At least 50 arrested in Enqelab Square protests in Tehran

In Tehran, RAHANA reports that at least 50 protesters have been arrested in Enghelab Square.
8:10 p.m. According to RAHANA, Ahmad Abad Street in Mashhad -- hometown of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei -- has become the scene of heavy clashes between the people and security forces. An eyewitness reports, "The clashes are severe. They're just short of firing mortar shells! The number of arrests is very high. I can say that there have been at least 150 arrests."
A caller into BBC Persian says, "A lot of people were on the north side of Enghelab Street. Security forces shot tear gas at us when we reached a crossroads and corralled us into North Kargar Street. Once there, people started chanting. The sidewalks were filled with people." Other eyewitnesses add to the claims that security forces are breaking the windshields and mirrors of cars that are honking in support of the protesters in Tehran.

در تهران سايت رهانا RAHANA گزارش مي‌کند که دستکم 50 تظاهرات کننده در ميدان انقلاب دستگير شده‌اند. به گفته سايت رهانا خيابان احمد آباد در مشهد ـ ـ شهر رهبر عالي ايت ا… علي خامنه‌اي ـ ـ صحنه درگيري بين مردم و نيروهاي امنيتي مي‌باشد.
يک شاهد عيني گزارش مي‌کند، ”درگيري ها شديد بودند. فقط مانده است که خمپاره شليک کنند! تعداد دستگيري ها بسيار زياد است. مي‌توانم بگويم که حداقل 150تن دستگير شدند ”. (تهران بورو -10/12/89)


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