Amnesty International :
The son of an Iranian doctor who was killed after examining the rape victims of the country`s 2009 unrest has spoken for the first time about the motives behind his father`s assassination.
Abdolreza Soudbakhsh، a physician and professor at Tehran university، was shot dead by men on a motorcycle as he left his office last September.
At the time of his assassination، Iranian officials denied his murder had anything to do with the cases of alleged rape in Kahrizak، a detention centre that Iran used to imprison many of the opposition activists caught up in the protests following the country`s disputed presidential elections.
Many protesters are believed to have been tortured to death in Kahrizak and several have claimed they were raped.
But the doctor`s son Behrang Soudbakhsh said in an interview with Fereshteh Ghazi of Roozonline، an opposition website، that his father had indeed examined the rape victims of Kahrizak and was under pressure to remain silent about those who died under torture.
Kahrizak became a scandal for the regime when Mohsen Rouholamini، the son of a former senior advisor to the Revolutionary Guards، was named among prisoners who died in the centre.
After Rouholamini`s death، Iran`s supreme leader، Ayatollah Ali Khamenei، ordered the closure of Kahrizak but the opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi later spoke out about the extent of rape inside the centre after meeting some of its victims.
'[My father] was told to say that the victims of Kahrizak had Meningitis. He asked to see the dead bodies and when he examined them، he concluded that they had died under torture and not Meningitis،' Behrang Soudbakhsh said.
'Once he said that how could they rape an 18-year-old kid so severely that he died after that? How could they rape the children،' he asked.
The doctor was planning to leave Iran on the night of his assassination، which his son said suggested he was killed to prevent him from revealing more information. Soudbakhsh Sr had given an interview to Deutsche Welle`s Persian network a few weeks before his death، in which he had mentioned rape inside prison.
'They were thinking that my father was going to the US to reveal his information in details in an open society. My father was one of the few experts in Iran who had precise information [on the issue]،' Soudbakhsh Jr said. 'They killed my father because he didn`t want to lie and he didn`t lie’.
According to the doctor`s son، Soudbakhsh was wearing a bulletproof vest at the time of his assassination. He was shot where the vest did not protect his body by a gun with a silencer. His son said this showed the killers were aware he was wearing the vest.
Soudbakhsh Jr said the police refused to co-operate with an inquiry into his father`s death.
According to witnesses who spoke to the son، but who have spoken in public، the killers appear to have been so unworried about being caught that they did not cover their faces. But the dead man`s family has been unable to watch CCTV footage of the incident.
Iran`s elite Revolutionary Guards and its intelligence unit are believed to be the main groups responsible for the suppression of protesters in the country`s post-election unrest.
Families of the dead protesters have appealed to the UN human rights special rapporteur، Ahmed Shaheed، to investigate the events related to the 2009 unrest but Iran has signalled it will not allow the monitor to enter the country.
The scandal has also taken the life of another Iranian doctor، Ramin Pourandarjani، known as the 'Kahrizak doctor'، who examined the inmates in the detention centre. He died in November 2009 under mysterious circumstances. (The Guardian – Aug. 25, 2011)

Iran: Further information: Iranian rights activist and mother arrested
Kouhyar Goudarzi, a member of the Committee for Human Rights Reporters (CHRR), was arrested on 31 July 2011 in Tehran, Iran, by plainclothes individuals believed to be from the Ministry of Intelligence. His mother, Parvin Mokhtareh, was arrested the next day. They are at risk of torture or other ill treatment.
Kouhyar Goudarzi was arrested at the home of a friend, together with the host and a friend. Neighbours reported seeing the three men taken away by plainclothes individuals believed to be from the Ministry of Intelligence. Since his arrest, members of Kouhyar Goudarzi’s family and his lawyer, Mina Jaffari, have inquired as to his whereabouts and have neither been given information on his whereabouts, nor confirmation of his arrest. Amnesty International fears he may be currently held in solitary confinement at Evin Prison in Tehran.
In the early hours of 1 August, shortly after Kouhyar Goudarzi was arrested, his mother Parvin Mokhtareh was also arrested in Kerman, in southern Iran. During her arrest, Parvin Mokhtareh was reportedly told that her son had been arrested and sent to Evin Prison. Parvin Mokhtareh has been accused of “insulting the Leader”, “propaganda against the system”, and “acting against national security”, stemming from interviews she gave when her son was imprisoned in 2010 in relation to his peaceful human rights activities.
A relative inquired about Kouhyar Goudarzi’s whereabouts with the Prosecutor’s office, but was told the Prosecutor’s office did not have any information about his arrest. Kouhyar Goudarzi’s family also went to Evin Prison in Tehran and was told he was not held there, despite unconfirmed reports stating Kouhyar Goudarzi may be held in section 240 of Evin Prison. Kouhyar Goubarzi’s family has not had any contact with him since his arrest and he is believed to be held in conditions amounting to an enforced disappearance…
ADditional Information
Kouhyar Goudarzi was released from prison in December 2010 after serving a one year prison sentence for “spreading propaganda against the system” and other counts in breach of his rights to freedom of expression and association. An appeal was rejected in October 2010.
The CHRR was founded in 2006 and campaigns against all kinds of human rights violations, including against women, children, prisoners, workers and others. It is banned by the Iranian authorities and its members have continued to face intense harassment and prosecution since the disputed presidential election in June 2009.
On 9 January 2011, CHRR member, journalist and human rights activist Shiva Nazar Ahari, had a four-year prison sentence upheld on appeal. A further two-year prison sentence for “gathering and colluding with intent to harm state security” was overturned. She is currently at liberty awaiting a summons to start serving this final sentence. Several other CHRR members are also facing imprisonment or have fled the country for their own safety.
Members of the CHRR have told Amnesty International that Saeed Ha’eri has also received a two-year prison sentence, which was upheld by an appeal court but the details were not available at the time of writing.
Shiva Nazar Ahari was arrested on 20 December 2009 along with, Kouhyar Goudarzi and Saeed Haeri. They were taken from a bus while on their way to the funeral of a senior cleric critical of the authorities, Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, which was due to take place the following day. Facing persecution in Iran, other CHRR members fled Iran and now reside outside the country.
Navid Khanjani, a member of both the CHRR and the Association to Oppose Discrimination in Education (AODE), was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment on 31 January 2011. He has appealed, but an appeal hearing date has not yet been set. If imprisoned, Amnesty International would consider him to be a prisoner of conscience, held solely in connection with his peaceful human rights activities. In July 2011, it was reported that plainclothes agents had been stationed outside of Navid Khanjani’s home and he expressed fears for his safety at the time.
Navid Khanjani was arrested in Esfahan, central Iran, on 2 March 2010. He faced an unfair trial on 20 December 2010 in Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court. He was reportedly sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment in connection with his work with the AODE; and five for his work with the CHRR. An additional three years were said to have been handed down for “creating unease in the public mind”, and “propaganda against the system”. Navid Khanjani was eventually sentenced to 12 years imprisonment after the court reportedly applied ‘Islamic mercy.’

فرزند سودبخش: پزشک ايراني که قربانيان تجاوز را معاينه کرد ترور شده است

فرزند پسر يک پزشک ايراني که بعد از معاينه قربانيان قيام 2009 در ايران که بعد از دستگيري مورد تجاوز قرارگرفته بودند براي اولين‌بار راجع به انگيزه پشت ترور پدرش صحبت کرده است.

عبدالرضا سودبخش يک پزشک و پروفسور دانشگاه تهران وقتي دفتر خود را در سپتامبر گذشته ترک مي‌کرد توسط مرداني که بر موتورسيکلت سوار بودند به ضرب گلوله به قتل رسيد.

زماني که او ترور شد مقامات ايراني تکذيب کردند که پدر او ربطي به کيسهاي تجاوز در کهريزک داشته است. …

اعتقاد بر اين است که بسياري از تظاهر کنندگان در کهريزک مورد شکنجه قرارگرفتند و بسياري از آنها مورد تجاوز قرار گرفتند.

اما بهرنگ سودبخش پسر او طي مصاحبه‌يي با فرشته قاضي از روزآنلاين يک وبسايت اپوزيسيون گفت پدر او کيسهاي زندانيان تجاوز شده را معاينه کرده بود و تحت فشار قرارگرفته بود تا در مورد کساني که زير شکنجه جان دادند سکوت اختيار کند. (سايت گاردين- 3/6/1390)

ايران: اطلاعات بيشتر در مورد دستگيري فعال حقوق‌بشر ايراني و مادرش

گوهر گودرزي، عضو کميته گزارشگران حقوق‌بشر در 31 ژوئيه 2011 در تهران توسط لباس‌شخصي ها که اعتقاد بر اين است که از وزارت اطلاعات بودند، دستگير گرديد. مادر او، پروين مختاره ( mokhtareh ) روز بعد دستگير گرديد. آنها در خطر شکنجه و ديگر بدرفتاريها قرار دارند.

گوهر گودرزي در خانه يکي از دوستانش به همراه ميزبان و يکي از دوستانش دستگير گرديد... (سايت عفو بين‌الملل- 1/6/1390)

Human Rights Activists in Iran :
On the night of August 21, agents of the Revolutionary Guards Forces in the Qareh Kuperi region in the town of Maku targeted and killed a Kurd resident of this region.
According to reports, Yusef Mirzayi who was walking in the roads of Qareh Kuperi with his two children was ambushed by RGC forces. These forces told him to stop and then opened a barrage of bullets because he refused to stop. Yusef Mirzayi died on the spot after being shot dozens of times. The people in the region have said that he was shot close to 50 times and his body was severely burned. The reason behind the killing of this Kurd man is still not clear.

قتل يک شهروند کُرد توسط نيروهاي سپاه پاسداران

اوايل شب يک شنبه مورخ ۳۰ مردادماه نيروهاي سپاه پاسداران در منطقه «قره کوپري» شهر ماکو يک شهروند کرد را مورد هدف قرار داده و به قتل مي‌رسانند.

بنابه اطلاع گزارشگران هرانا، ارگان خبري مجموعه فعالان حقوق بشر در ايران، يوسف ميرزايي شهروند کُرد اوايل شب يک شنبه به همراه دو فرزند خويش از کوچه‌هاي منطقه «قره کوپري» در حال گذر بود که با کمين نيروهاي سپاه پاسداران مواجه مي‌شوند،

نيروهاي سپاه به اين افراد فرمان ايست مي‌دهند و خواستار توقف آن‌ها مي‌شوند. اما به دليل عدم توقف اين افراد آن‌ها را مورد هدف تيراندازي شديد خويش قرار مي‌دهند که در نتيجه آن، يوسف ميرزايي به دليل اصابت ده‌ها گلوله در همانجا به قتل مي‌رسد. مردم منتطقه اعلام کرده‌اند که نزديک به ۵۰ گلوله به بدن وي اصابت کرده و جسد وي به دچار سوختگي شديد و تکه تکه شده است. هنوز علت قتل اين شهروند کُرد توسط نيروهاي سپاه پاسداران مشخص نشده است. (هرانا – 3/6/90)
Human Rights Activists in Iran :
On the evening of Friday August 24, security forces of the East Azarbaijan Province attacked an Eftar dinner and arrested a number of well-known Azari civil rights activists in Tabriz. They were taken to an unknown location.
According to this report, the Eftar dinner was held in the Qom Tapeh region in Tabriz in the home of Azeri activist Mostafa Avazpour.
About 30 people who had participated in this Eftar dinner were arrested after security forces illegally entered Mostafa Avazpour’s home.
According to this report, security forces are currently stationed outside this home and film people who come into the neighborhood. They do not allow anyone, even the house residents, into the home.
The Orumieh Intelligence Agency has also summoned 20 civil rights activists and has threatened many more over the phone.

حمله نيروهاي امنيتي به مراسم افطار فعالان مدني آذربايجان و بازداشت دهها تن

منابع حقوق بشري گزارش داده اند که شامگاه چهارشنبه دوم شهريورماه، نيروهاي امنيتي استان آذربايجان شرقي، طي حمله به يک مراسم افطار، گروهي از فعالان سر‌شناس مدني آذربايجان در تبريز را بازداشت کرده و به جاي نامعلومي انتقال دادند.

به گزارش ارگان خبري مجموعه فعالان حقوق بشر در ايران، اين بازداشت در محله قم تپه تبريز در منزل شخصي مصطفي عوض‌پور از فعالين مدني آذربايجان صورت گرفته است.

در اين بازداشت گسترده حدود ۳۰ نفر که در مراسم افطاري شرکت کرده بودند با ورود غير قانوني نيروهاي امنيتي به منزل مصطفي عوض‌پور ضمن تفتيش و ضبط وسايل شخصي آن‌ها را نيز با خود برده‌اند.

بر اساس اين گزارش، هم اکنون نيروهاي امنيتي در مقابل منزل فوق الذکر حضور داشته و از کساني که به آن محله مراجعه مي‌کنند فيلم برداري مي‌کنند. و به هيچ کس حتي به صاحب خانه هم اجازه وارد شدن نمي‌دهند.

از شهر اورميه نيز خبر مي‌رسد اداره اطلاعات اين شهر با احضار ۲۰ نفر از فعالان مدني به ستاد خبري و تماس با بسياري ديگر اقدام به تهديد ايشان نموده است. (هرانا – 3/6/90)

Security forces crack down on satellite channel users in Rasht

ISNA state-run News Agency :
The head of the Gilan Public Security Police said that 244 satellite equipment pieces were discovered in Rasht.
“In the implementation of the SSF order to better social security, the plan to deal with the providers and distributors of satellite equipment and the rounding up of these kinds of antennas in Rasht was carried out”, Colonel Mehregan said.
“As announced before, the plan to round up satellite antennas (dishes) was not a short time plan and this plan will continue until all antennas which have been put in public sight on the rooftops of homes and apartments are rounded up”, he said…
“Those who put up satellite antennas again will be prosecuted for repeated crimes”, Colonel Mehregan added.

كشف 244 قطعه تجهيزات ماهواره‌اي در رشت

رييس پليس امنيت عمومي فرماندهي انتظامي گيلان از كشف 244 قطعه تجهيزات ماهواره‌اي در رشت خبر داد.

به گزارش گروه دريافت خبر خبرگزاري دانشجويان ايران (ايسنا) - منطقه خزر سرهنگ مهرگان، گفت: در اجراي دستورالعمل ناجا و به منظور ارتقاء امنيت اجتماعي، طرح برخورد با تهيه و توزيع كنندگان آنتن‌هاي ماهواره‌اي و نيز جمع آوري اين گونه آنتن‌ها در شهر رشت به مرحله اجرا درآمد.

وي گفت: همچنان كه قبلا اطلاع رساني شد، طرح جمع آوري آنتن‌هاي ماهواره‌اي يك طرح مقطعي نبوده و اين طرح تا جمع آوري همه آنتن‌هايي كه در منظر عمومي بر روي سقف منازل و آپارتمانهاي قابل مشاهده است، ادامه خواهد داشت...

سرهنگ مهرگان در پايان يادآور شد: آن دسته از اشخاصي كه مجددا اقدام به نصب آنتن ماهواره‌اي كنند به عنوان تكرار جرم، تحت تعقيب قضايي قرار خواهند گرفت. (ايسنا – 2/6/90)
Fars state-run News Agency, Khabar Online state-run website :
The Commander of the Lorestan State Security Forces said, “With the efforts and cautiousness of Prohibiting Vice and Promoting Virtue Agents, 182 people who were eating in Ramadan were arrested in the province”.
“In the implementation of the plan to provide order and security, carry out special controlling measures in the month of Ramadan and dealing with those who eat in public, agents arrested 182 people on the 20th and 21st of Ramadan in addition to giving verbal warnings to 1,476 people”, Kazem Alizadeh said.
“Intelligence and security agents warned and guided 712 people on the grounds of countering improper veiling and from these people, 28 were referred to judicial sources”.
The head of the Lorestan State Security Forces also announced that from the beginning of Ramadan, in line maintaining the sanctity of this month, 9,487 people received verbal notices while 785 people were referred to judicial sources.
“Three thousand two hundred and forty eight inspections were carried out from food shops which led to the shutting down of 161 shops [who were probably selling food in the daytime] and criminal records were made for 57 shop owners who were referred to judicial sources”, Alizadeh added.

دستگيري 182 نفر متخلف روزه‌خوار در لرستان‌

فارس نوشت: فرمانده انتظامي لرستان گفت: با تلاش و هوشياري ماموران امر به معروف و نهي از منکر، 182 نفر متخلف روزه‌خوار در سطح اين استان دستگير شدند.

کاظم عليزاده اظهار داشت: در اجراي طرح تامين نظم و امنيت و کنترل نظارتي ويژه ماه مبارک رمضان و برخورد با روزه‌‌خواري ماموران اين نيرو در روزهاي 20 و 21 ماه رمضان علاوه بر تذکر لساني به يک هزار و 476 نفر، 182 نفر را دستگير کردند.

وي افزود: از اين تعداد 42 نفر به مراجع قضايي معرفي شدند که برابر قانون شرع اسلام با آنان برخورد شود.

‌عليزاده گفت: ماموران اطلاعات و امنيت در مدت ياد شده و در زمينه مقابله با بدپوششي در استان 712 نفر مورد تذکر و ارشاد و از اين تعداد 28 نفر به مراجع قضايي معرفي شدند.

فرمانده انتظامي لرستان اعلام کرد: از آغاز ماه مبارک رمضان و در زمينه حفظ و حرمت اين ماه به 9 هزار و 487 نفر متخلف تذکر لساني داده شده که از اين تعداد 785 نفر به مراجع قضايي معرفي شدند...

‌عليزاده خاطرنشان کرد: 3 هزار و 248 مورد بازديد از واحدهاي صنفي انجام شده که اين امر منجر به پلمپ 161 واحد صنفي متخلف شد، که از اين تعداد صاحبان 57 واحد متخلف پس از تشکيل پرونده تحويل مراجع قضايي استان شدند. (فارس, خبر آنلاين – 2/6/90)

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran :
According to reports, Gohardasht Prison guards attacked political prisoners in cellblock 6 and beat them.
In the past few days, the beatings of Kurd political prisoners in cellblock 6 have increased and pressures on them have doubled. This attack was carried out on orders of the assistant head of prison. Political prisoners Mohammad Barqi and Kamal Malayi were violently beaten in this attack and other political prisoners in this cellblock were insulted, abused and threatened.
Currently a number of Kurd political prisoners in cellblock 6 are kept alongside dangerous criminals. Some of these prisoners are Anvar Khezri, Kamran Sheikhi, Hadi Amini, Jahangir Sohrabi, Mohammad Barqi, Parviz Osmani, Layeq Kordpour, Kamal Malaie and Ramezan Seyedi.

يورش وحشيانه و ضرب و شتم زندانيان سياسي بند 6 زندان گوهردشت کرج

بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران" يورش وحشيانه به زندانيان سياسي بند 6 ومورد ضرب و شتم قرار دادن آنها.

در طي چند روز گذشته ضرب وشتم و فشارهاي غير انساني عليه زندانيان سياسي هم وطن کرد در بند 6 زندان گوهردشت کرج شدت يافته است. طي يورشي که پاسداربندها به دستور خادم معاون زندان صورت گرفت زندانيان سياسي محمد برقي و کمال ملائي مورد ضرب و شتم وحشيانه آنها قرار گرفته و ساير زندانيان سياسي در اين بند مورد اهانت و بدرفتاري و تهديد آنها قرار گرفتند.

در حال حاضر تعدادي از زندانيان سياسي کرد در بند 6 زندان گوهردشت کرج کنار زندانيان عادي و خطرناک نگهداري مي شوند.اسامي بعضي از آنها به قرار زير مي باشد:انور خضري،کامران شيخي،هادي اميني،جهانگير سهرابي،محمد برقي،پرويز عثماني،لايق کردپور،کمال ملائي و رمضان سيدي . (فعالين حقوق بشر ودمكراسي در ايران – 2/6/90)

No news on ailing father of Ashraf residents 70 days after arrest

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran :
According to reports from Iran, there is no news on the condition of political prisoner Ali Moezi who has been detained in a solitary cell in Cellblock 209 in Evin prison for more than 2 months.
This 58 year old political prisoner who is suffering from an advanced bladder cancer was arrested 70 days ago after agents of the Ministry of Intelligence raided his home. There has been no news on his condition since his arrest.
The Moezi family has not received any calls from him and has not visited him in prison. They have gone to the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office and Evin Prison almost every day since his arrest but Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolat Abadi is not willing to face them to answer their concerns about their loved one.
Ali Moezi has undergone two surgeries to remove his bladder tumor and his last surgery was carried out a short time before his arrest and he was under the care of specialists when arrested. This political prisoner has to receive a weekly injection but since his arrest, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence refuse to allow him to receive the injections and his life is in danger.
Mr. Moezi is also suffering from kidney and intestine ailments as a result of the tortures he was subjected to during his incarceration in the 80’s.
(Note: Mr. Moezi’s two young daughters are in Camp Ashraf in Iraq)

بيش از 70 روز بي خبري از وضعيت و شرايط يک زنداني سياسي که مبتلا به تومور پيشرفته مثانه است

بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران" بي خبري کامل از وضعيت و شرايط زنداني سياسي علي معزي که بيش از2 ماه است در سلولها انفرادي بند 209 زندان اوين شکنجه گاه وزارت اطلاعات بسر مي برد.

زنداني سياسي علي معزي 58 ساله که مبتلا به سرطان پيشرفته مثانه مي باشد.بيش از 70 روز است که با يورش مامورين وزارت اطلاعات به منزلش دستگير و به سلولها انفرادي بند 209 شکنجه گاه وزارت اطلاعات منتقل شده است. از زمان انتقال تاکنون از وضعيت و شرايط او هيچ خبري در دست نيست.

خانواده معزي از زمان ربودن عزيزشان تا به حال هيچگونه تماس يا ملاقاتي با او نداشته اند .آنها تقريبا بصورت روزانه به دادستاني تهران و زندان اوين مراجعه مي کنند.اما عباس جعفري دولت آبادي دادستان تهران و از سرکوب کنندگان زندانيان سياسي حاضر به روبرو شدن با اين خانواده و پاسخگويي به آنها در مورد وضعيت و شرايط عزيزشان نمي باشد.

زنداني سياسي علي معزي بدليل تومور مثانه تا به حال 2 بار تحت عمل جراحي قرار گرفته است.آخرين باري که مورد عمل جراحي قرار گرفت مدتي قبل از بازداشت وي بود او در حال گذراندن دوران نقاحت و زير نظر پزشکان متخصص قرار داشت و هر هفته مي بايست آمپولي به وي تزريق مي شد.اما از زمان انتقال به سلولهاي انفرادي بازجويان وزارت اطلاعات حاضر به گرفتن آمپولهاي وي نيستند. عدم تزريق به موقع اين آمپولها جان او را در معرض خطر جدي قرار خواهد.آقاي معزي همچنين به دليل شکنجه هاي که در دهۀ 60 و 80 متحمل شده است دچار ناراحتيها متعددي کليوي از قبيل، هيدرونفروز،سنگ کليه،تنگي حالب و نيز بيماري چسبندگي و انسداد روده کوچک و واريس مي باشد. (فعالين حقوق بشر ودمكراسي در ايران – 1/6/90)

Human Rights Activists in Iran :
Political prisoner Farah Vazehan is in poor physical condition. She was taken to the hospital last Sunday after her condition deteriorated but was reportedly returned to prison because the head of the hospital refused to admit her due to a lack of beds.
Farah Vazehan who is suffering from various ailments was arrested during the Ashura protests in December 2009 and was sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court. Her sentence was annulled after an appeal and her case was referred to the 28th branch of the Revolutionary Court headed by Judge Moqiseh where she was sentenced to 15 years of prison on charges of ‘enmity with God’.
This political prisoner who is suffering from heart ailments needs special treatment in [hospitals] outside of prison. Despite promises made to her family, she has been denied a medical leave. Farah Vazehan has to receive injected painkillers every other day in the prison infirmary but sometimes even these injections are not enough to ease her pain.

وخامت وضعيت جسمي فرح واضحان، زنداني سياسي

فرح واضحان، زنداني سياسي، در شرايط نامناسب جسماني به‌سر مي‌برد. وي که پيش از اين نيز بار‌ها از زندان به بيمارستان منتقل شده بود، روز يکشنبه گذشته بار ديگر به سبب وخامت حالش به بيمارستان انتقال يافت، با اين حال گفته مي‌شود مسئولان بيمارستان به‌دليل کمبود تخت از پذيرش وي خودداري کرده‌اند و وي مجدداً به زندان اوين بازگردانده شده است. به گزارش کميته گزارشگران حقوق‌بشر، فرح واضحان که از بيماريهاي مختلفي رنج مي‌برد، در جريان وقايع عاشوراي سال ۸۸ بازداشت شد و از سوي دادگاه انقلاب به اعدام محکوم شد. اين حکم پس از اعتراض وي در ديوان عالي کشور، نقض شد و پرونده او جهت رسيدگي مجدد به شعبه ۲۸ دادگاه انقلاب به رياست قاضي مقيشه ارجاع داده شد. وي سپس در دادگاه به اتهام «محاربه» مورد محاکمه قرار گرفت و به ۱۵ سال حبس تعزيري محکوم شد. اين زنداني سياسي که از بيماري قلبي نيز رنج مي‌برد، نياز به درمانهاي جدي و تخصصي در خارج از زندان دارد. با اين حال و به‌رغم وعده‌هاي داده شده به خانواده وي، تاکنون از مرخصي او جلوگيري شده است. گفته مي‌شود، فرح واضحان هر روز و يا يک روز در ميان مي‌بايست در بهداري اوين آمپول مسکن دريافت کند. با وجود اين، گاهي شدت بيماري او به حدي است که حتي آمپولهاي مسکن نيز، اثر چنداني بر دردهاي وي ندارند. (هرانا- 2/6/1390)

Iran arrests Christian man in Rasht

Human Rights Activists in Iran :
Christian convert Abdolreza Ali Haq Nejad was arrested by security forces in Rasht.
According to reports, Abdolreza Ali Haq Nejad known as Mathew was arrested on Wednesday August 18 in Rasht.
This 39 year old Christian was arrested for the first time in 2006 for 12 days and was then arrested in 2010 for one month while in Shiraz. His case was referred to a court in his place of birth in the Anzali Port. He was reportedly arrested because of his evangelical activities in the church.

بازداشت يک شهروند مسيحي در رشت

عبدالرضا علي حق‌نژاد، نوکيش مسيحي از سوي نيروهاي امنيتي در رشت بازداشت شد.

بنا به اطلاع گزارشگران هرانا، ارگان خبري مجموعه فعالان حقوق بشر در ايران، عبدالرضا علي حق‌نژاد معروف به متياس، نوکيش مسيحي چهارشنبه ۲۷ مرداد در رشت بازداشت گرديد.

اين نوکيش ۳۹ ساله براي اولين بار در سال ۸۵ به مدت دوازده روز درشهر رشت و بار ديگر در سال ۸۹ به مدت يکماه درشهر شيراز در بازداشت نيروهاي امنيتي بود که پرونده‌اش براي رسيدگي به دادگاه بندر انزلي محل تولد وي ارجاع داده شده بود.

علت دستگيري اخير وي فعاليتهاي بشارتي وي در کليسا عنوان شده است. (هرانا – 31/5/90)

Human Rights Activists in Iran :
The Tehran Revolutionary Court sentenced two Kurd men from Sardasht to prison.
According to reports, the 28th branch of the Tehran Revolutionary Court sentenced two men identified as Hossein Amini and Khaled Hajizadeh to six years of prison each on charges of cooperating with religious groups.
These two men were arrested about six months ago and are currently detained in Rajayi Shahr [Gohardasht] Prison in Karaj.

محکوميت دو شهروند کرد به ۱۲ سال زندان

دادگاه انقلاب اسلامي تهران دو شهروند سردشتي را به حبس محکوم کرد.

به گزارش موکريان نيوز، شعبه ۲۸ دادگاه انقلاب تهران دو شهروند اهل سردشت را به نام‌هاي حسين اميني و خالد حاجي‌زاده به اتهام همکاري با گروههاي مذهبي هر کدام به شش سال حبس محکوم نمود.

گفتني است اين دو شهروند که حدود شش ماه پيش بازداشت شده‌اند هم اکنون در زندان رجايي شهر کرج دوران محکوميت خود را سپري مي‌نمايند. (هرانا – 30/5/90)
Mukrian News Agency :
A man from Piranshahr in West Azarbaijan was killed after state security forces opened fire on him.
Mohammad Mostafa Nejad from the Kuneh Village was shot by security forces near the Aw Khardeh Village in the border regions in Piranshahr on the night of August 20 under the suspicion that he was carrying smuggled goods. Citizens usually die after being targeted.

قتل شهروند کرد بر اثر تيراندازي مأمور انتظامي

آژانس خبري موکريان: يک شهروند اهل پيرانشهر در آذربايجان غربي بر اثر تيراندازي يکي ازمأموران نيروي انتظامي کشته شد. به گزارش آژانس خبري موکريان، يک شهروند اهل روستاي کونه خانه از توابع پيرانشهر به نام محمد مصطفي نژاد شنبه شب بيست‌و نهم مرداد، به ظنّ حمل کالاي قاچاق در نزديکي روستاي آو خوارده از مناطق مرزي پيرانشهر هدف تيراندازي قرار گرفت و در دم جان سپرد. گفتني است که طي ماههاي اخير تعداد زيادي از شهروندان مناطق مرزي به ظنّ داشتن کالاي قاچاق مورد تيراندازي مأموران قرار گرفته‌اند که در بيشتر موارد منجر به مرگ اين شهروندان شده است. (آژانس خبري موکريان -31/5/1390
Amnesty International :
The Iranian authorities must release two US citizens following a deeply flawed trial, Amnesty International said today, after the men were sentenced to eight years in prison by a Tehran court on charges of “espionage” and” illegally entry.”
Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, who were arrested while hiking in the Iraq-Iran border area in July 2009, were each given three years for allegedly entering Iran illegally and five years for spying, according to Iran’s state media.
“The conduct of this trial has quite simply made a mockery of justice. There does not appear to be any substance to the allegations that Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal are spies,” said Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International’s Middle East Director.
“The way this case has been handled from the outset strongly suggests that they are being held as a bargaining chip to allow Iran to obtain unspecified concessions from the US government,” he added.
No evidence to suggest Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were conducting espionage is known to have been presented in court.
The two men, who deny the charges, are planning to appeal the sentence in 20 days, according to their lawyer, Massoud Shafi’e.
“Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal have already spent over two years waiting for justice. The Iranian authorities should take act now and release these two men now without further delay,” said Malcolm Smart.
During their two-year detention in Tehran’s Evin Prison, Bauer and Fattal have only been granted one brief family visit. Their mothers visited Iran in May 2010, in what appeared to be a stage-managed meeting.
They have been denied adequate access to their lawyer and have had very limited access to consular assistance.
A third US citizen arrested with the men, Sarah Shourd, was released in September 2010 on US$500،000 bail.
Eyewitness testimony reported by US news magazine The Nation placed the three hikers inside Iraq, not Iran, at the time of their arrest by Iranian troops. The Iranian authorities maintain that they were arrested inside Iranian territory.

آزادي کوهنوردان آمريکايي به‌دنبال يک محاکمه به‌شدت غيرمنصفانه

سايت عفو بين‌الملل، 21 اوت، 2011 - ساعت ندارد [روز 22 اوت روي سايت آمد] - سازمان عفو بين‌الملل امروز اعلام کرد مقامات ايراني بايد دو شهروند آمريکايي را به‌دنبال يک محاکمه پر از عيب و اشکال آزاد کنند. اين فراخوان بعد از آن است که اين دو نفر 8سال حکم زندان گرفته‌‌اند. …

برگزاري اين محاکمه‌ها در ايران حقوق و قضاوت را به سخره گرفته است. ملکوم اسمارت مدير خاورميانه عفو گفت به‌نظر نمي‌رسد اتهامات به دو شهروند آمريکايي محتوايي داشته باشد. (سايت عفو بين الملل 30/5/1390)
ISNA state-run News Agency :
According to executive orders, kindergartens should be active at most 3.5 hours a day and 5 days a week…
According to this order, ‘the integrations of boys and girls in kindergarten classes is banned and only in centers in which the numbers of children have not reached the needed numbers [to be active], this will be permitted with a warrant from the regional Education Department in their region”.

اختلاط نوآموزان دختر و پسر در كلاس‌هاي پيش‌دبستاني ممنوع است

طبق دستورالعمل اجرايي دوره پيش‌دبستاني مدت فعاليت روزانه مراكز پيش‌دبستاني حداكثر 5/3 ساعت در روز و 5 روز در هفته است...

در اين دستورالعمل آمده است: اختلاط نوآموزان دختر و پسر در كلاس‌هاي پيش‌دبستاني ممنوع است و فقط در مراكزي كه تعداد نوآموزان به حد نصاب نرسد اين امر با كسب مجوز از آموزش و پرورش منطقه بلامانع مي‌باشد. (ايسنا – 30/5/90)

ISNA state-run News Agency :
The head of the Khuzestan Public Intelligence and Security Police said that a number of people who had set up a network under the name of ‘the Ahwaz Tourism Group’ in the internet and intended to deceive young people were arrested.
“After getting reports about a network on the internet which was set up by a person named Damon under the name of ‘the Ahwaz Tourism Group’, agents of the Public Intelligence and Security Police investigated this issue”, Colonel Ali Hatami said.
“This internet criminal who texted 1,500 young people and teenagers with the message, ‘Let’s have a good day’, was identified by the police and after coordination with the judiciary, he was arrested along with three of his accomplices in a surprise [attack]”.
“One of the agencies who had been active in holding a mixed gender camp with these people was identified and shut down”, he added.

رسال كنندگان پيامك «يك روز خوش داشته باشيم» دستگيرشدند

رييس پليس اطلاعات و امنيت عمومي خوزستان از دستگيري افرادي كه در فضاي اينترنت با راه‌اندازي شبكه‌اي تحت عنوان «گروه گردشگري اهواز گشت» قصد اغفال جوانان را داشتند خبرداد.

به گزارش سرويس «حوادث» خبرگزاري دانشجويان ايران (ايسنا)، سرهنگ علي حاتمي افزود: ماموران پليس اطلاعات و امنيت عمومي در پي دريافت خبري مبني بر راه اندازي يك شبكه اينترنتي توسط فردي به نام « دامون» تحت عنوان «گروه گردشگري اهواز گشت» موضوع را با انجام اقدامات اطلاعاتي و پليسي در دستور كار خود قرار دادند.

وي افزود: مجرم اينترنتي كه با فراخوان يك هزار و500 نفر از جوانان و نوجوانان با ارسال پيامكي تحت عنوان «يك روز خوش داشته باشيم» توسط ماموران پليس شناسايي و ضمن هماهنگي با مقام قضايي در يك اقدام غافلگيرانه وي و سه همدست ديگرش دستگير شدند...

حاتمي در خاتمه با اشاره به آگاه سازي افراد دعوت شده با ارسال پيامك از سوي پليس خاطر نشان كرد: يكي از آژانس‌هاي مسافربري كه درخصوص برگزاري اردوي مختلط با اين افراد فعاليت داشت، شناسايي و پلمپ شد. (ايسنا – 29/5/90)
ISNA state-run News Agency :
In a news conference on Sunday, Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolat Abadi said on the sentence issued by the Revolutionary Court for two American citizens, “The court verdict was issued and was announced to the convicts. Each of them were sentenced to eight years of prison which they can appeal according to the law. The case of Sarah Shourd is still open; of course, she has said that she would not come to Iran but in our opinion, she can be tried in absentia.
He said that the two American citizens were charged with illegal entry and espionage…
“Four cases regarding specific movements were sent to court and we hope that the suspects’ trials begin. It has been said that these arrests have no results [but] we announce that the trials will soon begin”, he said…
A reporter asked the Tehran Prosecutor for statistics on the number of cases regarding the rounding up [and confiscation] of satellite [equipment].
“I don’t have the exact numbers”, he said.
“Cases are made in the public prosecutor's office on a daily basis and some of them have gone to court and decisions will be made. One of the daily tasks of the public prosecutor's office is seeing to satellite cases”, he added.

دادستان تهران: دو تبعه آمريكايي به 8 سال حبس محكوم شدند

به گزارش خبرنگار حقوقي خبرگزاري دانشجويان ايران (ايسنا)،‌ عباس جعفري دولت‌آبادي صبح يكشنبه در نشستي با خبرنگاران در خصوص راي صادره از سوي دادگاه انقلاب براي دو تبعه آمريكايي تصريح كرد:‌ راي دادگاه صادر و به متهمان ابلاغ شد. هر كدام به هشت سال حبس محكوم شده‌اند كه مي‌توانند طبق قانون به راي دادگاه اعتراض كنند. پرونده سارا شورد نيز در دادگاه مفتوح است؛ البته وي گفته كه در ايران حاضر نخواهد شد ولي محاكمه او از نظر ما بلامانع است و مي‌توان وي را غيابي محاكمه كرد.

وي اتهام اين دو تبعه آمريكايي را ورود غير مجاز و جاسوسي عنوان كرد...

جعفري دولت آبادي خاطرنشان كرد: چهار فقره پرونده مربوط به جريانات خاص به دادگاه ارسال شده و اميدواريم محاكمه متهمان آغاز شود. صحبت‌هايي گفته مي‌شود مبني بر اينكه اين دستگيري‌ها سرانجام نداشته كه ما اعلام مي‌كنيم محاكمه به زودي آغاز مي‌شود.

خبرنگاري از دادستان تهران خواستار ارائه آماري براي رسيدگي به پرونده‌هاي جمع‌آوري ماهواره‌ها شد كه وي پاسخ داد:‌ رقم دقيقي ندارم. روزانه پرونده‌هايي در دادسرا تشكيل مي‌شود و برخي نيز به دادگاه رفته و اتخاذ تصميم مي‌شود. يكي از كارهاي جاري دادسراي رسانه رسيدگي به پرونده‌هاي ماهواره است. (ايسنا – 30/5/90)

ISNA state-run News Agency :
The head of the Public Security Police of the Gilan State Security Forces Command Center said that 14 people were arrested on charges of being active in the diverted mystic sect of ‘Sho’our Keihani’ in Rasht.
“There were reports from people that ‘Sho’our Keihani’ classes were being held under the guise of sewing classes and the police looked into the issue”, Colonel Mehregan said…
“Police agents arrested 14 men and women who were in the class and discovered and confiscated a number of illegal books and software”, he added.
He said that further investigations were ongoing.

دستگيري گردانندگان فرقه انحرافي «شعور كيهاني»

رييس پليس امنيت عمومي فرماندهي انتظامي استان گيلان از دستگيري 14 نفر به اتهام فعاليت در فرقه انحرافي عرفان «شعور كيهاني» خبر داد.

سرهنگ مهرگان در گفت وگو با خبرنگار«حوادث» خبرگزاري دانشجويان ايران (ايسنا) از دستگيري 14 نفر به اتهام فعاليت در فرقه انحرافي عرفان شعور كيهاني در رشت خبر داد و اظهار داشت: برابر گزارش مردمي مبني بر برگزاري كلاس‌هايي تحت عنوان دوره «شعور كيهاني» تحت پوشش آموزش خياطي، موضوع گزارش در دستور كار ماموران پليس امنيت قرار گرفت...

وي در ادامه گفت: ماموران پس از ورود به محل 14 نفر مرد و زن را كه در كلاس حضور داشتند دستگير و تعدادي كتاب و نرم افزار غير مجاز در اين مورد كشف و ضبط كردند و تحقيقات هم اكنون در اين زمينه ادامه دارد. (ايسنا – 29/5/90)
Suppression of religious and ethnic minorities

More than 50 Baha’is languishing in Iranian jails

While officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran claim in international assemblies and various interviews that no one is jailed because of his beliefs in Iran, according to official statistics, more than 50 Baha’is are jailed in various prisons in Iran. These Baha’is are either jailed on temporary arrest orders or are serving their prison terms. About the same number of Baha’is in various Iranian cities are awaiting trials or verdicts from courts of first instances or courts of review. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Aug. 17, 2011)

Ministry of Intelligence says it annihilated ‘Baha’i anti-religious network’
After intelligence and operational measures, the anonymous soldiers of Imam Zaman identified and annihilated a network of anti-religious elements that were destructing the religious beliefs of the people by using various techniques in the cyber environment [the internet].
According to the Public Relations Office of the Ministry of Intelligence, the administrators and main elements of this illegal website who were carrying out organized measures in line with insulting sanctities and the religious beliefs of the people,… were identified and arrested.
In investigations from the detainees, the role of some European embassies and Zionist elements including elements of the Baha’i sect were revealed in this anti-religious measure and the suspects also confessed to having connections to foreign elements. (ISNA state-run News Agency, Asre Iran state-run website – Aug. 18, 2011)

Suppressive maneuvers

Iran rounds up 2,000 satellite equipment from homes in Fars Province
The Deputy Commander of the Fars State Security Forces cited the Plan to Improve Social Security in the Fars Province and said, “In the past few days about 2,000 satellite receivers [and other] equipment were rounded up from the Fars Province”.
Sajadian said that the police had given warnings to those who had not put away their satellite equipment.
“Agents of the state security forces that have uniforms and warrants from judicial sources and automobiles with the emblems of the SSF will round up this equipment”.
“In the plan to deal with norm breakers and those who are improperly veiled, agents guided and warned 365 people in the past 48 hours”, he added. (ISNA state-run News Agency – Aug. 14, 2011)

44 people arrested in Bojnourd for eating in Ramadan
The Commander of the Bojnourd State Security Forces said that six food centers that broke the law were closed down.
“In the past weeks in line with countering the public displays of eating in public [in the month of Ramadan], 44 people were arrested in this town and 134 people received verbal notices on following Sharia law in the month of Ramadan”, Colonel Mehdi Pour Gholamhossein said.
Pour Gholamhossein also said that 168 food centers were inspected in line with countering the public displays of eating in public and that six of these centers that had supplied food in the daytime were shut down. (ISNA state-run News Agency – Aug. 16, 2011)

30 stores shut down in Mazandaran in ongoing Ramadan crackdown
The head of the Public Intelligence and Security Police in Mazandaran said 30 stores that broke the law were shut down and anti-cultural products were discovered [and confiscated] in this province.
“The plan to control and supervise shopping centers in line with implementing the rules and laws of the month of Ramadan and countering social and moral abnormalities was carried out”, Colonel Nouri said.
“In this plan, suppliers of cultural products, [TVs] and audio products, computer games and men’s barbers were inspected by agents of the Public Intelligence and Security Police”.
“In this plan, 739 shops were inspected and as a result, 149 shops that broke the law received notices while 30 shops were shut down”, the chief of police said.
“Police were able to discover and seize over 25,000 illegal CD’s along with four satellite receivers and an amount of anti-cultural products”, he added. (ISNA state-run News Agency – Aug. 16, 2011)

Police raid apartments to round up banned satellite dishes
Agents of the police force in the capital cleared some parts of northwestern Tehran of satellite receivers and dishes.
In this operation, agents rounded up dishes from rooftops and balconies in residential buildings in this region during operation ‘Rupel’ with warrants from the Judiciary.
The police also went to areas where this plan was previously carried out and [arrested and] referred a number of people who had once again installed dishes in their homes to judicial sources after once again rounding up their satellite dishes.
According to reports, last week the police started this plan in regions in west Tehran and warned that those who install dishes again will be referred to judicial sources.
This plan is being carried out in line with the Social Security Plan and according to the police will be carried out in future days in other regions in the capital. (ISNA state-run News Agency – Aug. 17, 2011)

Violence against women

Iranian regime carries out discriminatory policies in line with gender segregation in universities

The initial results of the 2011 nationwide [university acceptance] exams were announced while widespread gender discriminatory policies in accepting girls were carried out…
According to reports, while the figures showed that 68 percent of those who were allowed to choose a major were girls and 32 percent were boys, the amount allocated to boys in many universities in the country is notably higher.
In addition to this, in close to 40 universities in the country… in many of the courses only male or female volunteers have been accepted which is in line with gender segregation of the students and more limitations subjected on volunteers who want to choose their courses. (Daneshju News – Aug. 17, 2011)

نقض حقوق اقليتهاي مذهبي و قومي

بيش از پنجاه شهروند بهايي در زندان‌هاي ايران محبوس‌اند

خبرگزاري هرانا - در حاليکه مقامات جمهوري اسلامي ايران در مجامع بين المللي و مصاحبه‌هاي گوناگون مدعي هستند که هيچ فردي به دليل اعتقادش زنداني نمي‌باشد طبق آمارهاي رسمي بيش از ۵۰ شهروند بهايي در شهرهاي مختلف ايران در بازداشت موقت يا در حال سپري کردن دوران محکوميت هستند و اين در حاليست که معادل همين تعداد، بهايياني در شهرهاي مختلف ايران منتظر جلسه دادگاه يا حکم صادره از دادگاه بدوي يا تجديد نظر اند. (هرانا – 26/5/90)

وزارت اطلاعات اعلام کرد: انهدام يک شبکه دين‌ ستيز در فضاي مجازي /برملا شدن نقش برخي از سفارتخانه‌هاي اروپايي در اين شبکه

با پيگيريها و اقدامات اطلاعاتي ـ عملياتي سربازان گمنام امام زمان (عج) يک شبکه از عناصر دين‌ستيز که در فضاي مجازي با استفاده از شگردهاي گوناگون نسبت به تخريب باورها و اعتقادات ديني مردم اقدام مي‌کردند، شناسايي و منهدم شد.

به گزارش گروه دريافت خبر ايسنا و به‌نقل از روابط عمومي وزارت اطلاعات، گردانندگان و عوامل اصلي اين سايت غيرقانوني... اقداماتي همه‌جانبه و سازمان‌يافته‌اي در راستاي توهين به مقدسات و باورهاي مذهبي و اعتقادي مردم پرداخته بودند که.. اين شبکه ضددين شناسايي و دستگير شدند.

در تحقيقات انجام شده از دستگير شدگان، نقش برخي از سفارتخانه‌هاي کشورهاي اروپايي و عناصر صهيونيستي از جمله عوامل فرقه ضاله بهائيت در اين اقدام دين‌ستيزانه کشف شده و متهمان نيز به داشتن ارتباط با عوامل بيگانه اعتراف کردند. (خبرگزاري ايسنا, عصر ايران - 27/5/1390)

مانورهاي سركوبگرانه

جمع‌آوري 2هزار دستگاه گيرنده ماهواره

جانشين فرمانده انتظامي فارس با اشاره به اجراي طرح ارتقاي امنيت اجتماعي در استان فارس گفت: در روزهاي گذشته حدود دو هزار دستگاه لوازم گيرنده از ماهواره در سطح استان فارس جمع‌آوري شده است.

به گزارش سرويس «حوادث» خبرگزاري دانشجويان ايران(ايسنا)، سردار سجاديان با بيان اينكه پليس به افرادي كه تاكنون نسبت به جمع‌آوري تجهيزات دريافت از ماهواره اقدام نكرده‌اند هشدار داده است، ‌افزود: ماموران انتظامي كه با لباس فرم و داراي حكم ماموريت از مرجع قضايي و خودرو سازماني با رنگ و علائم ناجا هستند نسبت به جمع‌آوري تجهيزات دريافت از ماهواره اقدام خواهند كرد.

وي افزود: در ادامه اجراي طرح ارتقاي امنيت اجتماعي، با اجراي طرح برخورد با افراد هنجارشكن و بدحجاب، ماموران در 48 ساعت گذشته در شهرستان شيراز تعداد 365 نفر را ارشاد و به آنان تذكرات لازم را دادند. (ايسنا – 23/5/90)

پلمپ شش واحد متخلف و دستگيري 44 روزه‌خوار

فرمانده انتظامي بروجرد از پلمپ شش واحد متخلف در اين شهرستان خبرداد.

به گزارش خبرنگار «حوادث» خبرگزاري دانشجويان ايران(ايسنا)، سرهنگ مهدي پورغلامحسين با اعلام اين خبرافزود: در هفته گذشته در راستاي مبارزه با مظاهر علني روزه خواري 44 نفر در اين شهرستان دستگير شدند و در اين زمينه به 134 نفردرباره رعايت موازين شرعي در ماه مبارك رمضان تذكرلساني داده شده است.

پورغلامحسين همچنين از بازديد از 168 واحد صنفي در راستاي مبارزه با مظاهر علني روزه خواري و پلمپ شش واحد متخلف كه اقدام به عرضه موادغذايي در طول روز کرده بودند در اين شهرستان خبرداد. (ايسنا – 25/5/90)

اخطار به 149 واحدصنفي متخلف و پلمپ30 واحد در مازندران

رييس پليس اطلاعات و امنيت عمومي مازندران از پلمپ 30 واحد صنفي متخلف و كشف محصولات ضدفرهنگي در اين استان خبرداد.

سرهنگ نوري در گفت‌وگو با خبرنگار«حوادث» خبرگزاري دانشجويان ايران (ايسنا)، در اين باره گفت: طرح كنترل و نظارت بر واحدهاي صنفي در راستاي اعمال مقررات و ضوابط به مناسبت ماه مبارك رمضان و مقابله با ناهنجاري‌هاي اجتماعي و اخلاقي درسطح واحدهاي صنفي به اجرا درآمده است كه در اين طرح صنوف عرضه محصولات فرهنگي، صوتي تصويري، بازي‌هاي رايانه‌اي و آرايشگاه‌هاي مردانه مورد بازديد ماموران پليس اطلاعات و امنيت عمومي قرار گرفت.

رييس پليس اطلاعات و امنيت عمومي مازندران خاطرنشان كرد: در اين طرح از 739 واحد صنفي بازديد به عمل آمد كه در نتيجه 149 متصدي واحد صنفي متخلف اخطار پلمپ دريافت كرده و 30 واحد صنفي متخلف پلمپ شدند.

نوري افزود: ماموران در بازديد از اين واحدهاي صنفي موفق شدند، بيش از 25 هزار حلقه سي‌دي غيرمجاز را به همراه چهاردستگاه تجهيزات دريافت از ماهواره و مقاديري محصولات ضدفرهنگي كشف و ضبط كنند. (ايسنا – 25/5/90)

/ادامه طرح ضربتي پليس براي جمع‌آوري گيرنده‌هاي ماهواره/

طرح در نقاط ديگر پايتخت اجرا مي‌شود

ماموران پليس پايتخت صبح روز چهارشنبه در ادامه اجراي طرح ضربتي جمع‌آوري دستگاه‌هاي گيرنده ماهواره و ديش‌ها، بخشي‌هاي از مناطق شمال غربي تهران را پاكسازي كردند.

به گزارش خبرنگار «حوادث» خبرگزاري دانشجويان ايران (ايسنا)، در اين عمليات، ماموران پليس با به همراه داشتن حكم قضايي و انجام عمليات «راپل» نسبت به جمع‌آوري ديش‌هاي ماهواره‌اي واقع در پشت بام‌ها و طبقات مجتمع‌هاي مسكوني اين مناطق اقدام كردند.

در ادامه اين عمليات ماموران پليس پايتخت با حضور در مناطقي كه طرح جمع‌آوري ديش‌هاي ماهواره در آنجا اجرا شده بود، اما مالكان نسبت به نصب مجدد آن اقدام كرده بودند، ضمن جمع‌آوري ديش‌ها، تعدادي از متخلفان را به مراجع قضايي معرفي كردند.

به گزارش ايسنا، پليس در هفته گذشته اجراي اين طرح را در مناطقي از غرب تهران آغاز كرده و هشدار داده بود كه افرادي كه مجدد به نصب ديش‌هاي جمع‌آوري شده، اقدام كنند به مراجع قضايي معرفي مي‌شوند.

براساس گزارش ايسنا، اجراي اين طرح در ادامه طرح‌هاي امنيت اجتماعي در حال انجام است و بر اساس اعلام پليس اين طرح در روزهاي آتي در ديگر مناطق پايتخت نيز اجرا مي‌شود.(ايسنا – 26/5/90)

خشونت عليه زنان

اعمال سياست تبعيض جنسيتي در پذيرش دانشجويان در بيش از ٤۵ دانشگاه کشور

نتايج اوليه آزمون سراسري سال ٩٠ در حالي اعلام شده است که دفترچه انتخاب رشته داوطلبان کنکور سراسري حکايتگر اعمال سياست هاي تبعيض جنسيتي به صورت گسترده و سازمان يافته در نحوه پذيرش داوطلبان دختر مي باشد.

به گزارش دانشجونيوز، در حالي که آمارها نشان ميدهد ٦٨درصد داوطلبان مجاز به انتخاب رشته را دختران و ٣٢ درصد را پسران تشکيل ميدهند*، با اين وجود در بسياري از دانشگاه هاي کشور نسبت سهميه بندي پذيرش پسران به دختران در حد چشمگيري بالاتر است.

علاوه بر اين در نزديک به ٤٠ دانشگاه کشور... در بسياري از رشته ها تنها داوطلبان مرد و يا زن پذيرفته مي شوند که در راستاي تفکيک جنسيتي دانشجويان و محدوديت هاي بيشتر بر داوطلبان براي انتخاب رشته هاي مورد علاقه قلمداد مي شود. (دانشجو نيوز – 26/5/90)