Committee of Human Rights Reporters

After 20 days since the arrest of Navid Khanjani, his family has been unsuccessful in tracking [any information] from [court] judges or [officials at] Evin prison.
Additionally, the officials at Sadegh Larijani’s office have refused a letter Navid’s family wrote to the judiciary (editor’s note- Sadegh Larijani is the head of the judicial system in Iran). In reply to Navid’s family, the officials for Larijani’s office stated that Baha’is do not have “the right to a plea (I.e. a lawsuit).”
Navid Khanjani is currently detained in a solitary confinement cell reserved for members of the IRGC. He is under great pressure and interrogation. Navid’s current condition has caused his family to worry.
At the start of the new year (a new year in Iran begins on the first day of spring), Navid Khanjani’s family demanded the “freedom of Navid and all the innocent people who have tried to regain basic human rights for all.”
Navid Khanjani, a member of the Committee of Human Rights Reporters and one of the founders of the Population of Combat against Educational Discrimination, was banned from attending university for his belief in the Baha’i faith. In the past years, Navid has played a significant role [in raising awareness] on educational discrimination.

Translation by: Maneli M.


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