Koohyar Goodarzi Under Heavy Pressures to “Confess”

According to Parvin Mokhtareh, her son Koohyar Goodarzi continues to resist heavy pressures to accept charges of Moharebeh (waging war against God). He has insisted that all of his media and human rights activities have been legal.
Mokhtareh told Hammihan News: “On Thursday, after waiting several hours, I was able to have a seven minute visit with him. Unlike the previous visit, Koohyar looked tired and distressed and his lips were dry.”
According to Mokhtareh, during the short visit, her son stated that he is currently under heavy pressure to accept the Moharebeh charge, but he continues to reject the false accusation and insists that all his activities have been within the law.
Mokhtareh added, “Compared to last week’s visit, my son had lost a considerable amount of weight. When I asked him about it, he jokingly replied that he has been exercising.”
Two months after his arrest, Goodarzi’s lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei has not been able to meet with his client or review his file.
The mother of the detained CHRR member said she wants the authorities to stop accusing the children of Iran of false accusations. “With Nowruz approaching, we do not even know what our children have been accused of and no one (authorities) wants to be accountable,” she said.
Koohyar Goodarzi remains in Tehran’s Evin prison since his arrest on December 20, 2009.
Translation by: RAHANA


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