا بسياري از افراد تمايل دارند که ميهماني‌هاي خود را در باغ و ويلا برگزار کنند، گفت: شهرستان دماوند به خاطر وجود ويلا و باغ‌هاي بسيار به عنوان باغ شهر استان شناخته مي‌شود و همواره شاهد برگزاري مراسم‌هايي از جمله تولد و عروسي در اين باغ‌ها هستيم.

وي با بيان اينکه برگزاري مراسم‌هاي مختلط و خارج از شئونات اسلامي بر اساس قانون جرم محسوب مي‌شود گفت: با هماهنگي‌هايي که با مقام قضايي و مجمع امور صنفي تالار و رستوران‌داران صورت گرفته است، تالارها و سالن‌هايي که جشن‌هاي مختلط برگزار مي‌کنند، پلمپ خواهند شد.

قدسي با بيان اينکه از سال گذشته تاکنون ۲۱ باغ ويلا و تالارهايي که اقدام به برگزاري مراسم و جشن‌هاي مختلط کرده‌اند با هماهنگي مقام قضايي پلمپ شده‌اند، گفت: در اين راستا بيش از ۱۰۰ نفر از مسئولان و متصديان و شرکت‌کنندگان اين گونه مراسم‌ها دستگير و براي سير مراحل قانوني تحويل مقام قضايي شدند. (ايسنا – 23/3/90)

سپاه بار ديگر به مهماني خصوصي مردم حمله کرد

فرمانده سپاه ناحيه نور از شناسايي و کشف دو محفل پارتي در اين شهرستان و دستگيري عوامل آن خبر داد.

يوسف طالب‌نژاد با اعلام خبر کشف دو محفل پارتي و دستگيري عوامل آن توسط سربازان بقية‌الله سپاه ناحيه نور بيان داشت: بر اساس اخبار و گزارش‌هاي واصله مردمي مبني بر برپايي پارتي مختلط شبانه در منزلي واقع در يکي از شهرک‌هاي ساحلي نور و پس از بررسي و اطمينان از صحت و سقم خبر، اقدامات لازم براي انحلال اين جشن و پارتي صورت گرفت.

سربازان بقيةالله سپاه ناحيه نور به همراه ضابطان قضايي انتظامي پس از کسب دستور مقام قضايي و هماهنگي لازم وارد محل برگزاري پارتي شدند که به محض ورود تعداد زيادي از دختران و زنان و مردان را با وضعيت نيمه‌عريان و در حال شرب خمر و مستي و رقص و پايکوبي مشاهده کردند.

اين افراد که همگي شرب خمر کرده و حالت غيرعادي داشتند.. که توسط ماموران دستگير و پس از تفهيم اتهام و ثبت اسامي و تنظيم صورت‌جلسه به همراه اقلام و آلات مکشوفه به کلانتري ايزدشهر نور منتقل تا پس از تکميل پرونده براي سير مراحل قانوني به مرجع قضايي ارسال و تحويل شوند. وي دستگيري 15 مرد و زن در اين پارتي خبر داد.

فرمانده سپاه ناحيه نور درباره کشف محفل پارتي دوم نيز گفت: بر اساس گزارش‌هاي امت حزب الله و تحقيقات ميداني به‌عمل آمده توسط پرسنل واحد اطلاعات ناحيه نور درباره برگزاري محفل پارتي مختلط همراه با موسيقي جاز و سيستم صوتي و... در روستايي در منطقه چمستان با هماهنگي مقام‌هاي قضايي اين محفل نيز کشف و 16 زن و مرد دستگير شدند. (فارس – 24/3/90)

Iran hangs two brothers
Iran hanged in a prison on Sunday two brothers convicted of kidnapping and murder in the southwestern city of Dezfoul, the Mehr news agency reported.
The report identified the men sent to gallows as Karim and Rahim Pourmahoud, who were convicted of abducting a 16 year-old boy, the son of a jeweler. (AFP, Asre Iran state-run website – Jun. 12, 2011)

Iran hangs man in public in Fars Province
State-run website - According to the Central News Agency [Iranian state-run TV], the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Ney Riz [in the Fars Province] said, “This man who was 25 years old had carried out a rape in 2009…”.
“He was arrested three days after the crime and his death sentence was upheld by the 6th branch of the Supreme Court. He was hanged in public today”. (Asre Iran state-run website – Jun. 15, 2011)

Arbitrary killing

Iranian man falls to his death after being harassed by security forces over keeping banned satellite dish

A man fell to his death from his rooftop when security forces were carrying out the plan to round up satellite dishes in the town of Gorgan.
According to reports, security forces went to the rooftop of 42 year old Ali Karimi to take his satellite dish [watching satellite channels is banned in Iran] when they were faced with his resistance. Karimi lost his balance while arguing with the security forces and fell off the fourth story of the apartment building.
According to the 5 Azar Hospital in Gorgan, he died before he hit the ground as a result of fear and a heart attack. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Jun. 15, 2011)

Deaths in custody

Iranian opposition figure dies of heart attack while on hunger strike
Iran Iranian opposition figure dies of heart attack while on hunger strike. Hoda Saber`s wife says she received reports that prison officials delayed transferring him to hospital for six hours
Hoda Saber, a 52-year-old journalist and opposition figure, has died of a heart attack after spending 10 days on hunger strike. A leading Iranian journalist and opposition figure has died of a heart attack after spending 10 days on hunger strike in Tehran`s notorious Evin prison.
Hoda Saber, a 52-year-old political activist from the opposition Nationalist-Religious movement, was taken to the Modarres hospital in the city after a cardiac complication, which his wife claims was brought on by his hunger strike.
The news of his death coincides with the second anniversary of Iran`s disputed presidential election, which gave Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a second term.
Speaking from Tehran, Saber`s wife, Farideh Jamshidi, told the Guardian: 'My husband died two days ago, but we were unaware of his death until today when someone in the hospital informed one of our friends’.
She said Saber stopped eating food and later stopped drinking water in protest at the death of his fellow dissident Haleh Sahabi, She died of a heart attack during scuffles with security forces at the funeral of her father, Ezatollah Sahabi, the leader of the Nationalist-Religious alliance of politicians, on 1 June.
Jamshidi accused prison officials of negligence toward her husband, saying she received reports that they delayed transferring him to hospital for six hours.
‘Doctors told us later that they could have saved his life by taking him to the hospital earlier. We were supposed to visit him in the prison tomorrow and now we have to visit his dead body in the cemetery’…
After disappearing for two weeks in July 2010, Saber`s family were informed that he had been picked up by security officials and taken to Evin.
When Haleh Sahabi died at her father`s funeral, Saber - who had served several jail terms in the past - and his fellow inmate Amir Khosro Dalirsani said in a joint statement that they would go on hunger strike in protest over her death and over the brutal crackdown against protesters by the regime.
Several human rights organisations have issued statements coinciding with the anniversary of the election and many have expressed concerns for those political prisoners arrested since 2009. (The Guardian – Jun. 12, 2011)

Political prisoners say jailed journalist beaten by security forces before death

Political prisoners in cellblock 350 in Evin Prison announced to their families in today’s visits that journalist Hoda Saber who was on a hunger strike was severely beaten by security forces while being transferred to the prison infirmary. This is while he was in a very critical condition as a result of his hunger strike. He had told his cellmates about this violent treatment after being brought back from the infirmary in critical condition.
Notably, a testimony by 60 political prisoners will soon be published in this regard. This testimony explains the reasons behind the death of this journalist after his hunger strike and beatings by security forces. (Kalameh Website – Jun. 13, 2011)

نقض سيستماتيك بر امر حق زيستن

اعدام و محكوم به اعدام


ايران دو برادري که مرتکب قتل شده بودند را اعدام کرد

خبرگزاري فارس گزارش کرد که ايران دو برادري که مرتکب گروگانگيري و قتل شده بودند را روز يکشنبه در شهر دزفول در جنوب غربي اين کشور را حلق‌آويز کرد.

اين گزارش افراد اعدام شده را کريم و رحيم پورمحمود معرفي کرده است. آنها پسر 16ساله يک جواهرفروش را دزديده بودند. (خبرگزاري فرانسه, سايت عصر ايران- 22/3/1390)

يک شهروند در ني ريز اعدام شد

به گزارش واحد مرکزي خبر، دادستان عمومي و انقلاب ني ريز گفت: اين مرد مجرم، بيست و پنجم بهمن سال 88 مرتکب تجاوز به عنف در مورد يک دختر بچه هشت ساله شده و احساسات عمومي را جريحه دار کرده بود.

محمد شباني ادامه داد: پس از سه روز از ارتکاب عمل منافي عفت، وي دستگير شد و با طي مراحل قانوني و تاييد حکم اعدام در شعبه ششم ديوان عالي کشور، حکم صادره در مورد مجرم مبني بر به دار آويخته شدن در ملاءعام امروز اجرا شد. (سايت عصر ايران – 25/3/90)

قتل خودسرانه

مرگ يک شهروند گرگاني در پي اجراي طرح جمع آوري ماهواره

در حين اجراي طرح جمع آوري ماهواره در شهر گرگان، يکي از شهروندان اين شهر از بام منزلش سقوط کرد و جان سپرد.

بنا به اطلاع گزارشگران هرانا، زماني که ماموران نيروي انتظامي با مراجعه به پشت بام آپارتمان محل سکونت علي کريمي، شهروند ۴۲ سالهٔ گرگاني، قصد جمع آوري ديش ماهوارهٔ وي را داشتند با اعتراض او روبرو شده و در پي مشاجرهٔ لفظي بين کريمي و ماموران نيروي انتظامي وي تعادلش را از دست داده و از طبقه چهارم ساختمان سقوط کرد.

به گزارش بيمارستان ۵ آذر گرگان، نامبرده قبل از برخورد با زمين، بر اثر ترس و سکتهٔ قلبي جان خود را از دست داده بود. (هرانا – 25/3/90)

مرگ در بازداشت

شخصيت مخالف ايراني دراعتصاب غذا به‌خاطر حمله قلبي فوت مي‌کند

شخصيت مخالف ايراني در حالي‌که دراعتصاب غذا بود، بر اثر حمله قلبي فوت مي‌کند، همسر هدا صابر مي‌گويد که وي گزارشاتي دريافت کرده است که مقامات زندان انتقال وي به بيمارستان را با 6ساعت تأخير انجام دادند…

اخبار مرگ وي هم‌زمان با دومين سالگرد انتخابات رياست جمهوري بحث‌برانگيز که به محمود احمدي‌نژاد دومين دوره (رياست جمهوري) را داد، گشت.

فريده جمشيدي، همسر صابر از تهران به گاردين گفت: ”همسرم دو روز قبل فوت کرد، ولي ما از مرگ وي تا امروز اطلاعي نداشتيم، تا اين‌که يکي از دوستان ما در بيمارستان ما را از مرگ وي مطلع کرد ”…

جمشيدي مقامات زندان را متهم به سهل انگاري درباره همسرش نمود و مي‌گويد وي گزارشاتي دريافت کرده است که آنها انتقال وي به بيمارستان را با 6ساعت تأخير انجام دادند.

”دکترها به ما گفتند که در صورتي که وي زودتر به بيمارستان مي‌رسيد مي‌توانستند جان وي را نجات بدهند. ما قرار بود که فردا وي را در زندان ملاقات کنيم و حالا ما بايد با پيکر بي‌جانش در گورستان ديدار کنيم ”…

ويليام هگ وزير خارجه بيانيه‌ايي صادر نمود که مي‌گويد: دوسال بعد از اين‌که مردم به درخواست رفرم به خيابانها ريختند، من مي‌خواهم اين مشخص باشد که توجه ما منحرف نشده است و ما به فراخواندن ايران به پاسخگويي به مسئوليت هاي حقوق‌بشر بين‌المللي ادامه خواهيم داد“.(سايت گاردين- 22/3/1390)

هدي صابر توسط ماموران زندان مورد ضرب و شتم شديد نيروهاي امنيتي قرار گرفته است

زندانيان سياسي بند 350 زندان اوين امروز در ملاقات با خانواده هايشان اعلام كرده اند كه هدي صابر روزنامه نگاري كه در اين بند دست به اعتصاب غذا زده بود، وقتي توسط ماموران زندان به درمانگاه منتقل مي شده است مورد ضرب و شتم شديد نيروهاي امنيتي قرار گرفته است. در حالي كه وضعيت جسماني او به شدت وخيم و در اعتصاب غذا بوده است.هدي صابر همچنين پس از بازگشت از درمانگاه با حال جسماني وخيم از اين نحوه برخورد نيروهاي امنيتي با خود به هم بندانش گلايه كرده است.

گفتني است، به زودي شهادت نامه 60 زنداني سياسي بند 350 در اين باره در کلمه منتشر خواهد شد. شهادت نامه اي كه دلايل مرگ مظلومانه اين روزنامه نگار پس از اعتصاب غذا و ضرب و شتم ماموران امنيتي هنگام انتقال وي به بيمارستان را توضيح مي دهد. (نداي سبز آزادي – 23/3/90)