Our activity and report to the General Debate 30th Meeting 22nd Regular Session Human Rights Council

بمناسبت روز جهاني زن
البته با علم به اينكه اين روزها زنان قهرمان بيشماري هستند كه جاي آنها دراين كليپ خالي است
قهرماناني كه مانند ستارگاني درخشان درآسمان تاريك ايران زمين درخشيدند و همچنان مي درخشند.
زناني كه ”برابري جنسي” را تنها ازطريق كسب ”رهايي و آزادي” درميهن اسير ايران جستجو ميكنند.
درود برهمه مبارزين راه رهايي و آزادي

Contributed to us by Torang
رسيده از تورنگ
فيلمي از هنرمندان ايران در 2009

political, social and cultural women dignitaries, along with women’s rights activists from 40 countries including all over Europe, most of the Islamic countries (including Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Jordan, Palestine, Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq), the US and Canada took part in a conference in Paris.

Misses Rita Süssmuth (former Speaker of the German Bundestag), Michèle Alliot-Marie, (former French Minister of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Justice, and Interior), Ingrid Betancourt (former Colombian presidential candidate and former hostage), Francis Townsend (former Homeland Security Advisor to the US President), Linda Chavez (former White House Director of Public Liaison), Tasha de Vasconcelos (European Union Humanitarian Ambassador), Aude de Thuin, (founder of the International Women’s Forum), Cynthia Fleury (French philosopher), and also parliamentary delegations from Italy, Spain, Belgium, the European Parliament, Denmark, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Poland were amongst the participants and speakers in this conference. 

 6 men wearing women Jilbab and face veiled, entered the girls dorm in Khartoum University, and attacked the Darfuri female students in the dorm. “They were shouting ( ALLAH Akbar= God is the Greatest), and they were carrying big knives, they just started beating us, Iman a first year lost her finger, when one of the attackers injured her hand with his big knife, and during the fight they manger to unveil them” said (A-S) one of the dorm girls, she continued describing that horrific night saying “ Asmaa , a first year student also in Khartoum University, severely injured in her hand, also while she was fighting with the attackers armed by knives. We couldn’t sleep that night and we kept awake until our colleagues came back from hospital”.
The Darfuri female student struggle started on November 26th, when they protested the denial of free registration and the tuition waiver in the university and the dorms by the Khartoum University administration. And when the administration refused all their appeals and denied the fresh students from entering the dorms ad the university for free the Female students decided to take to the street. The free registration and the tuition waiver for Darfuri students is one of the rare accomplishments of the peace agreement between Darfur rebels groups and the Sudanese government. Darfur region is witnessing conflict since 2002 ,  where at least 200 thousands peoples died and 2 million are living in IDPs camps, which led to the indication of the Sudanese Omar Albashir of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide by the international Criminal court.

(UNODC) - The 2012 Global Report on Trafficking in Persons released today by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has revealed that 27 per cent of all victims of human trafficking officially detected globally between 2007 and 2010 are children, up 7 per cent from the period 2003 to 2006.