Inhumane treatment and cruel punishments
Amputation, flogging, torture and humiliation

Prison guards attack and beat political prisoners in Karaj prison
According to reports, Gohardasht Prison guards attacked political prisoners in cellblock 6 and beat them.
In the past few days, the beatings of Kurd political prisoners in cellblock 6 have increased and pressures on them have doubled. This attack was carried out on orders of the assistant head of prison. Political prisoners Mohammad Barqi and Kamal Malayi were violently beaten in this attack and other political prisoners in this cellblock were insulted, abused and threatened.
Currently a number of Kurd political prisoners in cellblock 6 are kept alongside dangerous criminals. Some of these prisoners are Anvar Khezri, Kamran Sheikhi, Hadi Amini, Jahangir Sohrabi, Mohammad Barqi, Parviz Osmani, Layeq Kordpour, Kamal Malaie and Ramezan Seyedi. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Aug. 24, 2011)

Arbitrary arrests

Political arrests

Dozens of Azari activists arrested in Eftar dinner in Tabriz

On the evening of Friday August 24, security forces of the East Azarbaijan Province attacked an Eftar dinner and arrested a number of well-known Azari civil rights activists in Tabriz. They were taken to an unknown location.
According to this report, the Eftar dinner was held in the Qom Tapeh region in Tabriz in the home of Azeri activist Mostafa Avazpour.
About 30 people who had participated in this Eftar dinner were arrested after security forces illegally entered Mostafa Avazpour’s home.
According to this report, security forces are currently stationed outside this home and film people who come into the neighborhood. They do not allow anyone, even the house residents, into the home.
The Orumieh Intelligence Agency has also summoned 20 civil rights activists and has threatened many more over the phone. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Aug. 25, 2011)

Iran: Further information: Iranian rights activist and mother arrested
Kouhyar Goudarzi, a member of the Committee for Human Rights Reporters (CHRR), was arrested on 31 July 2011 in Tehran, Iran, by plainclothes individuals believed to be from the Ministry of Intelligence. His mother, Parvin Mokhtareh, was arrested the next day. They are at risk of torture or other ill treatment.
Kouhyar Goudarzi was arrested at the home of a friend, together with the host and a friend. Neighbours reported seeing the three men taken away by plainclothes individuals believed to be from the Ministry of Intelligence. Since his arrest, members of Kouhyar Goudarzi’s family and his lawyer, Mina Jaffari, have inquired as to his whereabouts and have neither been given information on his whereabouts, nor confirmation of his arrest. Amnesty International fears he may be currently held in solitary confinement at Evin Prison in Tehran.
In the early hours of 1 August, shortly after Kouhyar Goudarzi was arrested, his mother Parvin Mokhtareh was also arrested in Kerman, in southern Iran. During her arrest, Parvin Mokhtareh was reportedly told that her son had been arrested and sent to Evin Prison. Parvin Mokhtareh has been accused of “insulting the Leader”, “propaganda against the system”, and “acting against national security”, stemming from interviews she gave when her son was imprisoned in 2010 in relation to his peaceful human rights activities.
A relative inquired about Kouhyar Goudarzi’s whereabouts with the Prosecutor’s office, but was told the Prosecutor’s office did not have any information about his arrest. Kouhyar Goudarzi’s family also went to Evin Prison in Tehran and was told he was not held there, despite unconfirmed reports stating Kouhyar Goudarzi may be held in section 240 of Evin Prison. Kouhyar Goubarzi’s family has not had any contact with him since his arrest and he is believed to be held in conditions amounting to an enforced disappearance…
ADditional Information
Kouhyar Goudarzi was released from prison in December 2010 after serving a one year prison sentence for “spreading propaganda against the system” and other counts in breach of his rights to freedom of expression and association. An appeal was rejected in October 2010.
The CHRR was founded in 2006 and campaigns against all kinds of human rights violations, including against women, children, prisoners, workers and others. It is banned by the Iranian authorities and its members have continued to face intense harassment and prosecution since the disputed presidential election in June 2009.
On 9 January 2011, CHRR member, journalist and human rights activist Shiva Nazar Ahari, had a four-year prison sentence upheld on appeal. A further two-year prison sentence for “gathering and colluding with intent to harm state security” was overturned. She is currently at liberty awaiting a summons to start serving this final sentence. Several other CHRR members are also facing imprisonment or have fled the country for their own safety.
Members of the CHRR have told Amnesty International that Saeed Ha’eri has also received a two-year prison sentence, which was upheld by an appeal court but the details were not available at the time of writing.
Shiva Nazar Ahari was arrested on 20 December 2009 along with, Kouhyar Goudarzi and Saeed Haeri. They were taken from a bus while on their way to the funeral of a senior cleric critical of the authorities, Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, which was due to take place the following day. Facing persecution in Iran, other CHRR members fled Iran and now reside outside the country.
Navid Khanjani, a member of both the CHRR and the Association to Oppose Discrimination in Education (AODE), was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment on 31 January 2011. He has appealed, but an appeal hearing date has not yet been set. If imprisoned, Amnesty International would consider him to be a prisoner of conscience, held solely in connection with his peaceful human rights activities. In July 2011, it was reported that plainclothes agents had been stationed outside of Navid Khanjani’s home and he expressed fears for his safety at the time.
Navid Khanjani was arrested in Esfahan, central Iran, on 2 March 2010. He faced an unfair trial on 20 December 2010 in Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court. He was reportedly sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment in connection with his work with the AODE; and five for his work with the CHRR. An additional three years were said to have been handed down for “creating unease in the public mind”, and “propaganda against the system”. Navid Khanjani was eventually sentenced to 12 years imprisonment after the court reportedly applied ‘Islamic mercy.’ (Amnesty International – Aug. 23, 2011)

Social arrests

Security forces arrest young people for organizing ‘mixed gender’ outing
The head of the Khuzestan Public Intelligence and Security Police said that a number of people who had set up a network under the name of ‘the Ahwaz Tourism Group’ in the internet and intended to deceive young people were arrested.
“After getting reports about a network on the internet which was set up by a person named Damon under the name of ‘the Ahwaz Tourism Group’, agents of the Public Intelligence and Security Police investigated this issue”, Colonel Ali Hatami said.
“This internet criminal who texted 1,500 young people and teenagers with the message, ‘Let’s have a good day’, was identified by the police and after coordination with the judiciary, he was arrested along with three of his accomplices in a surprise [attack]”.
“One of the agencies who had been active in holding a mixed gender camp with these people was identified and shut down”, he added. (ISNA state-run News Agency – Aug. 20, 2011)

Iran arrests 182 people for eating in public and 28 others for ‘improper clothing’
The Commander of the Lorestan State Security Forces said, “With the efforts and cautiousness of Prohibiting Vice and Promoting Virtue Agents, 182 people who were eating in Ramadan were arrested in the province”.
“In the implementation of the plan to provide order and security, carry out special controlling measures in the month of Ramadan and dealing with those who eat in public, agents arrested 182 people on the 20th and 21st of Ramadan in addition to giving verbal warnings to 1,476 people”, Kazem Alizadeh said.
“Intelligence and security agents warned and guided 712 people on the grounds of countering improper veiling and from these people, 28 were referred to judicial sources”.
The head of the Lorestan State Security Forces also announced that from the beginning of Ramadan, in line maintaining the sanctity of this month, 9,487 people received verbal notices while 785 people were referred to judicial sources.
“Three thousand two hundred and forty eight inspections were carried out from food shops which led to the shutting down of 161 shops [who were probably selling food in the daytime] and criminal records were made for 57 shop owners who were referred to judicial sources”, Alizadeh added. (Fars state-run News Agency, Khabar Online state-run website – Aug. 24, 2011)

اعمال ضد بشري و مجازاتهاي بيرحمانه

قطع عضو, شلاق, شكنجه, تحقير و توهين

يورش وحشيانه و ضرب و شتم زندانيان سياسي بند 6 زندان گوهردشت کرج

بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران" يورش وحشيانه به زندانيان سياسي بند 6 ومورد ضرب و شتم قرار دادن آنها.

در طي چند روز گذشته ضرب وشتم و فشارهاي غير انساني عليه زندانيان سياسي هم وطن کرد در بند 6 زندان گوهردشت کرج شدت يافته است. طي يورشي که پاسداربندها به دستور خادم معاون زندان صورت گرفت زندانيان سياسي محمد برقي و کمال ملائي مورد ضرب و شتم وحشيانه آنها قرار گرفته و ساير زندانيان سياسي در اين بند مورد اهانت و بدرفتاري و تهديد آنها قرار گرفتند.

در حال حاضر تعدادي از زندانيان سياسي کرد در بند 6 زندان گوهردشت کرج کنار زندانيان عادي و خطرناک نگهداري مي شوند.اسامي بعضي از آنها به قرار زير مي باشد:انور خضري،کامران شيخي،هادي اميني،جهانگير سهرابي،محمد برقي،پرويز عثماني،لايق کردپور،کمال ملائي و رمضان سيدي . (فعالين حقوق بشر ودمكراسي در ايران – 2/6/90)

دستگيريهاي خودسرانه

دستگيريهاي سياسي

حمله نيروهاي امنيتي به مراسم افطار فعالان مدني آذربايجان و بازداشت دهها تن

منابع حقوق بشري گزارش داده اند که شامگاه چهارشنبه دوم شهريورماه، نيروهاي امنيتي استان آذربايجان شرقي، طي حمله به يک مراسم افطار، گروهي از فعالان سر‌شناس مدني آذربايجان در تبريز را بازداشت کرده و به جاي نامعلومي انتقال دادند.

به گزارش ارگان خبري مجموعه فعالان حقوق بشر در ايران، اين بازداشت در محله قم تپه تبريز در منزل شخصي مصطفي عوض‌پور از فعالين مدني آذربايجان صورت گرفته است.

در اين بازداشت گسترده حدود ۳۰ نفر که در مراسم افطاري شرکت کرده بودند با ورود غير قانوني نيروهاي امنيتي به منزل مصطفي عوض‌پور ضمن تفتيش و ضبط وسايل شخصي آن‌ها را نيز با خود برده‌اند.

بر اساس اين گزارش، هم اکنون نيروهاي امنيتي در مقابل منزل فوق الذکر حضور داشته و از کساني که به آن محله مراجعه مي‌کنند فيلم برداري مي‌کنند. و به هيچ کس حتي به صاحب خانه هم اجازه وارد شدن نمي‌دهند.

از شهر اورميه نيز خبر مي‌رسد اداره اطلاعات اين شهر با احضار ۲۰ نفر از فعالان مدني به ستاد خبري و تماس با بسياري ديگر اقدام به تهديد ايشان نموده است. (هرانا – 3/6/90)

ايران: اطلاعات بيشتر در مورد دستگيري فعال حقوق‌بشر ايراني و مادرش

گوهر گودرزي، عضو کميته گزارشگران حقوق‌بشر در 31 ژوئيه 2011 در تهران توسط لباس‌شخصي ها که اعتقاد بر اين است که از وزارت اطلاعات بودند، دستگير گرديد. مادر او، پروين مختاره ( mokhtareh ) روز بعد دستگير گرديد. آنها در خطر شکنجه و ديگر بدرفتاريها قرار دارند.

گوهر گودرزي در خانه يکي از دوستانش به همراه ميزبان و يکي از دوستانش دستگير گرديد... (سايت عفو بين‌الملل- 1/6/139)

دستگيريهاي اجتماعي

رسال كنندگان پيامك «يك روز خوش داشته باشيم» دستگيرشدند

رييس پليس اطلاعات و امنيت عمومي خوزستان از دستگيري افرادي كه در فضاي اينترنت با راه‌اندازي شبكه‌اي تحت عنوان «گروه گردشگري اهواز گشت» قصد اغفال جوانان را داشتند خبرداد.

به گزارش سرويس «حوادث» خبرگزاري دانشجويان ايران (ايسنا)، سرهنگ علي حاتمي افزود: ماموران پليس اطلاعات و امنيت عمومي در پي دريافت خبري مبني بر راه اندازي يك شبكه اينترنتي توسط فردي به نام « دامون» تحت عنوان «گروه گردشگري اهواز گشت» موضوع را با انجام اقدامات اطلاعاتي و پليسي در دستور كار خود قرار دادند.

وي افزود: مجرم اينترنتي كه با فراخوان يك هزار و500 نفر از جوانان و نوجوانان با ارسال پيامكي تحت عنوان «يك روز خوش داشته باشيم» توسط ماموران پليس شناسايي و ضمن هماهنگي با مقام قضايي در يك اقدام غافلگيرانه وي و سه همدست ديگرش دستگير شدند...

حاتمي در خاتمه با اشاره به آگاه سازي افراد دعوت شده با ارسال پيامك از سوي پليس خاطر نشان كرد: يكي از آژانس‌هاي مسافربري كه درخصوص برگزاري اردوي مختلط با اين افراد فعاليت داشت، شناسايي و پلمپ شد. (ايسنا – 29/5/90)

دستگيري 182 نفر متخلف روزه‌خوار در لرستان‌

فارس نوشت: فرمانده انتظامي لرستان گفت: با تلاش و هوشياري ماموران امر به معروف و نهي از منکر، 182 نفر متخلف روزه‌خوار در سطح اين استان دستگير شدند.

کاظم عليزاده اظهار داشت: در اجراي طرح تامين نظم و امنيت و کنترل نظارتي ويژه ماه مبارک رمضان و برخورد با روزه‌‌خواري ماموران اين نيرو در روزهاي 20 و 21 ماه رمضان علاوه بر تذکر لساني به يک هزار و 476 نفر، 182 نفر را دستگير کردند.

وي افزود: از اين تعداد 42 نفر به مراجع قضايي معرفي شدند که برابر قانون شرع اسلام با آنان برخورد شود.

‌عليزاده گفت: ماموران اطلاعات و امنيت در مدت ياد شده و در زمينه مقابله با بدپوششي در استان 712 نفر مورد تذکر و ارشاد و از اين تعداد 28 نفر به مراجع قضايي معرفي شدند.

فرمانده انتظامي لرستان اعلام کرد: از آغاز ماه مبارک رمضان و در زمينه حفظ و حرمت اين ماه به 9 هزار و 487 نفر متخلف تذکر لساني داده شده که از اين تعداد 785 نفر به مراجع قضايي معرفي شدند...

‌عليزاده خاطرنشان کرد: 3 هزار و 248 مورد بازديد از واحدهاي صنفي انجام شده که اين امر منجر به پلمپ 161 واحد صنفي متخلف شد، که از اين تعداد صاحبان 57 واحد متخلف پس از تشکيل پرونده تحويل مراجع قضايي استان شدند. (فارس, خبر آنلاين – 2/6/90)


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