Iran kills 22 year old man under torture

Mostafa Mir-Ibrahimi died after six months of pressure and torture in prison. He was born in February 1988 in Tehran. Mostafa was arrested six months ago by the gravesite of Neda and was taken to an unknown location. His friends who were with him at the time informed his family of his arrest but during these six months, despite his family's desperate pursuits, regime forces gave them no information on their son. His name was not even registered in any of the official detention centers. After six months, a few days ago, his father was summoned to the coroner's to identify his body. His father identified the body but agents refrained from handing over Mostafa's body for burial. Officials have not given any information to the family regarding his death or where he was killed and only told them that they will bury him themselves and will only give them the gravesite address. (Peik-e-Iran Website – Feb. 24, 2010)


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