Judiciary Gives its Blessing to Crackdown on “Bad Hijabs”

The Judiciary has instructed judges and magistrate courts across the country to fully support the police operations aiming to crackdown on “bad hijabs” and all other symbols of social corruption, said Ebrahim Raisee, the deputy head of the Judiciary.

RAHANA – When asked about fines issued by some prosecutors for women with “bad hijab, Raisee said, “Hijab and chastity are the letter of the law and must be enforced without exception.”Raise went on to advise all Iranian women to be faithful to Islam adding that non Muslim women must also obey the law of the land. All the cultural resources of the country must be used to institutionalize the Islamic hijab, Raisee said.“The fact the certain prosecutors have issued monetary fines for women with “bad hijab” remain within their discretionary powers and such ruling are binding” said Raisee. He also advised the security forces to use all their power to deal with “bad hijabs”In recent days, reports have emerged that women with bad hijab will be fined. The amount of the fine varies based on the color of their nail polish or other makeup items, whether they were wearing their sunglasses on their heads at the time of their arrest, as well the color of their hair or highlights.


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