Labor leader almost killed in prison

According to reports, on Monday, political prisoner Mansour Osalu, the head of the Tehran Bus Company Syndicate was almost killed.
Osalu was in the prison yard in section 4 of Gohardasht Prison on February 22, talking to two other prisoners when he was attacked from behind with a sharp object. He was saved by other prisoners. This attack was carried out in front of a prison guard named Hassan Pour and another guards named Moradi Sar. These guards did nothing to prevent the attack and only confiscated the sharp object from the attacker and then released him after political prisoners protested the attack and their inaction. The attacker was still trying to attack Mr. Osalu afterwards shouting, "I will kill you".
This person had tried to physically clash with Osalu before this a number of times outside the prison shop and even punched him in the chest a few times but Osalu had not reacted.
The assailant who attacked Osalu is Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, a member of the Revolutionary Guards Corps who is in prison for killing his wife. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Feb. 22, 2010)


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