IRAN report on Ashura Protests- 15 and 16 December 2010

During the Shia mourning day of Ashura in IranAshura (the mourning days to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hossein), and in a continuous effort to keep up the protest flares with a reminder of those in prison and under pressure , Iranians went on roof tops to chant "Down with Dictator" and " Allah O Akbar" on the night of "Tasoo a " (14 December ) in Tehran .
Reports from readers indicate that activists have been distributing flyers and writing slogans on public places to encourage the spirit of "Ashura " as the ceremonies approached.

In response to this, public mourning and "Sineh Zani" ceremonies were announced banned, unless carried out in mosques with permission, and security surveillance increased in major cities.

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Chronology of events on Ashura protests -2010

Source: Reports from Iran

14 Dec. 2010 :
Tehran: hundreds of flyers were thrown off tall buildings in Jomhoori Street. This followed by a panic move of the security forces to collect them and investigate and arrest the youth who were actively distributing the flyers. The region was closed for hours by security forces:
Flyers read: "In memory of Ahura ,the spirit of Freedom seeking , Down with Dictator"
Tehran: Increased security on the streets was very much in retaliation of increased activity of resistance cells as they distributed flyers encouraging people to protest .

15 Dec. 2010:
Tehran: Flyers were distributed in hundreds in Tehran Pars . All the area was closed by security forces and people were interrogated house by house and cars were stopped.

Tehran: Internal sources of Basiside reported that, the headquarters of the basside had ordered all to "Deal with those who underline the respect for Ashura " – reffering to those who protest or take out on to the streets on Ashura.
Tehran : In Inghelab Streeet and Imam Hossein Square, thousands of flyers were distributed on shop windows, cars and pavements , which was welcomed by the public. The flyers read " BIA BIA SHOARE MA ST , Vade ma Ashura " *(We welcome the price for freedom : all in Ashura)

15 Dec. 2010:
Around noon on Wednesday December 15, a mourning group chanted “Oh Hossein” or “Death to the Dictator” inside one of the metro stations. The same group repeated their slogans at 1430 and 1700.
At 1300, the people in Nezam-Abad chanted ‘Death to the Dictator’ and booed the regime’s agents when they were walking out of the ‘Imam Hossein Mosque’.

At 1400, in Tehran’s railway station, a mourning group chanted ‘Oh, Hossein’, ‘Death to the Dictator’, ‘Allah-o Akbar’, and ‘the rule of Yazid (Imam Hossein’s murderer) will be destroyed’. Two people were injured during the clashes with the suppressive forces who were trying to disperse the people. At the same time, another group of youths chanting ‘Ashrua, Ashura, marking our martyrs’, called on other people to participate in the demonstration on Ashura, the next day.
At 1500 in Hafez Avenue, people chanting ‘Death to the Dictator’ clashed with the regime’s agents who were trying to arrest two people who were writing graffiti on the walls.
In Tehran-Pars (eastern Tehran), Intelligence agents of the regime clashed with one of the mourning groups.
Clashes spread to the nearby alleys. Subsequently, the people started to chant ‘Allah-o Akbar’ on the roofs.
At 1700 in Vanak square, the passengers of a minibus chanted ‘‘Allah-o Akbar, Iran has become Karbala (where Imam Hossein was killed)’.
At the same time in Enqelab Sq. the passengers of a minibus chanted ‘Rise up Muslim (compatriot), Iran has become Karbala’.

At 21.00 a number of youth who were under attack by security forces, lashed back and clashed with 5 members of the security forces of the Shah Abdol Aziz police force near Shar e Ray, smashing security car windows.
They were chanting" Down with Khamenei". The sent out forces were caught aback and unable to retaliate back.

Source : NCR
Residents of various parts of Tehran such as Shariati Ave., Mirdamad, Seyyed Khandan, Tehran Now, Niroo Havaii, Amir-Abad, Shahrak-e Gharb, Sadeghieh, Ekbatan, Elahieh, Saadat-Abad, Lavizan, Mehr-Abad, Pounak, Jannat-Abad, Now-Bonyad district, Javadieh and Nazi-Abad chanted slogans, ‘Allah-o Akbar’, ‘Oh, Hossein’, “Down with principle of Valayat-e Faqih”, and ‘Death to the Dictator’.

In Sattar-Khan district, the youth posted flyers saying, “The martyrs’ blood is boiling, Iranian people are roaring”. Also, there has been widespread incidents of writing various graffiti on the walls and the chairs of busses and other public transportation means such as “Down with Khamenei”, “Down with the Velayat-e Fragih’s regime”, “Down with the Islamic Republic regime”.


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