Iran brutally murders Azeri poet and activist

The body of Majid Amiri, an Azeri poet and an employee of the Eastern Azerbaijan Bureau of Calculations who was killed suspiciously on January 27 was found in his home garage.
According to those close to him, this Azeri employee was summoned and threatened to death for his serious pursuit of the management corruption of top officials in the province. The heads of this bureau had banished Amiri to Yazd for some time (because of his activities).
After his body was taken to the coroner's, intelligence agents forced his family to bury his body without a detailed autopsy. These agents threatened and banned his family from pursuing the real cause of his death.
According to those close to this Azeri poet, the signs of beatings and dried blood were on his body and his tongue had been cut out. (Savalan Sassi Website – Feb. 20, 2010)


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