Report: Iran jails nuke scientist after US return


An Iranian nuclear scientist who claimed he slipped away from his CIA captors has not been seen publicly since his heroic return to Tehran last year and could be facing an investigation as a possible turncoat, according to an OPPOSITION website.
The report on the website Iran says that Shahram Amiri is now being held in a Tehran prison, where he allegedly has faced beatings so severe that he had to be hospitalized for a week.
The website's account could not be verified, but it purports to offer the first details on Amiri's fate since he surfaced in the United States six months ago amid an array of contradictory stories between Tehran and Washington.
Amiri's return to Tehran in July was portrayed by Iranian authorities as a propaganda coup.
The nuclear scientist claimed he was kidnapped by American agents in May 2009 while on a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. Iran's state media said Amiri had snubbed a fortune in payoffs by his purported CIA captors and then escaped with inside information about America's covert operations against Tehran. Officials said a TV movie was in the works…
Iranian authorities have not offered any information on his whereabouts and his family and colleagues have made no public statements as to his fate.
The Farsi-language account posted on the website claims to pick up Amiri's trail after his highly publicized return. It cited anonymous family members as saying Amiri was first held in a safe house in Tehran and allowed weekend visits with relatives at the Talaiie cultural center, which is operated by Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard.
The website quoted family members as being told that Amiri's movements were restricted for 'his own safety’.
The report says - without citing any source - that Amiri was later moved to a former military lockup, the Heshmatieh Prison, in Tehran, where he allegedly faced harsh interrogations and beatings that left him in a military-run hospital afterward for a week…

گزارش: ايران يک دانشمند اتمي را بعد از بازگشت از آمريکا زنداني کرده است
بگزارش يک سايت اپوزيسيون، يک دانشمند اتمي ايراني که ادعا کرده است از دست عناصر سيا، که او را در اسارت داشتند گريخته است، از زمان بازگشت قهرمانانه‌اش به تهران در سال گذشته، در انظار عموم ديده نشده و مي‌تواند به‌عنوان کسي که ممکن است تغيير مسلک داده باشد، با تعقيب قضايي مواجه شود.
اين گزارش که بر روي وب سايت ايران بريفينگ نت گذاشته شده، مي‌گويد که شهرام اميري هم‌اکنون در زنداني در تهران نگاه داشته مي‌شود، جايي که گفته مي‌شود بقدري مورد ضرب‌وشتم قرار گرفته که به اجبار، مدت يک هفته در بيمارستان بستري گرديد.
گزارش اين وب سايت قابل تأييد نبود، اما ظاهراً حاکي از جزييات اوليه‌اي در مورد سرنوشت اميري است که طي 6ماه گذشته، يعني از زماني که در آمريکا ظاهر شد، خبري از او نبوده است. طي اين مدت، مجموعه‌اي از داستانهاي ضد و نققيض در مورد او، بين تهران و واشنگتن جريان داشت.
گزارش فارسي زباني که بر روي سايت ايران بريفينگ نت گذاشته شده مي‌گويد که از محاکمه اميري، بعد از بازگشت پر سروصداي او، مطلع شده است. اين گزارش به اظهارات اعضاي خانواده او که مي‌خواستند ناشناس بمانند اشاره مي‌کند که مي‌گويند، اميري در ابتدا در يک خانه امن در تهران نگاه داشته مي‌شد و مجاز بود که در آخر هر هفته با اقوام خود در مرکز فرهنگي طلائيtalaiie ، که توسط سپاه پاسداران قدرتمند ايران اداره مي‌شود، ملاقات کند.
اين سايت به‌نقل از اعضاي خانواده‌اش مي‌گويد که به آنها گفته شده ترددات اميري ”به‌خاطر سلامتي خودش ”محدود شده است… (آسوشيتدپرس- 13/10/89)


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