Human Right Weekly Dec 3013- Prison conditions

Death sentence

Laying the ground for the execution of six hunger strikers
To lay the ground for the execution of six Kurd political prisoners who are on hunger strike, a Kurd inmate in Sanandaj was brought to regime's TV (News Network) and was made to make confessions there against the sixth.
Their family said these acts are carried out to lay the ground for the execution of their children. (NCRI- 21 December 2013)


Prison conditions

Six Sunni men from Iran’s Kurdish minority have been on hunger strike since 4
November, in protest at their death sentences and the conditions they are held in. All have been suffering health problems as a result.
Jamshid Dehghani, his younger brother Jahangir Dehghani, Hamed Ahmadi, Kamal Molayee, Hadi Hosseini and Sedigh Mohammadi began a “wet” hunger strike (taking water but not food) on 4 November 2013, in protest at being sentenced to death, having no access to a lawyer since their arrest, and being tried behind closed doors; as well as the conditions of their imprisonment, including inadequate sanitation. The men were transferred to solitary confinement for 13 days after they started their hunger strike. Since then, they
have been in poor health, suffering low blood pressure, fainting, and a burning sensation when urinating. Jamshid Dehghani and Hamed Ahmadi are believed to be suffering from stomach ulcers and have vomited blood at least four times since going on hunger strike. All six men were sentenced to death after being convicted of vaguely worded offences such as “enmity against God” (moharebeh) and “corruption on earth” (ifsad fil-arz). (Amnesty International 12 December 2013)

Afshin Baimani undergoes his second heart attack

Political prisoner Afshin Baimani, confined at hall 12 of Karaj's Rajaee Shahr Prison was transferred as an emergency case to Khomeini hospital on Saturday 21 December after having a heart attack at 6 a.m.
Mr. Baimani was sentenced to death on 5 September 2000 for helping his brother Mehdi Baimani to leave the country.
The decree was upheld at the revision court but after 6 years it was commuted to life-in-prison. (Herana- 19 December 2013)

attar Beheshti's parents: there are hands working to trample our youth's blood

Sattar Beheshit's parents, a worker and blogger who lost his live last year at prison addressed Tehran's prosecutor in a letter and stated: "there are hands at work to trample the blood of our youth."
Gohar Eshqi, his mother and Sardar Beheshti, his father underscored in their letter: "He died while being tortured by the interrogator, second lieutenant Akbar Taqizadeh."
Sattar's mother has said time and again that she doesn't want money to compensate for his loss, she just wants to know the reason of his death.
After Sattar died, 41 political prisoners confined at Evin Prison testified in a letter that Sattar was at ward 350 of Evin Prison during 31 October and 1 November of 2012. He had been severely tortured and signs of different kinds of torture were seen all over his body. (Majzooban-e Noor, 20 December 2013)

Farhad Salimi was denied leave for his father's funeral

Prison authorities refrained from giving Farhad Salimi a leave when his father died. Farhad is from City of Saqez and was arrested on 8 February 2010 by the intelligence bureau.
After being confined for four years at Karaj's Rajaee Shahr Prison, his case is still in limbo. (Herana- 20 December 2013)

Sunni prisoners on hunger strike for the 46th day at Gezel Hessar Prison

Six Sunni political prisoners who are on their 46th day of hunger strike are in critical physical condition but the prison authorities have offered them no medical care during the last 12 days.
"The families of these prisoners intend to go to Tehran in near future and hold a sit-in in front of Khameni's place to bring an end to this situation.
Nassiripoor a MOIS agent and responsible for the files of Sunni prisoners has told them that their cases is closed and though they have been held innocent regarding the assassination conspiracy, they will be executed soon," stated and informed source.
Hamed Ahmadi, Kamal Molaee, Jamshid Dehqani, Jahangir Dehqani, Sediq Mohammadi and Seyyed Hadi Hussini launched a hunger strike since 4 November in protest to the violation of 'separation of crimes' principle and their death sentences. (Herana- 21 December 2013)

Depriving two political prisoner of medical care with the intention to kill them

MOIS interrogators and Tehran's prosecutor, Jafari Dolat Abadi intends to kill two political prisoners by depriving them of medical care.
The two confined at ward 350 of Evin Prison were also among the political prisoners during 1980s. Dr. Asghar Qatan is suffering from various ailments such as high blood pressure, severe diabetes, and high cholesterol all because of being tortured.
He has also undergone surgery for his cataract, hernia, kidney problems… and for putting duct for his ureter.
Dr. Qatan has almost lost his eye sight in one eye for his chronic and hard diabetes.
He had a heart stroke on 9 December but Tehran Revolution Court prosecutor, Abbas Jafari, did not extend his medical leave despite the fact that his family constantly requested it. He intends to return Dr. Qatan to prison.
Mohammad Saemi, 64, who is on medical leave for his kidney problems, arthritis, heart problem, disc prolapse and damage to his tympanum is going to be returned to the ward though his treatment is not over. Khodabakhshi, the prosecutor's deputy insists on his return. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran- 22 December 2013)

An inmate died because of a 'work for leave' deal

Saeed Kamali who was transferred since a while ago to the power unit of Zahedan Central Prison in a deal for 'permission to regular leave' while having no knowledge about electricity was hit by electric shock and died. (Herana- 23 December 2013)

Political prisoners support the laborers strike

On 24 December two political prisoners, Shahrokh Zamani and Khaleh Hardani launched a one-day hunger strike to show their support for the strikers of 'Haft Tabeh' sugar cane factory and 'Iran Khodro' factory who had started a strike since a few days ago.
Shahrokh Zamani is a known labor activist who was arrested late spring of 2011, transferred to Yazd Prison and sentenced to an 11- year hard-labor prison term later.
Khalid Hardani is jailed since 2000. He was first sentence to death but his sentence was commuted to life-in-prison. (Kurdpa- 25 December 2013)


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