Kurd political prisoner in critical condition

Kurdish Perspective

Two Kurd activists from Marivan who were arrested two months ago by security forces are still kept in solitary cells in the Sanandaj Intelligence Agency and one of them is in critical physical condition.
Hajir Ibrahimi and Bakhtiar Memari who were arrested about 11 weeks ago by security forces in Marivan and were taken to the Intelligence Agency for interrogations are still in an undetermined state and under the most severe pressure.
Hajir Ibrahimi who is suffering from kidney and gum infection and also a stomach illness is in critical condition and no measures have been taken to treat him.
The constant pursuits of the families of these two activists and their appeals to judicial and security systems have had no results and these institutions refrain from giving any kind of explanation to them especially regarding why their loved ones were arrested and their current condition.

وضعيت وخيم جسماني يک زنداني سياسي کرد
دو فعال مدني اهل مريوان که بيش از دو ماه پيش از سوي نيروهاي امنيتي بازداشت شدند همچنان در سلول انفرادي اداره اطلاعات سنندج به سر مي برند و وضعيت جسماني يکي از آنان وخيم گزارش شده است.
هژير ابراهيمي و بختيار معماري که حدود يازده هفته پيش توسط ماموران امنيتي مريوان بازداشت و جهت ادامه بازجويي ها به اداره اطلاعات سنندج منتقل شدند همچنان در شرايط نامشخصي تحت شديدترين فشارها قرار دارند.
به گزارش کرديش پرسپکتيو، هژير ابراهيمي که از عفونت کليه، لثه و همچنين از بيماري معده رنج مي برد با شرايط بسيار و خيمي روبەرو شده و تاکنون هيچ اقدامي جهت مداواي وي صورت نگرفته است.
گفتني است که مراجعەهاي مکرر خانوادەهاي اين دو فعال دربند به دستگاههاي قضايي و امنيتي تاکنون نتيجەاي در پي نداشته و اين ارگانها از ارائه هرگونه توضيحي در خصوص دلايل احتمالي بازداشت و وضعيت آنان خودداري مي کنند. (کرديش پرسپکتيو – 27/7/89)


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