Iran hangs five people without disclosing time and place of executions

Committee of Human Rights Reporters

Tehran Prosecutor Jafari Dolat Abadi said that in the past few days, five people were killed on charges of dealing narcotics in what he called the ‘serious battle’ against narcotics.
The Tehran prosecutor said that in the past two or three days 5 people were executed and admitted that this policy would continue. He did not mention the exact time and place of the executions.
According the state-run ISNA news agency, Dolat Abadi said that “these sentences have to be carried out”.
“It has been recommended that the sentences of all those who have finalized sentences be carried out”, he added.

اعدام پنج تن به جرم توزيع مواد مخدر
جعفري دولت‌آبادي از اعدام پنج نفر در چند روز اخير به جرم توزيع مواد مخدر تحت عنوان «مبارزه جدي» با مواد مخدر خبر داد.
دادستان تهران از اعدام پنج نفر در دو- سه روز اخير به جرم ورود و توزيع مواد مخدر خبر داد و اذعان کرد که اين سياست ادامه خواهد يافت؛ اما به محل و زمان اجراي اين اعدام‌ها اشاره نکرد.
بر اساس گزارش ايسنا،عباس جعفري دولت‌آبادي در مراسم توديع و معارفه سرپرست دادسراي ناحيه ۱۸تصريح کرد: «اين احکام بايد اجرا شود. توصيه شده که تمام کساني که داراي احکام قطعي هستند، حکم‌شان اجرا شود.» (رهانا – 4/8/89)


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