Kurd political prisoner on death row in Orumieh Prison

Human Rights Activists in Iran

Jailed political prisoner Hossein Khezri, 28, who is in the Central Orumieh Prison, has been sentenced to death on charges of ‘waging war with God’ and his sentence has been confirmed by officials. This political prisoner is under hard conditions in Orumieh Prison and his death sentence might be carried out at any moment.
One of his relatives said in an interview: “The death sentence was issued for Hossein after he was in solitary cell for seven months and after he was transferred to the Orumieh Prison in 2008. He was tried in a 7 to 8 minute trial with the presence of the representative of the prosecutor and the representative of the Intelligence Agency in the first branch of the Revolutionary Court, which was his first and last court session.
His lawyer was present with him in court but neither him nor his lawyer were allowed to defend his case. A few days before the trial, his lawyer was threatened by unidentified men who demanded to know with ‘what right he was defending an anti-revolutionary’.
Hossein was arrested in 2008 by the Nabi Akram Revolutionary Guards Corps base in the Kermanshah Terminal. He was transferred to a detention center in a military base from the very beginning without being informed of why he was arrested and was brutally tortured to the point of losing conscious several times.
He was kept in that detention center for 49 days. In this time he was taken with chained hands and feet down the stairs to the cellar and would be hanged from the roof while shackled.
They would close his mouth and nose with a cloth and he had to move his leg if he wanted to talk. He was tortured in this way many times. He was also electrocuted and beaten with batons and lost 30 percent of his vision, developed bleeding in his kidneys because of the brutal strikes and kicks and punches and also suffered a lung infection as a result of the unsuitable prison conditions and he is still suffering from this disease but officials refuse to treat him.

حسين خضري در انتظار اجراي حکم اعدام بسر مي برد
حسين خضري، متولد سال 1361، زنداني محبوس در زندان مرکزي اروميه، به اتهام محاربه به اعدام محکوم شده است و اين حکم حتي مورد تاييد مسئولان نيز قرار گرفته است. اين زنداني سياسي در حالي در سکوت خبري کامل در شرايط سخت زندان اروميه به سر مي برد که هر لحظه امکان اجراي حکم وي وجود دارد.
يكي از بستگانش مي گويد:
”حکم اعدام حسين بعد از اينکه دوران بازداشتش که به مدت هفت ماه در سلول انفرادي به طول انجاميد و سپس تحويل زندان مرکزي اروميه داده شد در سال 87 صادر شد. او در يک جلسه ي هفت الي هشت دقيقه اي که اولين و آخرين جلسه ي رسيدگي به اتهاماتش با حضور نماينده دادستاني و نماينده اطلاعات بود در شعبه يک دادگاه انقلاب مورد محاکمه قرار گرفت.
وكيل وي در دادگاه حضور داشت ولي نه وي و نه حتي به خودش اجازه ي دفاع داده نشد. حتي چند روز قبل تر از آن هم از طرف افراد ناشناس وکيلش تهديد شد تحت اين عنوان که به چه جراعتي از يک ضد انقلاب دفاع مي کند“...
حسين در مرداد 87 توسط سپاه پاسداران نبي اکرم در ترمينال کرمانشاه بازداشت شد. از همان ابتدا او را به يک بازداشتگاه که در قلب يک پادگان نظامي قرار داشت منتقل کردند و بدون اينکه علت بازداشت را حتي به خودش بگويند به طور فجيع مورد شکنجه بدني قرار گرفت به طوري که چندين بار بي هوش شد.
49 روز در آن بازداشتگاه نگهش داشتند در طول اين مدت بارها از پله ها دست و پا بسته و چشم بسته به زير زميني که موتور خانه هم در آنجا قرار داشت منتقل مي کردند و دست و پا بسته از سقف آويزانش مي کردند.
با يک دستمال دهان و بيني اش را مي بستند و هر وقت مي خواست حرف بزند بايد دست و پايش را تکان مي داد. بارها به اين صورت مورد شکنجه قرار گرفت. به وسيله ي شوک الکتريکي، باتوم و ... بر اثر اين شکنجه ها 30% از بينايي اش را از دست داد، کليه هايش در اثر ضربات مشت و لگد دچار خونريزي شد و بر اثر وضعيت نابسامان بازداشتگاه دچار عوفنت ريه شد به طوري که هنوز هم از اين بيماري رنج مي برد و مسئولان هيچ اقدامي هم براي بهبود و


Bjarne said...

Cut the rope I

cut the rope from
the neck of the convicted
and bind the judge

Cut the rope II

put the judges to court
and give them a fair trial
for their death sentences

Cut the rope III

life is sacred
no one may steal the right
to breathe freely

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