IRAN weekly HR report 3 Dec.: Basic freedom and rights abused

Late Iran cleric's anniversary services canceled
The family of Iran's once most senior dissident cleric has canceled commemorations to mark the one-year anniversary of his death, saying it fears a repeat of the clashes between supporters and security forces that marred the late cleric's funeral last year.
In a statement released late Friday, the family of the Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri also accused the ruling Islamic establishment of being more brutal than the pro-U.S. regime of former Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was deposed in Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution.
Montazeri's family had planned a memorial service in the holy city of Qom to mark the first anniversary of Montazeri's Dec. 20 death. But it said it was calling it off over concerns of a government crackdown similar to the one security forces carried out last year during Montazeri's funeral, when tens of thousands of Iranians turned out to march in what became an anti-government protest. (AP – Dec. 4, 2010)

Iran cleric: Opposing leader equals denial of God
A senior cleric says opposing Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is equal to rejecting God.
Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati is quoted by the semi-official Fars news agency Monday as telling a conference in the southern city Shiraz that the principle of Velayat-e-Faqih - rule by Islamic clerics - should be considered as one of God's rulings on earth, and that 'rejecting it is like denying God’.
The comments were an unusually strong demand for public loyalty to the supreme leader, even from a hard-liner like Jannati, who heads the Guardian Council, a powerful clerical body. Iran's clerical rulers faced their biggest challenge following disputed presidential elections last year, prompting a fierce crackdown on pro-democracy protests. (AP - Dec. 6, 2010)

Number of Journalists in Jail Worldwide Is Highest Since 1996, Group Says
The number of journalists imprisoned worldwide reached 145 this year, the highest figure since 1996, the Committee to Protect Journalists reported yesterday.
The group said in a report published on its website that the number of journalists jailed in 2010 rose by nine compared with 2009. Iran and China each detained 34 journalists, accounting for nearly half the total, according to the New York- based organization, which advocates for imprisoned and threatened journalists.
The crackdown on journalists in Iran went beyond the post- election arrests in 2009, the report said, and showed a “sustained assault on critical voices that continues to this day.” (Bloomberg - Dec. 9, 2010)

Iran stoning: Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani 'confession' condemned
Human rights campaigners have condemned the announcement of an Iranian television programme showing Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a woman sentenced to death by stoning, at her home apparently discussing her part in the murder of her husband.
The release last night of photographs of Mohammadi Ashtiani at her home in Osku prompted speculation that she had been freed. But hopes for her release were dashed when Iran's state English language channel said she had been taken home to make a television programme on her alleged crime.
In a report on its website, Press TV said Mohammadi Ashtiani had accompanied a film crew to her house 'to recount details of killing of her husband at the crime scene.’…
Mohammadi Ashtiani has appeared on state TV three times, but activists say her apparent confessions had been coerced.
Clare Bracey of Amnesty said: 'International standards for fair trial, to which Iran is a state party, guarantee the right not to be forced to incriminate oneself or to confess guilt.
The judiciary is in charge of this case and would have to have given permission for such an interview to take place. To organise a televised 'confession' mid-way through a judicial review of a serious case - where a woman's life hangs in the balance - makes a mockery of Iran's legal system’.
She added: 'That judicial review [for Mohammadi Ashtiani] is further hampered by the fact that Sakineh's son and lawyer have been detained. If Sajad Qaderzadeh and Javid Houtan Kian are being held solely for peacefully highlighting Sakineh's case, they should be released immediately and unconditionally’.
Mohammadi Ashtiani's son Sajad was arrested in October along with her lawyer Houtan Kian and two German journalists who were detained after trying to interview her family.
Mina Ahadi of the International Committee against Stoning (Icas) also condemned the programme, saying: 'Press TV is acting as if it is the intelligence service of Iran, it has forced a woman to confess against herself on TV’.
Mohammadi Ashtiani was convicted in May 2006 of conducting an illicit relationship outside marriage. She was given a sentence of 99 lashes, but her case was reopened when a court in Tabriz suspected her of murdering her husband. She was acquitted, but the adultery charge was reviewed and a death penalty handed down on the basis of 'judge's knowledge' - a loophole that allows for subjective judicial rulings where no conclusive evidence is present.
Embarrassed by international condemnation of the stoning sentence, Iran has tried to distract attentions from Mohammadi Ashtiani's initial charge of adultery by introducing new charges against her and portraying her as a murderer who killed her husband…
Ten Iranian women and four men are on death row awaiting execution by stoning. (The Guardian – Dec. 10, 2010)

مراسم سالگرد روحاني فقيد ايراني لغو شد
خانواده يک روحاني ايراني، که در گذشته اصليترين روحاني مخالف بود، مراسم اولين سالگرد مرگ وي را لغو کرد، و گفت که از تکرار رويارويي بين حاميان و نيروهاي امنيتي که سال گذشته مراسم خاکسپاري اين روحاني را خراب کرد مي‌ترسد.
در بيانيه‌يي که اواخر روز جمعه منتشر شد، خانواده آيت‌الله حسينعلي منتظري هم‌چنين نظام حاکم اسلامي را متهم نمود که از رژيم سابق محمدرضا شاه پهلوي، حامي آمريکا، که در انقلاب اسلامي 1979 ايران برکنار شد خشونت‌آميزتر است.
خانواده منتظري قصد داشتند در اولين سالگرد فوت منتظري در 20دسامبر در شهر مقدس قم مراسم برگزار کنند. ولي اين خانواده گفت که به‌دليل نگراني از سرکوب دولت مشابه آن چه نيروهاي امنيتي سال گذشته در مراسم خاک سپاري منتظري انجام دادند، زماني که هزاران ايراني در راهپيمايي که به يک اعتراض ضددولتي تبديل شد شرکت کردند، آن را لغو مي‌کند. (آسوشيتدپرس - 13/9/89)

روحاني ايراني: مخالفت با رهبر، برابر است با نفي خدا
تهران، 6دسامبر 2010- يک روحاني ارشد گفت که مخالفت با رهبر عالي ايران، آيت‌الله علي خامنه‌اي، برابر است با نفي خدا.
روز دوشنبه، خبرگزاري نيمه رسمي فارس به‌نقل از آيت‌الله احمد جنتي در کنفرانسي در شيراز، گفت که اصل ولايت‌فقيه، که توسط روحانيان اسلامي اعمال مي‌شود، بايد به‌عنوان يکي از قوانين الهي بر روي زمين در نظر گرفته شود، و اين‌که ”نفي کردن آن، مانند نفي کردن خدا است ”.
اين اظهارات، يک درخواست قوي و غيرمعمول براي وفاداري عمومي به رهبر عالي، آن هم از جانب يک فرد تندرويي مانند جنتي، که رئيس شوراي نگهبان است، بود.
حاکمان روحاني ايران که به‌دنبال انتخابات جنجالي سال گذشته با بزرگترين چالش خود مواجه شدند، اعتراضات طرفداران دمکراسي را بسختي سرکوب کردند. (آسوشيتدپرس- 15/9/89)

گروه حقوق‌بشري: تعداد روزنامه‌نگاران زنداني درجهاني بالاترين آمار از سال 1996
کميته حفاظت از روزنامه‌نگاران روز گذشته گزارش کرد، امسال تعداد روزنامه‌نگاران زنداني در جهان، به 145تن رسيد، که بالاترين تعداد از سال 1996 مي‌باشد.
اين گروه در گزارشي که در وب سايت خود منتشر کرد گفت، تعداد روزنامه‌نگاران زنداني در سال 2010 درمقايسه با سال 2009، 9نفر بيشتر بوده است.
براساس گزارش اين سازمان که در حمايت از روزنامه‌نگاران زنداني و تهديد شده مي‌باشد و مقر آن در نيويورک است ، ايران و چين هر کدام 34روزنامه‌نگار را بازداشت کردند که تقريباً نيمي از تعداد کل بوده است .
سرکوب روزنامه‌نگاران در ايران از دستگيريهاي سال 2009 در انتخابات گذشته فراتر رفته و اين گزارش مي‌افزايد ”تا به امروز حمله به ناراضيان استمرار داشته است ”. (خبرگزاري بلومبرگ- 18/9/89)

سنگسار در ايران: اعترافگيري از سکينه محمدي آشتياني محکوم است
مبارزين حقوق‌بشر اعلام يک برنامه تلويزيون ايران که نشان مي‌دهد سکينه محمدي آشتياني، يک زن ايراني محکوم به مرگ به شيوه سنگسار، ظاهراً درخانه‌اش در مورد شرکت خود در قتل شوهرش صحبت مي‌کند را محکوم مي‌نمايند.
انتشار عکسهاي محمدي آشتياني در خانه‌اش در اسکو (osku) در شب قبل، اين گمان را به‌وجود آورده بود که او آزاد شده است. …
کلير بريسي (clare bracey) از سازمان عفو بين‌الملل گفت استانداردهاي بين‌المللي براي يک محاکمه منصفانه که ايران، دولتي، مشمول آن است؛ حق منع اجبار به اعتراف يا منع مقصر خواندن خود را تضمين کرده است .
قوه قضاييه، مسئول اين کيس است و بايد انجام چنين مصاحبه‌يي را مجاز کرده باشد.
ترتيب دادن يک مصاحبه‌ي اعتراف تلويزيوني در وسط پروسه قضايي اين کيس که طي آن حيات يک زن بلاتکليف مانده؛ نظام حقوقي ايران را به يک نمايش مسخره تبديل کرده است . …
او [کلير بريسي] اضافه کرد: ”تجديدنظر قضايي [ براي محمدي آشتياني] به‌خاطر اين واقعيت که پسر و وکيل سکينه دستگير شده‌اند، بيش از پيش مختل شده است. در صورتي‌که سجاد قادر زاده و جاويد هوتان کيان فقط به‌خاطر برجسته کردن مسالمت‌آميز کيس سکينه در بازداشت هستند، مي‌بايد سريعاً و بدون قيد و شرط آزاد شوند“. …
10 زن و 4 مرد ايراني در صف انتظار اعدام به شيوه سنگسار قرار دارند. (سايت گاردين- 19/9/89)


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