Arbitrary arrests

Social arrests

Iran arrests web activists in Gorgan for publishing ‘unsuitable’ images on internet

According to the Public Relations Office of the Golestan Province Judiciary, Abbas Pouriani, the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Gorgan said that groups that published pictures on the internet were arrested.
“Three groups that published unsuitable images on the internet and held mixed gender camps were arrested in Gorgan”, he said in a meeting with the heads of universities and other institutions of higher learning.
“The task of seeing to their cases has now started”, he added. (The Public Relations Office of the Golestan Province Judiciary, Human Rights Activists in Iran– Aug. 23, 2012)

Prison conditions

MP says Iranian prisons packed with prisoners

The spokesman of the Judiciary and Legal Commission in the Majlis [Iran’s so-called parliament] stressed that prisons were packed with prisoners and criminals and added, “Unfortunately, because of the many designations of criminality in the law, most people who are charged with any kind of crime go to prison”.
“The surge of the number of prisoners will definitely lead to many problems for the country”, Mohammad-Ali Esfenani, the representative of the people of Faridan, Farid-o Nashhar and Chadgan in the Majlis said. (Tabnak state-run website - Aug. 21, 2012)

Family of jailed political prisoner concerned about his grave health
Detained political prisoner Omid Dehdarzadeh who is held in the Ahwaz Intelligence Agency Detention Center is in poor health.
Dehdarzadeh is a political activist from Khuzistan and a member of the Pan-Iranist Party who was arrested on August 10 by security forces in his home in Ahwaz. He was only allowed one call to his family which only lasted a few seconds in which he informed them he was being held in a solitary cell.
Security forces searched his home a few days ago and despite the fact that he is a member of the Pan-Iranist Party, they announced that he was arrested for having links to separatist groups.
This political activist is suffering from corverse and according to his doctor he has to receive treatment and use medicines such as amitriptyline. He had to take about 10 pills a day and in light of the fact that he does not have access to his medication and mental pressure during the interrogations, his health might be in danger and his family is concerned about his health.
Dehdarzadeh has been arrested three times during the past few months and was sentenced to 75 lashes, six months of suspended prison and a 10 million rial fine a few weeks ago by the Ahwaz Revolutionary Court. This sentence was upheld in a court of review. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Aug. 22, 2012)

Iran must immediately release prisoner of conscience Arzhang Davoodi
Writer Arzhang Davoodi, who is facing fresh charges after being imprisoned in Iran for nearly nine years, must be released immediately and unconditionally, Amnesty International said.
Arzhang Davoodi, 60, who has been imprisoned since October 2003, faces a court hearing before Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court of Tehran on 28 August on a new charge of “enmity against God” (moharebeh), which carries a possible death sentence.
The new charge is believed to be linked to his peaceful political activism and writings, including the release of an audio recording in which he called for “freedom and democracy."
The recorded message was widely distributed on the internet after the Confederation for Iranian Students (CIS), a 7,000-membership independent, pro-western student movement, released the recording in a conference in the United States of America.
Arzhang Davoodi is feared to have been tortured and ill-treated since being transferred on 27 June to Section 209 of Tehran’s Evin Prison which is believed to be under the control of the Ministry of Intelligence.
"Not only is Arzhang Davoodi held solely for peacefully exercising his rights to freedom of expression and association in his writings and political activism, but he now faces fresh charges after being in jail for nearly nine years,” said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Amnesty International's Deputy Middle East and North Africa Director.
"He is a prisoner of conscience and the Iranian authorities must release him immediately and unconditionally.
"The intolerance of dissent of the Iranian authorities is such that they continue to harass Arzhang Davoodi and his family although he is already in jail".
"The Iranian authorities must also protect him from torture or other ill-treatment and provide him with all necessary medical care and allow him immediate access to his family and his lawyer".
Davoodi has served his sentence in a number of different prisons in Iran since his detention began, including at Bandar Abbas Prison, Hormozgan Prison, 1,500 km south of his home in Tehran; Reja’i Shahr Prison and Evin Prison - including Section 209.
He has also spent lengthy periods of time in solitary confinement in Evin Prison since his arrest and has had no contact with his family since his transfer to Section 209.
Davoodi was arrested in October 2003 for participating in a documentary, Forbidden Iran, in which he spoke out about human rights violations in Iran.
Following a trial in 2005, he was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment and 75 lashes by the Revolutionary Court on charges related to “spreading propaganda against the system”, “establishing and directing an organization opposed to the government”, being the director of the Parto-e Hekmat Cultural Education Centre in Tehran, participating in the making of the documentary and for his writings on a secular system of governance in Iran. (Amnesty International – Aug. 24, 2012)

Prison sentences

Postdoctoral Texas University students sentenced to 10 years of prison

According reports, Omid Kokabi, who graduated from Tehran’s Sharif Industrial University and is a postdoctoral student of atomic physics at Texas University was sentenced to 10 years of prison in a court of first instance presided over by Judge Salavati.
His trial was held after he was detained for 15 months with those charged with cooperating with Mossad…
In a letter to the head of Iran’s Judiciary, Sadeq Larijani, last summer, he announced that during his interrogations he was forced to write a false confession because of pressure from his interrogators…
“The interrogator took the paper from me after every line that I wrote and read it. They threw away my answers many times with anger, threats and yells and put another paper in front of me forcing me to write down what they said and I regret that I did just that”, he wrote in the letter.
Kokabi who is a Turkmen and a Sunni Muslim was arrested on January 30, 2011 in Khomeini Airport.
According to reports, during the past years, officials of the Atomic Energy Organization and a number of universities affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards Corps had asked Omid Kokabi to cooperate with them on laser and communications projects but Kokabi had turned down their offers. (Daneshju News – Aug. 19, 2012)

Iran sentences father and son political prisoners to prison
Two residents of Mahabad [a father and son] were sentenced to prison terms by the Revolutionary Court in this town.
According to reports, Mohammad-Amin Qaderzadeh who has been detained from seven months ago in Mahabad Prison was sentenced to four years of prison on security charges [political charges].
Other reports say that his son, Zaniar Qaderzadeh, was sentenced to one and a half years of prison by the first branch of the Mahabad Revolutionary Court. He is currently serving his prison term in Mahabad Prison. (Mukrian News Agency – Aug. 21, 2012)

دستگيريهاي خودسرانه

دستگيريهاي اجتماعي

گروهی از فعالین اینترنتی گرگان بازداشت شدند
بنا به گزارش روابط‌عمومی و اطلاع‌رسانی دادگستری کل استان گلستان، عباس پوریانی، دادستان عمومی و انقلاب گرگان، در جمع روسای دانشگاه‌ها و موسسات آموزش عالی استان اظهار داشت: سه گروه که در فضای مجازی اقدام به انتشار تصاویر نامناسب و برگزاری اردوهای مختلط میکردند در گرگان بازداشت شدند.
وی گفت: کار رسیدگی به پرونده این افراد هم اکنون آغاز شده است. (هرانا، روابط‌عمومی و اطلاع‌رسانی دادگستری کل استان گلستان – 2/6/91)

شرايط زندان

زندان‌ها از زندانی اشباع شده است
سخنگوی کمیسیون قضایی و حقوقی مجلس٬ با تأکید بر این‌که هم‌اکنون زندانها از زندانیان و مجرمان اشباع شده است٬ افزود: متأسفانه به‌علت تعدد عنوانین مجرمانه در قانون٬ بیشتر افراد مجرم با هر نوع عنوان مجرمانه به زندان می‌‌روند .
محمدعلی اسفنانی نماینده مردم فریدن٬ فریدونشهر و چادگان در مجلس شورای اسلامی در گفت‌وگو با خبرگزاری خانه ملت٬ با اشاره به افزایش ورود افراد مجرم به زندان‌های کشور٬ یادآور شد: به‌طور حتم افزایش آمار زندانیان کشور مشکلات زیادی را برای کشور به‌دنبال دارد. (سایت تابناک (رژیم) -30/5/1391)

نگرانی از وضعیت جسمی امید دهدارزاده در بازداشت
وضعیت جسمی امید دهدارزاده، فعال سیاسی بازداشتی در بازداشتگاه اداره اطلاعات اهواز نگران کننده است.
امید دهدارزاده از فعالین سیاسی خوزستان و عضو حزب پان ایرانیست، شب جمعه ۲۰ مرداد ماه با ارایه حکم بازداشت توسط نیروهای امنیتی در منزل خود در اهواز بازداشت شد. وی ۱۰ روز پس بازداشت تنها یک تماس چند ثانیه‌ای با خانواده خود داشت و از نگهداری خود در سلول انفرادی خبر داد.
نیروهای امنیتی چند روز پیش منزل این فعال ملی را تفتیش کرده وعلیرغم اینکه وی عضو حزب پان ایرانیست است دلیل بازداشت وی را ارتباط با گروه‌های تجزیه طلب‌ عنوان کردند.
این فعال سیاسی از بیماری corverse رنج می‌برد و طبق تجویز پزشک معالج‌اش تحت درمان با داروهای "آمی تریپتیلین و نورتریپتیلین" است. وی باید روزانه حدود ۱۰ قرص مصرف می‌کرد، با توجه به عدم دسترسی به دارو‌ها در زمان بازداشت و فشار روحی در مراحل بازجویی ممکن است سلامتی‌اش با خطر مواجه شود. این مساله باعث نگرانی خانواده وی شده است.
دهدار‌زاده در چند ماه گذشته سه بار توسط نیروهای امنیتی بازداشت شده بود و چند هفته پیش توسط دادگاه انقلاب اهواز به ۷۵ ضربه شلاق، ۶ ماه حبس تعلیقی و ده میلیون ریال جزای نقدی محکوم شد که این حکم در مرحله تجدید نظر هم مورد تایید قرار گرفت. (هرانا – 1/6/91)

ایران باید سریعاً زندانی عقیدتی، ارژنگ داوودی را آزاد نماید
ایران باید سریعاً زندانی عقیدتی، ارژنگ داوودی را آزاد نماید
عفو بین‌الملل گفت، نویسنده ارژنک داوودی که پس از زندانی شدن در ایران برای نزدیک به 9سال، با اتهامات جدیدی مواجه است، باید سریعاً و بدون شرط آزاد گردد...
ارژیک داوودی که 60ساله می‌باشد، و از اکتبر 2003 زندانی بوده است، در روز 28 اوت با اتهام جدید ”محارب ”، که امکان حکم اعدام دارد، در شعبه 15 دادگاه انقلاب اسلامی تهران استماع دارد. (سایت عفو بین‌الملل- 3/6/1391)

احكام زندان

حکم ١٠ سال زندان امید کوکبی تایید شد
 حکم ١٠ سال زندان امید کوکبی، دانشمند جوان ایرانی، در دادگاه تجدید نظر تایید شد.
به گزارش دانشجونیوز، در روز یکشنبه ۲۴ اردبیهشت ماه، امید کوکبی فارغ التحصیل دانشگاه صنعتی شریف و دانشجوی فوق دکترای فیزیک اتمی در دانشگاه تگزاس آمریکا، در دادگاه بدوی به ریاست قاضی صلواتی به ١٠ سال زندان محکوم شد.
 دادگاه وی پس از ١۵ ماه بازداشت به همراه متهمان به همکاری با سازمان جاسوسی اسرائیل برگزار شده بود...
وی در تیرماه سال گذشته در نامه ای خطاب به صادق لاریجانی، رییس قوه قضائیه، اعلام کرده بود که در طی دوران بازجویی به دلیل فشار از سوی بازجوهایش مجبور به نوشتن اعترافات دروغین شده است...
امید کوکبی می گوید: “بازجویان که در هنگام نوشتن مطالب را سطر به سطر از دستم گرفته و می خواندند، بارها جواب های نوشته شده من را با خشم و تهدید و فریاد کنار گذاشته و با در اختیار گذشتن برگه ای دیگر اجبار می کردند که مجددا آنچه را که آنها می گویند و نظر و برداشت آنهاست بنویسم که صدافسوس من نیز چنین می کردم."
امید کوکبی، از هموطنان ترکمن و اهل سنت می باشد که روز دهم بهمن ماه سال ١٣٨٩ در فرودگاه امام خمینی بازداشت شده بود. 
 بنابر برخی گزارش ها در سال های اخیر مقامات سازمان انرژی اتمی و همچنین برخی دانشگاه های وابسته به سپاه پاسداران بارها به امید کوکبی پیشنهاد همکاری و فعالیت در پروژه های لیزری و مخابراتی داده بودند که کوکبی این پیشنهادات را ردکرده بود. (دانشجو نيوز – 29/5/91)

یک پدر و پسر در مهاباد به زندان محکوم شدند
دو شهروند در مهاباد از طرف دادگاه انقلاب اسلامی این شهر به زندان محکوم شدند.
بنا به گزارش تارنمای موکریان، یک شهروند مهابادی به نام محمدامین قادرزاده از سوی دادگاه انقلاب اسلامی به زندان محکوم شد.
براساس این گزارش، قادرزاده که بیش از هفت ماه است در زندان مهاباد بسر می‌برد به اتهام امنیتی به چهارسال حبس محکوم شد.
همچنین بر اساس خبر دیگری که به سایت موکریان در مهاباد رسیده، زانیار قادرزاده فرزند محمدامین نیز از طرف شعبه اول دادگاه انقلاب اسلامی مهاباد به یک سال ونیم زندان محکوم شد...
لازم به ذکر است زانیار قادرزاده پیش‌تر نیز حدود سه ماه را در بازداشت به سر برده و با قرار وثیقه ۶۰ میلیونی از زندان آزاد شده بود و هم اکنون در زندان مهاباد دوران محکومیت خود را می‌گذراند. (موکریان – 31/5/91)


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