Human Right Weekly Dec 3013-Systematic violations of the right to life

Executions, arbitrary killings, deaths in custody, and death sentences


Two executions in Semnan

Two drug traffickers, A.N., 44, from Azad Shahr and J.L., 33, and Afghan that were sentenced to death by Semnan Islamic Revolution Court were hanged this dawn at Semnan Central Prison after the decree was endorsed by the country's general prosecutor and the head of judiciary

Two executions in Rasht

Two rapists were executed at Rasht Central Prison today. (Asre Iran, Fars news agency, Central News Unit- 19 December 2013)

Eight executions at Karaj's Rajaee Shahr Prison

At dawn of 18 December eight inmates were hanged at Karaj's Rajaee Shahr Prison on unknown charges. Some of these prisoners were brought in from Gezel Hesar Prison and others were from wards 5, 2, and 7 of Rajaee Shahr.
There is no information regarding the identification of the eight and the judiciary authorities have been silent in that accord. (Herana- 19 December 2013)

Two executions at Lakan Prison in Rasht

Arash Shadkam, 27, and an inmate called Yeganeh both charged with premeditated murder were hanged at dawn of Monday, 16 December. (Herana- 19 December 2013)

One inmate executed the other transferred for execution

On 21 December prisoner Mojtaba Taimori after being confined for six years, a part of it at ward 3 of Zahedan Central Prison, was hanged at the facility.
In another event today in the morning another inmate, Morad Qoli Kiani, 55 from Zabol, confined for more than 8 years was transferred to the facility's quarantine ward to be executed. (Human Rights and Democracy in Iran, 22 December 2013)


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