More news websites blocked in Iran


Iranians have found their access to major news websites even more restricted than usual as more foreign sites were blocked by a government filter, Reuters witnesses observed on Monday.
Yahoo News and, both usually accessible in Iran, were unavailable, joining other long-blocked news sites such as the BBC and social networks Facebook and Twitter as beyond the reach of Iranians using a standard Internet connection.
There was no official confirmation of new Internet restrictions. One Iranian government official contacted by Reuters said authorities were 'looking into the source of the problem' to remove it.
The move comes as many Iranian politicians, including President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad, are portraying anti-government protests in Egypt as being inspired by Iran`s Islamic Revolution which overthrew the U.S. backed Shah in 1979.
Many analysts outside Iran have compared the events in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab Middle East to the huge protests which followed the re-election of Ahamdinejad which were eventually stamped out by a government that condemned them as 'sedition' inspired by hostile foreign powers.
Google News was still accessible on Monday, but links from there to many foreign news websites were blocked and a list of government-approved sites offered instead. No reason was given for why certain sites are filtered.
Yahoo’s home page could be accessed and softer news items, including a CNBC item on American football cheerleaders, were not blocked. Links to harder new stories and the home page of Yahoo News, however, failed to load

وبسايتهاي خبري بيشتري در ايران بسته شدند
شاهدان عيني رويتر روز دوشنبه گزارش دادند که ايرانيها در دسترسي به وبسايتهاي اصلي خبري، بيش از پيش دچار محدوديت شده‌اند. اين درحاليست که سايتهاي خارجي بيشتري توسط يک فيلتر دولتي بسته شده‌اند. ياهو نيوز و رويتر دات کام که هر دو به‌طور معمول در دسترس بوده‌اند، در حال حاضر بسته شده‌ و در رديف ساير سايتها هم‌چون بي.بي.سي و شبکه اجتماعي فيس بوک و توئيتر قرار گرفته‌اند و ايرانيان که از ارتباط استاندارد اينترنتي برخوردارند نمي‌توانند از اين رسانه‌ها استفاده کنند.
اين محدوديتهاي اينترنتي به‌طور رسمي اعلام نشده است. يک مقام رسمي دولت ايران که رويتر با او تماس گرفت گفت مقامات به‌دنبال پيدا کردن منبع اصلي مشکل هستند تا آن را حل‌وفصل کنند.
اين حرکت ايران در حاليست که؛ سياستمداران ايران از جمله پرزيدنت محمود احمدي‌نژاد گزارش مي‌دهند که اعتراضات در مصر با الهام از انقلاب اسلامي ايران برگزار شده‌اند که شاه تحت حمايت آمريکا را در 1979 سرنگون کرد. …
سايت گوگلز نيوز تا روز دوشنبه هنوز در دسترس بود اما لينکها [لولاي وصل به ساير سايتها] از آن به ساير رسانه‌ها بسته شده و در عوض آدرس سايتهاي ‌ ديگر دولتي ارائه مي‌شوند. (خبرگزاري رويتر- 11/11/89)


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