Iran arrests cleric

Center in Defense of the Families of those Slain and Detained

According to reports, on Monday November 16, security forces raided the home of Allah Verdi Rohi and arrested him and one of his relative identified as Hamid. These forces searched his home and seized some of his personal belongings such as his computer. It is still not clear where these two are being kept. His family and relatives have pursued the reason behind their arrest but have not been given any information as yet. Raids by security forces to the homes of political and human rights activists especially in the weeks leading up to Student Day (December 7) has become prevalent in Iran.

دستگيري يک روحاني و يكي از بستگانش
براساس گزارشات دريافتي ,صبح روز دوشنبه 89.8.24 در يورشي به منزل آقاي الله وردي روحي و يكي از بستگانش بنام حميد هر دو نفر را بازداشت نمودند.در بازرسي كه از منزل آقاي روحي به عمل آمده وسايل شخصي ايشان از جمله كيس كامپيوتر و ساير متعلقات آن را مأموران با خود برده اند.هنوز محل نگهداري و بازداشت اين دو نفر مشخص نگرديده است.خانواده وآشنايان اقاي روحي بدنبال پيگيري دليل دستگيري آنان هستند,اما تا كنون اطلاعي از آنان داده نشده.يورش مأمورن به منازل خانواده هاي سياسي و يا فعالين حقوق بشري بطور خاص در ايام نزديك به 16 آذر امري رايج گشته است. (كانون حمايت ازخانواده هاي جان باختگان و بازداشتي ها – 26/8/89)


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