Appeal to stop illegal hanging of 20 Year old accused of Mohareb

The clerical regime’s judiciary, according to state-run dailies on March 1, sentenced Mr. Amin Valiyan, a student from Damghan University, to death charged with ‘mohareb’ (enemy of God).

Deprived of his right to have a lawyer, he was first sentenced to death by Salavati, a henchman acting as judge, in a kangaroo trial. He was accused of carrying stone and chanting “Down with dictator” during the Ashura uprising on December 27. He was charged with “moharebeh, association and collusion against the security of the velayat-e faqih system (absolute rule of clergy).” His sentence was reaffirmed by the so-called appeals court.

The regime sentenced another prisoner to death in a discredited show trial on February 16 charged with “mohareb.” He was identified as Amir Reza Arefi, aged 21.

In fear of a nationwide uprising in the run-up to the traditional Persian Fire Festival, March 16, the clerical regime is trying to impose a reign of terror and intimidation in the country by issuing such barbaric sentences. But, these suppressive and criminal measures only serve to embolden people’s determination to participate in the uprising to overthrow the regime and bring freedom and democracy to Iran.


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