Behrouz Javid Tehrani, who was arrested during the July 1999 student uprising and has ‎been imprisoned ever since, started his message by honoring the memory of 137 of his ‎cellmates whose hangings he can attest to.‎

The message, dated October 2, 2010, says, “In memory of 137 of my cellmates and ‎friends who in the past 10 years, due to regular or political charges, I said goodbye to ‎before they were hanged, I want to wish for a day when there will no longer be hanging, ‎stoning, amputation or flogging anywhere on this planet.”‎

Mr. Javid Tehrani added, “I hope we will one day bear witness to the realization of an ‎ideal city spanning the entire world, where there will be no crimes and every citizen ‎would be living in health and harmony. Long Live Freedom!”‎

Behrouz Javid Tehrani is currently being held at Karaj’s Gohardasht Prison


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