State run daily says Iran has arrested 4 ‘Mourning Mothers’

Fararou state-run website

The state-run Iran daily reported that four members of the ‘Mourning Mothers’ group were arrested.
“Four members of the Mourning Mothers group were arrested while intending to go to Germany to see an important contact of the Monafeqin grouplet (PMOI). They were arrested after their contact with this group became apparent”, this daily said.

منبع حکومتي: دستگيري چهار تن از مادران عزادار
روزنامهايران طي گزارشي از دستگيري چهار نفر از اعضاي گروه ”مادران عزادار“ خبر داد و نوشت: « 4نفر از اعضاي گروه «مادران عزادار» پس از آنکه ارتباطشان با اعضاي گروهک تروريستي منافقين مسجل شد هنگام سفر به آلمان جهت تماس با رابط مهم اين گروهک دستگير شدند.. (سايت فرارو - 21/7/89)


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