Pictures to NEVER forget! Unknown Martyres! Who was he?

This scene is one of pain, agony, shock, sorrow and repugnance of in-humanity, savageness and extremism all united in the Iranian mullahs and their supporters!

The young student is said to have run into the intelligence agents on 18 or 20 June 2009, towards the University doors, when he was intervened, dragged on to the ground and in front of unbelieving eyes of by-passers and nearby University staff who were near the gates, his throat leashed open, as he gasped for air, no one believed the brutes of such violence..!!

But this IS the regime that all wish to talk with..
This is the same regime that some have pinned hope of dialogue and discussion with,
this is the same regime, which has mocked us all!
For the Past 30 Years, we have been fooled, by people such as the one holding the knife to cut the throat, those who make up the Assembly of "Experts" are certainly No "experts” in Human rights and Humanism, rather than "interest and power".

So how can one talk with such people?

What would you do, if you were there? Near by, standing and watching this scene?
Would you turn the other cheek?

or Perhaps would you spare your own sister or brother for that Nike?

I am a Christian, but I am thinking about this …

In this regime, the only thing they believe in is their theory of exisitance “ Kill and be alive”..

It is said that Mullah Gillani, "Ordered" the arrest, torture and execution of his two sons! Because they were related to a political group that had been isolated by the "Khomeini" ayatollah, and deemed as Mohareb. (PMOI)

It is also said Mullah Janati , himself praised and fasted for the capture and death (under torture)of his son!!

Yes my friends do we know what Kind of regime this is???

We certainly don’t.
I believe only those who are tasting its tortures and death and blood may have something to say on this!


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