Iran expels student activist from medical university

Daneshju News

Yaser Rahmani, a medical student at the Shiraz Medical Science University and the political secretary of the Islamic Association in this university was finally expelled from university after being kept in a state of limbo for one and a half years. He was expelled in a sentence by the Central Disciplinary Committee of the Ministry of Health and Hygiene…
Notably, in this time, the Protection Department of his university and security officials in the province of Fars tried to ruin the image of this student activist and member of the Office for Consolidating Unity by saying that he had given interviews and had made confessions under pressure whish he has strongly denies.

اخراج ياسر رحماني، فعال دانشجويي دانشگاه پزشکي شيراز
ياسر رحماني دانشجوي رشته پزشکي دانشگاه علوم پزشکي شيراز و دبير سياسي سابق انجمن اسلامي اين دانشگاه، پس از يک سال ونيم بلاتکليفي، بالاخره در حکمي توسط کميته انضباطي مرکزي وزارت بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشکي از دانشگاه اخراج شد...
خاطر نشان مي شود در طول اين مدت حراست دانشگاه و مسئولين امنيتي استان فارس براي خدشه وارد کردن به فعاليت هاي اين فعال دانشجويي و دفتر تحکيم وحدت دروغ هاي بسياري مثل مصاحبه و اعترافات ساختگي را به اين فعال دانشجويي باسابقه و خوشنام نسبت دادند که قويا از سوي وي تکذيب شد. (دانشجو نيوز – 24/8/89)


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