Iran chops off hand of another man Yazd Prison

Asre Iran state-run daily

The hand amputation sentence of a professional robber was carried out in the Central Yazd prison.
The convict was identified as 32 year old ‘M’ and was charged with four counts of theft.
The convict also has other criminal records. His amputation sentence was carried out after it was upheld by the Supreme Court and after his request for amnesty was turned down by the Judiciary’s Amnesty and Sentence Commutation Commission and was carried out in front of other thieves in the Yazd Central Prison.

حکم قطع دست سارق در يزد اجرا شد
حکم قطع دست يک سارق حرفه اي در زندان مرکزي استان يزد به اجرا درآمد.
متهم به ‌نام "م" و 32 ساله به اتهام چهار فقره سرقت مستوجب حد شرعي و اسلامي شد.
اين متهم داراي سوابق متعدد ديگري نيز است و حکم قطع دست سارق بعد از تاييد توسط ديوان عالي کشور و رد درخواست عفو وي توسط کميسيون عفو و تخفيف مجازات قوه قضاييه در زندان مرکزي يزد و در ديد سارقان زنداني به اجرا درآمد. (عصر ايران – 1/8/89)


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