Iran hangs Jundollah leader Abdolmalek Rigi

Iran Focus
Tehran, Jun. 20 - The leader of the Sunni dissident group Jundollah, Abdolmalek Rigi, was hanged at dawn on Sunday in Tehran's notorious Evin Prison, the Judiciary announced.
A court statement said since 2003 Jundollah had killed 154 members of the security forces and others and wounded 320.
It accused the group of having ties to the intelligence services of the U.S., Israel and several Arab states.
Despite Tehran's hyped-up claims that the Jundollah leader had been arrested after a sophisticated intelligence operation, observers say that he was handed over to Iran by Pakistani intelligence services in February.
Rigi's brother, Abdolhamid, was hanged on 24 May in Zahedan, provincial capital of Sistan-Baluchestan, after undergoing several months of interrogation and torture while in captivity