Iran bans daily in continuing media censorship

Fars state-run news Agency
The Media Supervising Commission shut down the ‘Shahrvand Emrouz [Today’s Citizen] publication for publishing content outside of the framework of the sixth articles of the Media Law and referred [this publication] to a court.

[Note: Opposition websites have said that this publication was banned for printing a picture of Ahmadinejad seen on the left.]

"شهروند امروز" توقيف شد

همچنين هيئت نظارت برمطبوعات در جلسه امروز خود نشريه «شهروند امروز» را به دليل انتشار مطالبي خارج از حدود مقرر در ماده شش قانون مطبوعات توقيف و به دادگاه معرفي کرد. (فارس – 14/6/90)


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