Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

According to reports, two prisoners who had protested the violent and inhumane treatment of Hassan Akharian, the head of cellblock 1 in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, were taken to a torture room which has been recently set up in this prison and were subjected to violent torture for hours. They were then thrown in solitary cells in cellblock 1 known as the doghouse.

On Monday April 19, two prisoners from cellblock 1 by the names of Hamid Kheirkhah and Reza Jalilvand were taken to a torture room set up by Hassan Akharian.
These prisoners were first shackled and them violently beaten with clubs and electric clubs by Akharian, and other prison guards including Amini, Mohammad Mohammadi and Goudarzi.

They were beaten in the face, head and other sensitive parts of their bodies. Two clubs broke as a result of the severity of the blows. After a long time, Akharian stopped the beatings and told the prisoners that they had to insult themselves and their families for the beatings to stop. But the prisoners did not only refuse this demand, they also tried not to cry out from pain while being tortured.
These four torturers then sprayed the prisoners' eyes with pepper spray and tear gas. The tortures were so severe that blood was dripping down the prisoners' faces and their bodies were black and bruised and bloody. These two defenseless prisoners who were bloody and injured were then thrown in solitary without any treatment


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