Rights Activist Abdolreza Ahmadi Remains in Prison

After Abdolreza Ahmadi called home a few days ago to inform his family of his detention in Evin prison, and since then, there has been no further news available [on his condition].
According to a RAHANA reporter, on March 3, 2010, intelligence agents entered the house of Ahmadi’s parents after presenting a search and arrest warrant. After conducting a thorough search and seizing Ahmadi’s personal items, the agents forced the family to lure him back to the house under the pretext that his mother was in critical condition. Upon his arrival, Ahmadi was arrested and taken to Evin prison.
In the past few weeks the family has been waiting in silence hoping for his release. Their visits and attempts to seek information from the judicial authorities have been unsuccessful.
In March 2010, a significant amount of human rights activists were arrested across Iran. Following the arrests, state media began to fabricate a case against the arrested activists and called the operation the annihilation of the cyber network.
Abdolreza Ahmadi has an open history of human rights activities and is a member of the Reporters and Human Rights Activists of Iran. He focused his work on educating human rights, an area he was particularly attentive to. There is still no information available on Ahmadi’s charges since judicial officials have not yet released any details.
Ahmadi is the author of the Farda Roozi Keh Miayad blog (translation of blog name: tomorrow will come).
Translation by: RAHANA