Political prisoner forced to take off clothes during insulting body search in Evin Prison
Mohammad Davari, the editor of Saham News Website, who is detained in Section 350 in Evin Prison was offensively body searched last Saturday while coming back from the hospital by the agents at the door of Evin Prison. The security agents asked him to take off his clothes for the body search. This is while he was taken on Saturday morning to the hospital with two agents by his side and was returned in the afternoon. The agents were with him at all times and he did not have any visits during this time. The insulting treatment of security agents at Evin Prison, including handcuffing, shackling, blindfolding and body searching [political prisoners] has been subject to objections by political prisoners in this section on many occasions…
Some time ago, after beating 70 year old Abolfazl Qadiani, another political prisoner detained in Section 350, security forces forcefully handcuffed and took him to the hospital. These measures were taken even as this kind of treatment could have triggered a heart attack and could have endangered this political prisoner's life.
Mohammad Davari has now been detained for three years and is detained to serve his five year prisoner term. He has been under pressure and severe limitations during this time… Davari [served in the Iran-Iraq war] and sustained injuries. (Saham News website – Aug. 28, 2012)

Blogger and activist re-arrested and tortured in prison
Hossein Ronaghi Maleki and Navid Khanjani were re-arrested on 22 August 2012 after security forces reportedly attacked a relief camp for earthquake victims in the East Azerbaijan province. Both men are being held in an unknown location.
On 22 August 2012 police and plain-clothed security forces reportedly attacked a relief camp offering supplies for earthquake victims and arrested blogger, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki and human rights activist, Navid Khanjani, along with dozens of other volunteer relief workers and activists. After the arrests, the security forces shut down the camp. According to reports, the arrests happened at 11pm and the detainees were blindfolded and taken to the Tabriz Ministry of Intelligence facility for questioning.
On 24 August, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki was transferred from the Ministry of Intelligence facility to Section 1 of Tabriz Prison. He has been charged with “distributing unclean and non-hygienic goods" and is reported to have been tortured during questioning. He was reportedly beaten so severely in the kidney area that the wound from a recent surgery haemorrhaged. Despite this, he has been refused medical care and has not been allowed to take his medicine. There is great concern that Hossein Ronaghi Maleki’s physical health is now rapidly deteriorating.
Navid Khanjani had been awaiting a summons to start serving a 12-year sentence after an unfair trial, when he was also arrested at the relief camp. He was also transferred to Section 1 of Tabriz Prison and charged with 'distributing unclean and non-hygienic goods."
Although most of those arrested have now been released, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki and Navid Khanjani are among those still detained and have both been on a dry hunger strike since 25 August in protest against their arrest and detention. On the afternoon of 25 August both men were taken by Ministry of Intelligence security officers from Tabriz Prison to an unknown location and have not been heard from since…
Authorities in Iran have stressed that aid must be handed to officials responsible for the distribution of relief supplies in the areas affected by the East Azerbaijan earthquakes. However, many volunteers from Tehran and other cities have taken to coordinating their own relief efforts for the victims of the earthquakes because of a lack of trust in the way Iranian authorities have handled relief operations.
After their arrest, all the detainees went on a dry hunger strike and sent an open letter addressed to the head of the judiciary, Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani, stressing that their presence in the East Azerbaijan province was solely to provide and distribute relief supplies to earthquake victims.
Prior to his recent arrest on 22 August 2012, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki had been released on 2 July after payment of bail of 10 billion Rials (approximately US $815, 000). He had been sentenced to 15 years in prison after an unfair trial in 2010 on charges including “membership of the [illegal] internet group ‘Iran Proxy’ ”, “spreading propaganda against the system ”and “insulting the Leader and the President ”, apparently in connection with articles he posted on his blog, 14 Tir. He returned to his blog on 5 July, 2012, and wrote, “After 32 months of not writing on my blog, I have come today… pen in hand and write to say that I am feeling well because my mother’s face is fresh [with happiness] and she does not cry."
Before his arrest on 22 August 2012, Navid Khanjani was at liberty awaiting a summons to start serving a 12-year prison sentence. He was a member of both the Committee for Human Rights Reporters (CHRR) and the Association to Oppose Discrimination in Education (AODE) and was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment on 31 January 2011. His sentence was upheld on appeal and confirmed by Branch 54 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran on 10 August 2011. His lawyer was only informed 14 days later.
Navid Khanjani had been arrested in Esfahan on 2 March 2010. He faced an unfair trial on 20 December 2010 in Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court. He was apparently sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment in connection with his work with the AODE; and five for his work with the CHRR. An additional three years were said to have been handed down for “creating unease in the public mind”, and “propaganda against the system”. Navid Khanjani was eventually sentenced to 12 years imprisonment after the court supposedly applied 'Islamic mercy.'
Torture and other ill-treatment is common in Iran, particularly during interrogation when detainees are routinely denied access to a lawyer and are often held incommunicado. (Amnesty International- Aug. 30, 2012)

Political prisoner loses eye following brutal prison raid
According to reports, Hashem Khord, a 26 year old Baluch political prisoner, lost one of his eyes during the August 7 raid at Zahedan Prison in which the Special Guards and other forces attacked Section 5 of this prison where political prisoners are detained. This political prisoner lost his eye because he was not transferred to the hospital and a lack of treatment.
Khord has filed a complaint against this measure but is currently under pressure by the Zahedan Prosecutor and a person identified as Gholami who is the head of Prison Intelligence to retract his complaint. He was told that if withdraws his complaint, he would receive blood money. But he has refused and has demanded that the assailers who attacked the political section be punished. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Aug. 30, 2012)

اعمال ضد بشري و مجازاتهاي بيرحمانه
قطع عضو, شلاق, شكنجه, تحقير و توهين

بازرسی تحقیر آمیز زندانی سیاسی در زندان اوین
محمد داوری، سردبیر سایت سحام نیوز و زندانی سیاسی بند ۳۵۰ اوین، روز شنبه گذشته هنگام بازگشت از بیمارستان، توسط مأموران درب ورودی زندان اوین به‌صورت تحقیرآمیزی مورد بازرسی قرار گرفت. مأموران حفاظت زندان اوین از وی خواسته بودند که لباس هایش را درآورد و لخت شود. این اقدام مأموران زندان در حالی بوده که ایشان تحت الحفظ با دو مامور، صبح شنبه به بیمارستان اعزام شده و ظهر نیز برگشت داده شده بود و در تمام لحظه‌ها مأموران همراه وی بوده‌اند و هیچ ملاقات کننده‌ای هم نداشته است. بارها برخوردهای تحقیر‌آمیز مأموران حفاظت زندان اوین از طریق دست‌بند زدن، پابند و چشم‌بند زدن و بازرسیهای بدنی، مورد اعتراض زندانیان سیاسی بند قرار گرفته است ...
مدتی پیش مأموران پس از ضرب‌وشتم ابوالفضل قدیانی، زندانی سیاسی بند ۳۵۰ اوین که نزدیک به ۷۰ سال سن دارد؛ به ایشان دست‌بند زدند و با اجبار او را به بیمارستان بردند. درحالی‌که این نوع برخورد مأموران زندان امکان حمله قلبی را به وی می‌داد و جان این زندانی سیاسی در خطر بود.
محمد داوری، اکنون نزدیک به سه سال است که برای گذراندن حکم محکومیت ۵ساله خود در زندان به‌سر می‌برد و در این مدت به‌شدت تحت فشار، محرومیت و محدودیت بوده است... محمد داوری جانباز دوران جنگ ایران و عراق است. (سحام نیوز – 7/6/1391)

دستگیری مجدد بلاگر و فعال (حقوق‌بشر) در ایران
روز 22 اوت سال 2012 بعد از حمله نیروهای امنیتی به یک کمپ امداد برای قربانیان زمین‌لرزه استان آذربایجان شرقی، حسین رونقی ملکی و نوید خانجانی (Khanjani ) مجدداً دستگیر شدند.
طبق گزارشات روز 22 اوت لباس‌ شخصی‌های نیروهای امنیتی به کمپی که به قربانیان زمین‌لرزه کمک می‌رساند حمله کرده و حسین رونقی ملکی، بلاگر و نوید خانجانی، فعال حقوق‌بشر را به همراه دهها تن دیگر از کارمندان کمک‌رسانی و فعالان داوطلب را دستگیر کردند. (در اين خبر همچنين به شكنجه رونقي اشاره شده است و اينكه جاي عمل كليه اش خونريزي كرده است.) (سایت عفو بین‌الملل- 9/6/1391)

یورش و حشیانه به زندانیان سیاسی زندان زاهدان منجر به کورشدن یک زندانی سیاسی گردید
بنا‌به گزارشات رسیده به 'فعالین حقوق‌بشر و دموکراسی در ایران' یکی از زندانیان سیاسی هموطن بلوچ در جریان یورش وحشیانه 17مرداد یکی از چشمان خود را دست داده است.
زندانی سیاسی بلوچ هاشم خرد 26ساله که در جریان یورش وحشیانه‌ی 17مرداد ماه گارد ویژه زندان و سایر نیروهای سرکوبگر به بند 5 زندانیان سیاسی و عقیدتی زاهدان صورت گرفت یکی از چشمان خود را از دست داد. این زندانی سیاسی به‌دلیل عدم انتقال به بیمارستان و عدم درمان چشمش بینایی خود را از دست داده است.
زندانی سیاسی هاشم خرد نسبت به این عمل و وحشیانه و سرکوبگرانه شکایت نموده است اما در حال حاضر تحت فشار دادستان زاهدان و مسئول اطلاعات زندان زاهدان فردی به نام غلامی قرار دارد که باید شکایت خود را پس بگیرد و اگر آن را پس بگیرد به او دیه خواهند داد. اما این زندانی سیاسی وعده‌های دروغین را نپذیرفته است و خواستار مجازات مهاجمین به بند زندانیان سیاسی است. (سایت فعالان حقوقبشر در ایران- 10/6/1391)


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