Human Right Weekly Dec 3013-Violence against women

Violence against women
Hairdressing shops sealed in City of Dehdasht
Amongst reporters, the chief of SSF in the western province Kohgilouyeh
, Colonel Jahan Daymuz stated: "In the course of the plan for controlling barber shops and hairdressing shops, 48 shops were visited and the hairdressing shops of two violators were sealed in City of Dehdasht."
Pointing out that the plan was carried out for 30 days across the province he added: "The plan was carried out using female police force and in cooperation with the Hairdressers Union." (Fars news agency- 21 December 2013)

MOIS arrested a Kurd citizen
On Thursday 19 December, Iran's security forces arrested Anavar Qoraishi, 48, a Kurd citizen from City of Divandareh.
The intelligence forces searched his home, beat him and transferred him to an unknown location. (NCRI- 19 December 2013)

A Sunni cleric summoned and threatened by MOIS

Hussein Goraji, a known Sunni cleric residing in City of Mahabad was summoned to MOIS news headquarters and was threatened that if he continues his lessons at Mahabad's mosque he will be detained and jailed.
Master Hussein Goraji has written theological books and also some literatures. So far he has not been permitted to publish his work. (Herana- 21 December 2013)

Pressure on two Kurd prisoners and their families
News received say that after the families of two human rights activists, Afshin Nadimi and Mehrdad Sabori referred several times to regime's courts in cities of Sanandaj and Kamyaran being face with their pretense that they are not aware of such cases, regime's authorities announced that to free the two they demand a 1,400 million Riyals (about $ 54000) bail which must be paid to regime's court in Sanandaj. (NCRI- 22 December 2013)

Basic freedom and rights abused
Reporters Without Borders: Iran, a prison for journalists
…Despite the moderate candidate Hassan Rouhani’s election as Iran’s president in June 2013, and despite his promises of reform, 12 Iranian journalists fled the country in 2013 to escape government persecution.
At least 178 journalists are in prison right now. China, Eritrea, Turkey, Iran and Syria continue to be world’s five leading jailers of journalists as they were in 2012…
The world’s five biggest prisons for journalists
Iran: awaiting reform
20 journalists and 51 netizens imprisoned
Hassan Rouhani, a moderate conservative candidate backed by the reformists, was elected president with 51 per cent of the votes on 15 June. Despite his promises of reform and despite the release of some prisoners of conscience, including a few journalists and netizens, most of the news providers who were in prison before his election – the majority of them arrested in the wake of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s disputed reelection as president in June 2009 – are still there.
At least 76 journalists have been arrested since the start of 2013, 42 of them since June. Seventeen others have been given sentences ranging from one to nine years in prison. Twelve newspapers and magazines have been suspended or forced to stop publishing under pressure from the authorities. Inhuman treatment of prisoners of opinion continues to be common. Many detainees are still denied medical care despite being very ill or in poor physical and mental health as a result of their imprisonment. (Reporters without Borders 18 December 2013)

On Tuesday 24 December a Kurd citizen from Bukan, MOIS agents in Eskandari Square of the city arrested Behnam Mahmoud Zadeh, 42.
An informed source said that he was arrested and beaten in public and his is charged with having connection with a Kurd opposition party through social networks.
Mr. Mahmoud Zadeh has two children and he has graduated as 'trade expert' from Kurdistan (Sanandaj) University.
According to Kurdpa during the last three months, 176 Kurd citizens have been arrested by the Islamic Republic's intelligence force in Iran's Kurdish regions. 

(Kurdpa- 25 December 2013)