Iran arrests mother and sister of former detained protester

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The mother and sister of Hesam Tarmasi who was arrested after the election protests and was detained in Evin Prison for one year were arrested after security forces raided their home on Saturday night. Hesam Tarmasi was only recently released from prison.
He was arrested in a post-election protest march by security forces. After being released from prison, he came down with a kidney and liver illness and has been hospitalized ever since.
He was also attacked by unidentified persons and according to his family, the knife he was stabbed with was contaminated with an unknown poison and he contracted a blood infection.
His mother and sister were arrested while he was in hospital. His family was not involved in any political or social activities and the reason they were arrested is completely unknown…
Termasi is very concerned about his mother and sister.

دو نفر از اعضاي خانواده حسام ترمسي بازداشت شدند
مادر و خواهر حسام ترمسي از زندانيان حوادث پس از انتخابات که يک سال را در زندان اوين گذراند و مدت کوتاهي است از زندان آزادشده، شنبه شب با هجوم ماموران امنيتي در منزل شان بازداشت شدند.
به گزارش کلمه، حسام ترمسي از شهروندان معترض به نتايج انتخابات است که در يکي از راهپيمايي هاي اعتراضي پس از انتخابات بازداشت شده بود. او پس از آزادي از زندان به بيماري کبد و کليه مبتلا شد و از مدتي پيش نيز در بيمارستان بستري است.
وي يکبار نيز مورد سو قصد نيروهاي ناشناس قرار گرفت که به گفته خانواده اش با چاقوي آلوده به سموم ناشناخته به وي ضربه وارد و خونش دچار عفونت شد.
خواهر و مادر حسام در حالي بازداشت شده اند که او هم چنان در بيمارستان به سر مي برد. خانواده حسام هيچ گونه فعاليت سياسي يا اجتماعي نداشتند و دليل بازداشت شان کاملا نامشخص است.
حسام ترمسي اکنون در بيمارستان به شدت نگران حال خواهر و مادرش است. (کلمه – 21/7/89)


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