Human Rights Activists in Iran
According to reports, political prisoner Mohammad Baqer Erfani who was arrested in an attack to his home in February is in an undetermined state in Evin Prison's cellblock 350.
Mohammad Baqer Erfani, 52, who was a political prisoner in the 80's was arrested by intelligence agents and detained in solitary confinement in cellblock 209 in Evin Prison.

Seven intelligence agents under the command of an agent nicknamed Alavi (known for the brutal torture of political prisoners in cellblock 209 in Evin Prison) attacked Erfani's home on February 7, 2010. They violently searched his home for a few hours and treated his family and children inhumanely. Alavi interrogated and threatened Erfani's wife and children in his home. Erfani was on a trip and was not home when these agents attacked and they were unable to arrest him.

Intelligence agents confiscated some of their personal belongings including their computer, a number of CD's, satellite receiver, telephone book, books and other items.

Alavi summoned his wife and daughter the next day to the intelligence agency and interrogated them for hours. He took them as hostages saying that they would stay at the agency until Erfani turned himself in, even while Erfani was on a business trip.After Erfani turned himself in, he was arrested and taken to cellblock 209. In this time he was interrogated for long periods and psychologically and physically tortured. Alavi repeatedly threatened him that they would execute him and that he was a Mohareb (a term used by the regime against political prisoner meaning enmity with God). The torture and abuse continued for more than one month until he was recently transferred to cellblock 350 where he is kept in an undetermined state.


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