IRAN Weekly HR report, 21 Feb. 2011:Basic freedom and rights abused

Security forces arrest brother of slain protester, prevent family from talking to media

After the arrest of Qane Zhaleh, the brother of slain protester Sane Zhaleh, security forces have been stationed in their home and have prevented this family from talking to the media by subjecting them to pressure and threats.
Before this, it was disclosed that RGC commander Zeinoldin Ansarian, who is Sane Zhaleh’s cousin, had put extensive pressure on this family.
Before his arrest, Qane Zhaleh, Sane’s brother, announced yesterday in an interview that all the rumors being spread by security forces about his brother were lies and that he was in no way linked to the Bassij paramilitary forces.
According to this report, his cousin Zeinoldin Ansarian lied and announced after his death that he was a Bassij member…
Zeinoldin Ansarian’s wife and sister have gone to the home of Sane Zhaleh in Paveh and are controlling the telephone and answer the calls made by reporters.
Notably, after the murder of Sane Zhaleh by security forces during the February 14 protests and the arrest of his brother by the RGC elements, their mother has become severely ill and is in critical condition. (Daneshju News – Feb. 17, 2011)

Right to education

Iran cracks down on student activists
According to reports, after the suppression of student activists in universities across Iran, agents of the Khajeh Nasir University Protection Department and the Intelligence Agency have raised pressures on student activists in this university and have banned 20 students from entering university grounds while 50 students were summoned to the Protection Department and interrogated by Protection officials.
In January, six student activists in this university identified as Avat Pour Abdollahi, Barzan Mohammad Yani, Reza Zera’at Pisheh, Kamyab Givehki and Kamyar Givehki were summoned over the phone to the intelligence agency and were tortured and insulted in their interrogations. The Intelligence Agency has also threatened the families of these students with arrest.
Four students in this university were also sentenced to a total of six semesters of suspension from university. (Jaras Website – Feb. 13, 2011)

Suppressive maneuvers

Regime forces use electric batons to beat peaceful demonstrators: report
8:25 pm – Security forces used long electric batons and tear gas that had a loud explosive sound.
8 pm – Bassij forces used violence to beat citizens and arrested many in Forsat Street.
7:45 pm – There are currently severe clashes in Imam Hossein Square in Tehran and security forces are using violence in that region.
6:24 pm – The arrests in Tehran are very concerning. All detainees are immediately blindfolded and taken to fenced trucks.
6 pm – Security forces and plainclothes agents violently arrested a person in Azadi Square in Tehran who was filming the scenes. (Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Feb. 14, 2011)

Iran violently cracks down on dissent in Shiraz
Students of the Engineering University in Shiraz started their protests from Namazi Street. While entering this street, a large number of people joined them to form widespread protests.
At about 6:30 pm, security forces attacked the people, beating them with batons. They shot in the air when their efforts to disperse the protesters went in vain. There were some unconfirmed reports that security forces opened direct fire on the protesters wounding a number of people. After shots were fired, a large number of ambulances immediately went to that area in town from the hospital in Paramount Street.
A number of students were beaten by security forces while a large number were arrested. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Feb. 14, 2011)

Security forces attack and beat Sharif University students; injure students
Security forces and plainclothes agents raided Sharif University on February 14, while a large number of people were marching on the streets (in protest)…
According to reports, at about 6 pm, Guards Forces attacked Sharif University, beating the students inside the university grounds.
This is while there was a protest gathering in this university from 5:30 pm and when students intended to leave the university, they were attacked by the Guards.
A number of students sustained injuries to their heads and are currently hospitalized. Some reports also suggest that a number of students were arrested but their names and description have not been reported. (Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Feb. 14, 2011)

Plainclothes agents crack down on peaceful student gathering in Mashhad University
On Monday, February 14, a gathering by the Green Movement in Mashhad which initially started in Firdosi University was suppressed by plainclothes agents and the university’s Protection Department agents…
The crowds chanted, ‘death to dictator’, when riot police and plainclothes agents on motorcycles attacked the people again trying to disperse them by beating them with batons. A young man who was carrying a cellphone was attacked by riot police and the attempts of other protesters to save him went in vain. On the other side of the street, when security forces were trying to arrest a girl, the people again tried to free her, but more riot police were brought to the scene and the girl and other people were detained.
According to reports from Mashhad, a number of protesters were arrested in Melat Park and other areas in this city. (Jaras Website – Feb. 14, 2011)

Plainclothes agents open fire on protesters and shoot two people
Two people in Tehran were wounded after being shot at by a plainclothes agent near Qarib Street in Tehran in the evening.
These two were shot in the intersection going to Qarib Street before the Veterinarian College by a plainclothes agent who was carrying a pistol. One of the people was shot in the ankle while the other person was shot in the arm.
They were taken to a house after being shot and the shooter left the scene on a motorcycle. This incident occurred at about 6 pm. (Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Feb. 15, 2011)

Women shot in Tehran’s Azarbaijan Street
During the clashes between security forces and protesters, there were reports that a female protester was shot at in Azarbaijan Street in Tehran.
Eyewitnesses have said that she was directly shot in the right hand. According to reports, the people have tried to transfer her to a safe location. (Jaras Website – Feb. 14, 2011)

Iran says it will deal firmly with main elements of Feb. 14 protests
The spokesperson of the Judiciary cited the events of February 14, 2011 and said, “These events were planned and backed by America and anti-revolutionary groups including the Monafeqin (PMOI)”…
“In light of previous warnings, the Judiciary will deal firmly and in a speedy manner with the mail elements and those whose actions led to the disruption of social order”, he added. (IRNA state-run News Agency – Feb. 15, 2011)

Iran: Stop Attacks on Peaceful Demonstrators
Iranian security forces should stop using teargas and batons to disperse peaceful crowds gathered in support of the popular movements in Egypt and Tunisia, Human Rights Watch said today. The authorities should also release OPPOSITION leaders and activists arbitrarily detained, and permit the free flow of communications channels, Human Rights Watch said.
On February 14, 2011, demonstrations took place throughout Iran after authorities conducted a wave of arrests against OPPOSITION activists, placed the OPPOSITION leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi under house arrest, and clamped down telephone and satellite communications and the internet. Initial reports from Tehran and other cities indicate that police, anti-riot police, and plainclothes officers attacked demonstrators, including physical assaults and the use of teargas and batons, to break up crowds, silence people chanting anti-government slogans, and prevent protesters from taking photos. Numerous demonstrators were injured, witnesses told Human Rights Watch. There are also reports of numerous arrests.
‘Just days ago the Iranian government claimed to support the popular aspirations of millions of Tunisians and Egyptians who peacefully demanded an end to dictatorship,' said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. 'Now Iranian security forces are using batons and teargas to disperse Iranians peacefully demonstrating in support of their Arab neighbors’…
On the morning of February 14, foreign Persian-language media outlets reported a heavy security presence on the streets of Tehran, with demonstration routes that had been designated as gathering sites blocked off to vehicular traffic. Despite this, thousands of demonstrators in Tehran used sidewalks to march toward the sites, including Azadi Square in Tehran. Security forces continually tried to break up huge crowds and force them onto side streets to make them veer away from demonstration paths, various media reports said.
A demonstrator who participated in demonstrations close to Tehran's Enghelab Square told Human Rights Watch: 'Security forces had occupied the demonstration routes earlier in the morning. But after 3 p.m. their numbers increased dramatically... Around 3:30 we arrived close to Enghelab Square. There were about 500 of us. For about 10 minutes we chanted some light slogans. After that the riot police attacked us and we were forced to move toward Avesta Park. When we entered the park, they began lobbing teargas at us’.
The demonstrator told Human Rights Watch that he saw many people with injured arms and legs. He said this was mostly the result of blows from riot police and paramilitary basij forces carrying batons and sticks, and that they struck him with a baton at least once. He also said that he saw about 10 demonstrators who were separated from the main crowds and taken to unknown locations…
A protester in Esfahan told Human Rights Watch that she went to Enghelab Square, and that security forces would not allow demonstrators to stand or congregate along the way. She arrived at the square just in time for sunset prayers and noticed a group of security forces and plainclothes agents praying. As soon as the prayers were over, demonstrators began to chant 'Allah-o Akbar,' or 'God is Great,' and the security forces immediately attacked them, she said.
The riot police and plainclothes agents beat people with batons and fired teargas, she said. When one group sought refuge in a parking lot, the security forces followed them and began beating them with batons.
She also said that security forces attacked cars decked with green ribbons for the Green Movement, the political OPPOSITION: 'In Esfahan there were lots of cars, even in and around the square, that had green ribbons tied to them or had painted the windshields or the body of the car with the color green. Security forces would strike at the vehicles and take off the license plates,' presumably so they could identify the owners…
The United Nations Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms provide that law enforcement officials shall, as far as possible, apply nonviolent means before resorting to the use of force, and may use force 'only if other means remain ineffective or without any promise of achieving the intended result’. (Human Rights Watch – Feb. 14, 2011)

Iran MPs rage against opposition after deadly protest
Lawmakers on Tuesday demanded OPPOSITION leaders they say are backed by Iran's arch-foes be hanged following violent anti-government protests in Tehran which left one person killed.
The MPs singled out Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, who had called for protests in Tehran on Monday in support of Arab uprisings that quickly turned into anti-government demonstrations and ended in clashes with police.
Mohammad Khatami, former reformist president, also came under fire from the nation's conservatives following his open backing of the OPPOSITION movement since disputed June 2009 presidential elections.
‘Mousavi and Karroubi should be executed! Death to Mousavi, Karroubi and Khatami!' the lawmakers shouted in the house, state news agency IRNA reported.
They said the United States, Britain and Israel had orchestrated Monday's protests using the OPPOSITION leaders, who, according to parliament speaker Ali Larijani were being 'misled' by Iran's arch-foes.
‘The parliament condemns the Zionists, American, anti-revolutionary and anti-national action of the misled seditionists,' a visibly angry Larijani told the parliament.
‘How did the gentlemen (Mousavi and Karroubi) ... fall into the orchestrated trap of America?' he asked.
‘Should they not have been cautious given the support, pleasure and joy of America and Israel as well as monarchists and Monafeghin?' Larijani added, referring to the outlawed People's Mujahedeen of Iran (PMOI).
He also urged that a committee to be formed to probe and 'confront' the OPPOSITION movement.
Ahmad Reza Radan, deputy police chief of Iran, too said the US, Britain and Israel had directed Monday's 'illegal' gatherings…
Radan laid the blame for the upheavals on members of the PMOI and 'American and British mercenaries who set a few trashbins on fire’.
He also said that the protests were 'directed from America, England and Israel’. (AFP – Feb. 15, 2011)

استقرار نيروهاي امنيتي درمنزل پدري صانع ژاله
در پي بازداشت قانع ژاله برادر صانع ژاله، نيروهاي امنيتي در منزل خانواده ايشان مستقر شده و با اعمال فشار و تهديد از مصاحبه اين خانواده با خبرنگاران جلوگيري کرده اند.
به گزارش دانشجونيوز، پيش اين نقش سردار زين الدين انصاريان، پسر خاله صانع ژاله،د ر دروغ سازي و اعمال فشار هاي گسترده بر عليه خانواده اين شهيد افشا شد،ه بود.
هم چنين قانع ژاله، برادر شهيد، ديروز طي مصاحبه اي صريحا اعلام کرده بود که تمامي شايعه هاي نيروهاي حکومتي در مورد صانع دروغ بوده و او هيچگونه وابستگي به بسيج ندارد.
اين گزارش ها مي افزايد، زين الدين انصاريان پسر خاله صانع ژاله ميباشد که پس از کشته شدن وي در اعتراضات مردمي روز بيست و پنجم بهمن ماه، به دروغ اعلام کرده است که وي بسيجي بوده است...
همسر و خواهر سردار زين الدين در منزل شهيد صانع ژاله در شهر پاوه حاضر شده اند و تلفن هاي منزل اين شهيد را در اختيار گرفته اند و تلفن هاي خبرنگاران را جواب مي دهند.
شايان ذکر است در پي شهادت صانع ژاله توسط نيروهاي امنيتي و بازداشت قانع ژاله برادر وي توسط عوامل سپاه، حال مادر شهيد صانع به شدت وخيم ميباشد. (دانشجونيوز – 28/11/89)

حق تحصيل

شش ترم محروميت از تحصيل و احضار شش دانشجوي دانشگاه خواجه نصير به وزارت اطلاعات
به گزارش تحول سبز، در پي سرکوب فعالين دانشجو در دانشگاههاي سراسر کشور دانشگاه خواجه نصير نيز از اين حملات مصون نبوده و مامورين حراست دانشگاه و وزارت اطلاعات پس از تجمعات آذر ماه امسال در آن دانشگاه، فشار بر فعالين دانشجويي اين دانشگاه را افزايش دادند بطوريکه ۲۰ نفر از دانشجويان پيش از ۱۶ آذر به دانشگاه ممنوع الورود و ۵۰ دانشجو به حراست دانشگاه احضار و توسط معاونين حراست (عيسي عباسي و بهروز کرد) بازجويي شدند.
دردي ماه نيز ۶ نفر از فعالين دانشجويي اين دانشگاه به نام هاي ” آوات پورعبداللهي، رها لک، برزان محمدياني، رضا زراعت پيشه، کامياب گيوه¬کي و کاميار گيوه¬کي” با تماس تلفني به دفتر پيگيري وزارت اطلاعات احضار شده، در جريان بازجويي ها مورد شکنجه و بي حرمتي بازجويان قرار گرفته اند. همچنين اداره اطلاعات خانواده هاي اين افراد را تهديد به بازداشت کرده است.
همچنين ۴ دانشجوي اين دانشگاه به جمعاٌ به ۶ ترم تعليق از تحصيل محکوم شدند. (جرس – 24/11/89)

مانورهاي سركوبگرانه

استفاده نيروهاي رژيم با استفاده از باتوم‌هاي شوک‌دار بلند
۲۰:۲۵ باتوم‌هاي شوک‌دار بلند و گاز اشک‌آورهايي که صداي مهيب انفجار مي‌داده از سلاح‌هاي مورد استفاده امروز بوده است.
۲۰:۰۰ در خيابان «فرصت» نيروهاي بسيج همراه با خشونت و ضرب و شتم بسياري از شهروندان را بازداشت کرده‌اند...
۱۹:۴۵ در حال حاضر نيز در ميدان امام حسين تهران درگيري شديدي روي داده است و نيروهاي امنيتي در اين نقطه از تهران نيز دست به خشونت زده‌اند.
۱۸:۲۴ وضعيت بازداشت‌ها در تهران بسيار نگران کننده پيش مي‌رود، هر کسي که بازداشت مي‌شود، به سرعت چشم‌بند خورده به وانت‌هاي توري که درست شده منتقل مي‌شود.
۱۸:۰۰ نيروهاي امنيتي و لباس شخصي يک شهروند را در ميدان آزادي تهران درحالي که مشغول فيلم‌برداري بود به شکل خشني بازداشت کردند. (رهانا – 25/11/89)

يورش وحشيانه و شليک گلوله توسط نيروهاي سرکوبگر عليه تظاهرکنندگان در شيراز
دانشجويان دانشگاه مهندسي شيراز واقع در خيابان نمازي اعتراضات گسترده خود را از دانشگاه شکل دادند و وارد خيابان نمازي شدند. هنگام ورود دانشجويان به خيابان تعداد زيادي از مردم به آنها پيوستند و اعتراضات گسترده شکل گرفت..
حوالي ساعت 18:30 نيروهاي سرکوبگر بسوي مردم يورش بردند و مردم را آماج باتونهاي خود قرار دادند ولي وقتي که موفق به پراکنده کردن مردم نشدند اقدام به شکليک تير هوايي نمودند و بعضي از گزارشات تاييد نشده حاکي از آن است که نيروهاي سرکوبگر بسوي مردم شليک نمودند و گفته مي شود که تعدادي از مردم مجروح شدند.پس از شليک گلوله تعدادي زيادي از آمبولانسها از بيمارستان شهر واقع در خيابان پارامونت بسوي آن نقطه حرکت کردند.
تعدادي از دانشجويان توسط اين نيروها مورد ضرب وشتم قرار گرفتند و تعداد ديگري دستگير شدند. (فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران – 25/11/89)

يورش نيروهاي امنيتي به دانشگاه شريف و ضرب و شتم و زخمي شدن دانشجويان
نيروهاي امنيتي و لباس شخصي روز جاري، ۲۵ بهمن ماه در حالي که تعداد زيادي از شهروندان به راهپيمايي پرداخته بودند به دانشگاه شريف يورش بردند...
به گزارش خانه حقوق بشر ايران، ساعت ۶ بعدازظهر روز جاري نيروهاي گارد به داخل دانشگاه شريف يورش بردند و به ضرب و شتم دانشجويان حاضر در دانشگاه پرداختند.
اين در حالي است که تا ساعت ۵:۳۰ بعد از ظهر در دانشگاه تجمع برپا بود و بعد از آن زماني‌که دانش‌جويان قصد خروج از دانشگاه را داشتند نيروهاي گارد به دانشگاه حمله‌ور شدند.
در جريان اين يورش و ضرب و شتم تعدادي از دانشجويان از ناحيه‌ي سر مجروح شدند و هم‌اکنون در بيمارستان به سر مي‌برند.
هم‌چنين برخي گزارش‌ها حاکي از بازداشت چند تن از دانشجويان اين دانشگاه است اما تا کنون اسامي و جزئيات بازداشت آن‌ها گزارش نشده است. (رهانا – 25/11/89)

حمله لباس شخصي ها و حراست به تجمع دانشجويان دانشگاه فردوسي مشهد
روز دوشنبه ٢۵ بهمن، تظاهرات حاميان جنبش سبز در مشهد، که ابتدا در دانشگاه فردوسي آغاز شده بود، توسط نيروهاي لباس شخصي و حراست دانشگاه مورد حمله واقع شد...
جمعيت شروع کردند به شعار دادن: الله اکبر. مرگ بر ديکتاتور. در همين موقع با برگشت دوباره جمعيت به سمت سه راه راهنمايي نيروهاي ضد شورش و موتورسواران به سمت مردم هجوم آوردند و با ضربات باتوم مردم را متفرق کردند. يکي از جوانان که موبايلي در دست داشت مورد هجوم متمرکز نيروهاي ضد شورش قرار گرفت و تلاش چند نفر از مردم براي نجات دادنش بي فايده بود. در سوي ديگر خيابان ماموران جوان ديگري را گرفته بودند و مردم بويژه يک دختر جوان تلاش زيادي براي نجاتش کردند که با اضافه شدن نيروهاي ضد شورش به مردم و بويژه آن دختر اين تلاش هم متاسفانه نتيجه نداد.”
گزارش غروب دوشنبه از مشهد، حکايت از بازداشت چندين تن از معترضان در پارک ملت و ديگر نقاط شهر را داشت. (جرس – 25/11/89)

تيراندازي لباس شخصي‌ها و تير خوردن دو شهروند معترض
دو تن از شهروندان تهران عصر امروز در حوالي خيابان قريب تهران با تيراندازي يک مامور لباس شخصي مجروح شدند.
اين دو شهروند توسط يک «لباس شخصي» که يک اسلحه کلت کمري حمل مي‌کرد مورد اصابت گلوله قرار گرفته و مجروح شدند. اين دو شهروند در چهار راهي نرسيده به خيابان قريب و نرسيده به دانشکده دامپزشکي مورد اصابت گلوله قرار گرفتند.
به گزارش خبرنگار رهانا، سامانه خبري خانه حقوق بشر ايران ، يک نفر از ناحيه مچ پا و ديگري از ناحيه بازو مورد اصابت اين گلوله قرار گرفته است.
اين دو تن به بعد از مجروح شدن توسط مردم و شهروندان معترض به يک خانه منتقل شدند. همچنين شخص تيرانداز با موتورهايي که در اختيار نيروهاي لباس شخصي است، از محل حادثه گريخته است.
اين اتفاق در حدود ساعت شش عصر صورت گرفته است. (رهانا – 25/11/89)

شليک گلوله به يک شهروند معترض در خيابان آذربايجان
در جريان درگيري ماموران با راهپيمايان هوادار جنبش سبز گزارش‌ها از شليک گلوله به يک زن معترض در خيابان آذربايجان تهران حکايت دارد.
شاهدان عيني به جرس گفته اند که اين زن از ناحيه دست راست مورد اصابت مستقيم گلوله قرار گرفته است.
بنابراين گزارش مردم تلاش کرده اند که اين زن را به محل امني منتقل کنند. (جرس – 25/11/89)

قوه قضاييه به سرعت و قاطعيت با مسببين اصلي حوادث 25 بهمن برخورد مي کند
سخنگوي قوه قضاييه تاکيد کرد:
غلامحسين محسني اژه اي در گفتگو با خبرنگار اجتماعي ايرنا با اشاره به حوادث 25بهمن 89 تهران، گفت: اين اتفاقات با طراحي و پشتيباني آمريکا و جريانهاي ضد انقلاب از جمله منافقين بوده است...
وي افزود: دستگاه قضايي با توجه به هشدار هاي قبلي با مسببين اصلي و نيز کساني که موجب اخلال در نظم اجتماعي و آرامش مردم شده‌اند به سرعت و قاطعيت برخورد مي‌کند. (خبرگزاري ايرنا (رژيم)- 26/11/89)

ديدبان حقوق‌بشر: ايران حمله به تظاهر‌کنندگان صلح‌آميز را متوقف کن
ديدبان حقوق‌بشر امروز گفت، نيروهاي امنيتي ايران بايستي استفاده از گاز اشک‌آور و باتون براي پراکنده کردن گردهمايهاي صلح‌آميز که به‌منظور حمايت از جنبشهاي مردمي مصر و تونس راه افتاده بود را متوقف کنند. ديدبان حقوق‌بشر گفت، مقامات هم‌چنين بايستي رهبران اپوزيسيون و فعاليتهايي که به‌طور مستبدانه منع کرده‌اند را آزاد کنند، و اجازه بدهند تا شبکه‌هاي ارتباطي آزادانه عمل کنند. …
در روز 14فوريه هزاران تظاهرکننده در سراسر تهران و چندين شهر عمده ديگر، که شامل اصفهان، شيراز، مشهد، کرمانشاه و رشت مي‌شود گردهم آمدند. … (ديدبان حقوق بشر 25/11/89)

غضب نمايندگان مجلس ايران عليه اپوزيسيون بعد از تظاهرات مرکبار
به‌دنبال تظاهراتهاي ضددولتي در تهران که يک کشته بر جاي گذاشت، روز سه‌شنبه قانونگذاران خواهان اين شدند که رهبران اپوزيسيون، که به گفته آنها مورد حمايت دشمنان ديرينه ايران هستند، اعدام شوند...
لاريجاني با اشاره به مجاهدين خلق ايران (پي.ام.او.آي) که غيرقانوني است، گفت: ”آيا آنها نبايد از حمايت و وجد و سرور آمريکا و اسراييل و منافقين و سلطنت طلبها، به خود مي‌آ مدند“.
او هم‌چنين اظهار داشت که کميته‌يي براي تحقيق و ”مقابله ”با اين جنبش اپوزيسيون تشکيل خواهد شد...
رادان اعضاي پي.ام.او.آي و ”مزدوران آمريکا و انگليس که چند سلطل آشغال را به آتش کشيدند ”را مقصر اين آشوبها دانست... (خبرگزاري فرانسه- 26/11/89)


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