Rights Lawyer Urges Judiciary to Investigate Judge Moghiseh

In a letter addressed to Iran’s head of judiciary, human rights lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei has outlined what he describes as the unlawful actions of judge Moghiseh, the head of branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran. Mostafaei, who in the past has represented a number of juvenile offenders and political prisoners, urged the judiciary to investigate judge Moghiseh. Mostafaei has stated that Moghiseh’s [court] decisions are biased and against the basic laws and procedural regulations governing the Iranian courts.

The letter, which is based on Mostafaei’s personal dealings and observations as the attorney in a number of cases assigned to Moghiseh, denounces the Revolutionary Court branch where Moghiseh is the presiding judge.

Some of the infractions listed in Mostafaei’s letter are: Arbitrary detentions, preventing lawyers from meeting with their clients or obtaining power of attorney, preventing the release of prisoners upon the expiry of their detention orders, refusal to notify lawyers of trial or other legal proceeding dates, refusal to hand over evidence, indictments and other court documents to lawyers, and denying the accused of the right to defend or be defended in court hearings.

Mostafaei has urged Ayatollah Larijani to launch a committee comprised of a panel of judges to investigate the breaches committed by branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court and judge Moghiseh. The lawyer has declared he is prepared to present to the investigating committee evidence related to a number of cases that [demonstrate] his clients have been denied the [rightful] legal process.


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