Iranian greens fear disaster as Lake Orumieh shrinks

Saeed Kamali Dehghan

The fate of a shrinking salt lake is the last thing you would expect football fans to chant about - but Iranians are doing all they can to stop a looming ecological disaster.

Lake Orumieh in north-west Iran, one of the world’s largest salt lakes and a Unesco biosphere reserve, is disappearing due to drought and government mismanagement, and has become a major cause of concern for environmental activists and ordinary people in the Islamic republic.
Asre Iran state-run website

The Noshahr mayor has announced gender segregation for female and male employees in all of this town’s offices.

In a letter numbered 531762 addressed to all managers of executive systems in this city, Mayor Mohammad Ali Qomi requested gender segregation for all male and female employees in this town’s offices.

تفکيک جنسيتي کارکنان زن و مرد ادارات يك شهر شمالي!

قاصد نوشت : فرماندار شهرستان نوشهر در نامه اي تفکيک جنسيتي کارکنان زن و مرد در تمامي ادارات اين شهرستان را ابلاغ کرد .

به گزارش قاصد، محمد علي قمي فرماندار شهرستان نوشهر در در هفته هاي اخير طي نامه شماره "۵۳۱۷۶۲" به مديران دستگاههاي اجرايي اين شهرستان تفکيک جنسيتي کارکنان زن و مرد و در ادارات اين شهرستان را خواستار شده است. (عصر ايران – 14/6/90)

Mehr state-run News Agency

The head of the Golestan Province Registrations said, “In the first five months of the current [Persian] year, 11,198 marriages were registered, 14 of which were by boys under 15 while 414 cases were that of girls under the age of 14, two of which were under 10 years old”.

ثبت ازدواج 428 دختر و پسر زير 15 سال در گلستان

مديرکل ثبت احوال استان گلستان گفت: در پنج ماهه اول سال جاري 11 هزار و 198 مورد ازدواج در استان به ثبت رسيده است که در 14 مورد آن پسران زير 15 سال و 414 مورد نيز دختران کمتر از 14 سال سن داشته اند و از اين تعداد 2 مورد زير 10 سال بوده اند. (مهر نيوز – 14/6/90)

Fars state-run news Agency
The Media Supervising Commission shut down the ‘Shahrvand Emrouz [Today’s Citizen] publication for publishing content outside of the framework of the sixth articles of the Media Law and referred [this publication] to a court.

[Note: Opposition websites have said that this publication was banned for printing a picture of Ahmadinejad seen on the left.]

"شهروند امروز" توقيف شد

همچنين هيئت نظارت برمطبوعات در جلسه امروز خود نشريه «شهروند امروز» را به دليل انتشار مطالبي خارج از حدود مقرر در ماده شش قانون مطبوعات توقيف و به دادگاه معرفي کرد. (فارس – 14/6/90)

[During a news conference] a reporter asked Mohseni Ejeyi, the spokesperson of the Judiciary, if the news on the gatherings in Orumieh and the arrest of a number of people was true.

[Ejeyi] only sufficed it to say that ‘if there are disturbances, we will deal with it and this has nothing to do with the drying out of Orumieh Lake’.
قصوري در مورد درياچه اروميه گزارش نشده؛ با بي‌نظمي‌ برخورد مي‌كنيم

خبرنگار ديگري با اشاره به برخي اخبار مبني بر تجمعاتي در اروميه و دستگيري برخي افراد، جوياي صحت و سقم اين موضوع از سخنگوي دستگاه قضايي, محسني اژه اي, شد كه وي به اين پاسخ كه «اگر بي‌نظمي صورت گيرد با بي‌نظمي برخورد مي‌كنيم و اين ربطي به خشكي درياچه اروميه ندارد»، اكتفا كرد. (ايسنا – 14/6/90)

Human Rights Activists in Iran

A prisoner was hanged on September 3 in the Qazvin Prison yard.

According to reports, Ehsan Shabani son of Kamel from the Eslanik Village in Salmas was hanged in Qazvin Prison.

Notably, his body was handed over to his family on September 4. Officials had charged him with drug offenses.
Four drug traffickers were hanged in Kerman Prison according to Islamic Revolutionary Courts’ sentences.

According to reports, their sentences were carried out after they were upheld by the Attorney General.

Hamid K., Qasem B., Hossein J. and Siamak M. were hanged on Tuesday morning in Kerman Prison…

The Kerman Public Relations Office of the Kerman Judiciary announced that their requests for amnesty had been turned down by the Amnesty Commission

Daneshju News, Jaras website

Behnam Ganji, a 22 year old student of Tehran University who was recently released from Evin Prison ended his own life in the middle of the night on September 1.

According to reports, Behnam Ganji was a friend of [political prisoner] Kohyar Goudarzi who was arrested on July 31 along with Kohyar and another one of his friends in his home in Tehran by plainclothes agents. Behnam Ganji and his other friend were released on August 8 but Kohyar Goudarzi is still jailed…

Ganji did not have a history of political activities but was transferred to cellblock 340 in Evin Prison where he was subjected to severe mental pressure by interrogators to confess to lies; pressures that led to depression and in the end, suicide. Behnam ended his life on Thursday night by taking pills.
 Human Rights Activists in Iran
A number of young people who had gathered in the Ab and Atash Park in Tehran to have a water fight were met with police force and were arrested…

The family of one of the detainees said, “After these young people gathered in the park, security forces arrested a number of them and took them to the Niloufar and Gisha Police Stations”.

In light of the high number of families who had gathered outside of the police stations, it is estimated that the number of detainees exceed 50 people. There are children aged 12 to 15 among the detainees. According to one of the security agents, those who had water guns along with them have committed ‘political’ crimes and their parents have been told that they have to be outside of the Evin Prison Court to settle these issues.

Notably, one of the detainees is a 12 year old child.
Fars state-run News Agency

According to reports, a few days ago, a number of Facebook pages published calls for holding water fight festivals in the Ab and Atash Park in Tehran.

After this call, young water fighters disrupted public order in this park from 1 to 4 pm on Friday and carried out immoral acts.

According to the Fars reporter who was in the Ab and Atash Park, a number of young people gathered in the park around 1 pm and had water fights by breaking the sanctities in some parts of the park.

The norm breakings of these youth who were low in number were met with the quick response of police.

The warning of the police was respectable and calm but the bad conduct of some of the norm breakers forced police agents to [arrest] a number of the youth who did not listen to the verbal warnings of the police and they were taken away with police cars to relevant [security institutions].
Kordpa Website
The people in Orumieh held a demonstration in protest to the disappearance of Orumieh Lake. Protests that led to clashes with security forces with two dead and many others injured… Security forces have turned to tear gas and shooting at the protesters. According to reports from protests which started in Taleqani Street, security forces clashed with protesters. These forces also opened fire on the protesters in Taleqani and Motaheri Streets. The sounds of shots being fired can be heard throughout the city and ambulances are taking the injured to hospitals… Cellphone lines and land lines are down and the internet is also very slow. There are still no exact reports on the death toll. Last Saturday, August 28, the people in this city held protests to the drying out of Orumieh Lake which led to many arrests including the arrest of cultural activists and journalists. Three people were killed in these protests.

The head of the Khuzestan Province Public Relations Office said that six convicts were executed in Karoun Prison in Ahwaz.

“The death sentences of three criminals identified as M.T, T.T and M.Ch were carried out on Sunday morning in Ahwaz”, Hojatel Islam Abdol-Hamid Amanat said.
Head of Assembly of Experts calls for more pressure on Iranian women

The head of the Assembly of Experts said that in addition to cultural issues, the society has to be controlled to counter improper veiling.

“People cannot walk in any way they like on the streets. When they are asked why they are walking [with this] indecent [appearance] on the street, they say, ‘because I want to’. Well, I would like to slap you in the face, but I cannot”, Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani said in a program aired on the first network on the Sima [state-run TV].

“We can not only advise someone who is contaminating Tehran’s water with a bacteria not to do this. If someone is contaminating the water, what can be done? You say that we should advise [him\her] against doing that? Advising someone will not bear any results. The water will become polluted and it will be bad for the people”, this influential cleric said. (Khabar Online state-run website – Aug. 26, 2011)

آيت الله مهدوي کني: در مبارزه با بدحجابي فقط نصيحت فايده ندارد

رييس مجلس خبرگان رهبري ميگويد بايد علاوه بر فرهنگسازي, جامعه را در مقابله با بدحجابي کنترل کرد

رئيس مجلس خبرگان در برنامه کيمياي امشب با اشاره به حديثي در مورد راهکارهاي مبارزه با بدحجابي سخن گفت . آيت الله مهدوي کني در اين برنامه که از شبکه اول سيما پخش شد، درباره مبارزه با بدحجابي گفت: "اينطور نمي شود که هر کسي هر طور خواست در خيابان راه برود. وقتي از او مي پرسند چرا اين طور مبتذل تو خيابان راه مي روي؟ مي گويد دلم مي خواهد. خب من هم دوست دارم به شما سيلي بزنم. اين که نمي شود." وي با آوردن مثالي درباره بدحجابي گفت: "نمي شود در مقابل کسي که آب تهران را به ميکروب وبا دارد آلوده مي کند، فقط نصيحت کنيم که شما لطفا اين آب را آلوده نکن. اگر کسي دارد آب را آلوده مي کند چه مي شود کرد؟ شما مي گوييد نصيحت کن؟ نصيحت نتيجه ندارد. آب آلوده مي شود و مردم زيان مي کنند." (خبرآنلاين – 4/6/90)

Orumieh cleric condemns ‘illegal’ environmentalist demonstration

There have been reports from Orumieh that after calls via text messages inviting the people of Orumieh to participate in a march in protest to the rejection of a bill in the Islamic Majlis to bring in water for the Orumieh lake, the Orumieh head of Friday Prayers banned this march.

In his sermons, Hojatel Islam Hassani said, “Saturday’s march which does not have a permit is illegal and condemned”…

“Some people intend to take advantage of the existing atmosphere, and want to disrupt peace by inviting people to this march”, he said.

He said that ‘this march is against the interests of the country’. (Islamic Republic state-run daily, Ares Iran state-run website – Aug. 27, 2011)

حجت الاسلام حسني راهپيمايي شنبه در اروميه را غير قانوني اعلام کرد

از اروميه خبر مي‌رسد به دنبال دعوت‌هاي پيامکي از مردم اروميه براي شرکت در راهپيمايي اعتراضي به عدم تصويب دو فوريت آبرساني به درياچه اروميه در صحن مجلس شوراي اسلامي، امام جمعه اروميه حضور در اين راهپيمايي را غيرقانوني اعلام کرد.

حجت الاسلام حسني در خطبه‌هاي نماز جمعه اروميه اظهار داشت: حرکات خودسرانه و بدون مجوز براي راهپيمايي روز شنبه، غيرقانوني بوده و محکوم است...

امام جمعه اروميه اظهار داشت: در اين فضاي به وجود آمده عده‌اي قصد سوءاستفاده دارند و با دعوت مردم براي راهپيمايي مي‌خواهند نظم جامعه را برهم بزنند.

وي گفت: اين راهپيمايي برخلاف مصالح کشور است. (روزنامه جمهوري اسلامي, عصر ايران – 5/6/90)

Amputation, flogging, torture and humiliation

No news on condition of 5 political prisoners in notorious cellblock 209

According to reports, there is no information on the condition of five political prisoners who were transferred to solitary cells in cellblock 209 in Evin Prison which is run by the Intelligence Agency.

Political prisoner Arjang Davoudi was summoned to cellblock 4 in Gohardasht {Rajayi Shahr] Prison and was then transferred to a solitary cell in cellblock 209 in Evin Prison on August 3. He was under severe torture in the first two days after his transfer which led to bleeding in his ears.

This political prisoner has been banned from family visits and phone calls since his transfer to cellblock 209 and there is no information on his condition.

Arjang Davoudi’s family has gone to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and Evin Prison several times since Davoudi’s transfer to get more information about his condition but Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolat Abadi has refused to see or talk to them.

There is also no news on the condition of political prisoners Behrouz Javid Tehrani, Mohammad-Ali Mansouri, Saleh Kohandel and Farzad Madadzadeh who were suddenly taken to cellblock 209 from Gohardasht Prison on July 28. They have not been allowed to make any phone calls and have been banned from family visits. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Aug. 30, 2011)

بي خبري کامل از وضعيت و شرايط 5 زنداني سياسي در بند 209

بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران" از وضعيت و شرايط 5 زنداني سياسي که در سلولها انفرادي بند 209 زندان اوين، شکنجه گاه وزارت اطلاعات بسر مي برند هيچ اطلاعي در دست نيست.

زنداني سياسي ارژنگ داودي 12 مرداد ماه بدون هيچ دليلي از بند 4 زندان گوهردشت فراخوانده شد و از آنجا به سلولهاي انفرادي بند 209 زندان اوين شکنجه گاه وزارت اطلاعات منتقل گرديد.او در 2 روز اول انتقالش به سلولهاي انفرادي تحت شکنجه هاي وحشيانه بازجويان وزارت اطلاعات قرار گرفت که منجر به خونريزي گوش وي گرديد.

زنداني سياسي ارژنگ داودي از زمان انتقال به سلولهاي انفرادي بند 209 تا به حال از داشتن ملاقات و يا تماسي تلفني با خانواده اش محروم بوده و از وضعيت وشرايط او هيچ اطلاعي در دست نيست.

خانواده زنداني سياسي ارژنگ داودي از زمان انتقال عزيزشان به سلولهاي انفرادي تا به حال بارها به دادستاني و زندان اوين مراجعه کرده اند تا از وضعيت و شرايط عزيزشان مطلع شوند اما عباس جعفري دولت آبادي از روبرو شدن و پاسخ دادن به اين خانواده خوداري مي کند.

در حال حاضر همچنين وضعيت و شرايط زندانيان سياسي بهروز جاويد طهراني،محمد علي منصوري،صالح کهندل و فرزاد مددزاده که از 7 تير ماه بطور ناگهاني از سالن ايزوله شده بند 4 زندان گوهردشت کرج به سلولهاي انفرادي بند 209 زندان اوين شکنجه گاه وزارت اطلاعات منتقل شدند در ابهام کامل قرار دارد و از آن زمان تاکنون هيچ تماس و يا ملاقاتي با خانواده هاي خود نداشته اند. (فعالين حقوق بشرو دمکراسي در ايران – 8/6/90)