Aftab state-run website :
Majlis finally made a decision about [the practice of] temporary marriages: there is no need to officially register in concubines [temporary marriages]. When this was announced yesterday, many questions were raised about the future of these kinds of marriages and the old discussions on the deterioration of women’s rights and what would happen to the child born as a result of these marriages were raised again.
In the law that Majils ratified yesterday with 104 votes, there are three conditions under which a concubine has to be registered: when the woman is pregnant, when both sides agree and when there are stipulations. But the issue of a woman becoming pregnant after an unregistered marriage when the man is not willing to register the marriage is a criticism that many have regarding the lay passed by Majilis.

صیغه بدون اما و اگر  
آفتاب: مجلس بالاخره تکلیف ازدواجهای موقت (فحشای اسلامی) را روشن کرد؛ صیغه نیاز به ثبت رسمی ندارد! خبری که دیروز وقتی اعلام شد، اما و اگرهای زیادی را درباره آینده این ازدواجها سر زبانها انداخت و بحث قدیمی تضییع حقوق زنان و تکلیف بچههای متولد شده از این ازدواجها را زنده کرد.
در قانونی که مجلسیها دیروز مجلس با۱۰۴ رای موافق، ۶ رای مخالف و ۱۲ را ی ممتنع تصویب کردند، صیغه در سه صورت نیاز به ثبت پیدا میکند: وقتی زن باردار شود، وقتی طرفین توافق کنند و وقتی شرط ضمن عقد باشد. اما در این بین، وضعیت بارداری زن بعد از یک ازدواج ثبت نشده و زیر بار نرفتن مرد برای ثبت ازدواج، مشکلی است که خیلیها به مصوبه دیروز مجلس وارد میکنند. (آفتاب – 16/12/90)


annieprunes said...

It is appalling that the rights of women are so degraded in a country which professes to follow the intentions of the Quran. Women are full and equal partners and participants according to the Quran and their rights must be recognized and protected - otherwise the government has no legitimate right to claim that it is Islamic in its leadership. Shame on the government of Iran for continuing to degrade the rights of women!

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