While the Camp has been forcibly attacked by forces that are supposed to keep residents intact of any intrusion of Iranian regime elements in Iraq, there have been numerous TV and press coverage of the violent harassment of the residents by Iraqi forces loyal to Khamenei under the Maleki orders.
It is ironic that these attacks coincide with the hanging of political prisoners who are supposedly charged with affiliating with the PMOI or having relatives in the same Camp.
Analysts have highlighted the importance of regime reaction on the Camp saying that it is overdue reaction of the regime to successful advances of the group in International and legal challenges it has fought against regime efforts to arrest, maimed or claim them illegal in international arenas.

Hospital at Camp Ashraf attacked by Iraqi forces:Report by Iraqi TV .

On 27 Dec a number of Ashraf residents have been subjected to new restrictions and pressures by Iraqi forces in charge of ‘protecting’ the camp, al-Sharqyia TV has reported.

The Iranian Resistance released a statement with several pictures showing an armed contingent beating and injuring a number of residents in Camp Ashraf. Some of the residents were forcefully expelled from their place of residence, according to the TV.

Iraq’s Azzaman daily also reported that Iraqi forces attacked a clinic at Camp Ashraf and beat some of the residents. The report stated that a statement released by the Iranian Resistance in Paris said a number of the residents were forcibly expelled from the location and others were injured.

At the same time, Iraqi forces prevented two specialist doctors from entering the camp.

Reactions in IRAQ

A number of Iraqi members of Parliament have condemned the violent incursion into Camp Ashraf on Sunday by Iraqi forces loyal to prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, it was reported on Monday.

One of them, Ahmad al-Alvani, a member of the Iraqiya list, told al-Malaf news agency that, “The attack is a clear violation of all international conventions and has no justification whatsoever.”

Al-Alvani added, “We do not know what organ has authorized this incursion, but the Iraqi government must observe human rights.”

He called on the Iraqi government and the United Nations to prevent such unacceptable rights violations.

Another member of Parliament, Younadim Kana, a Christian, described the attack as inhumane and said, “Attacking unarmed innocent people and those who are protected by international laws in Iraq is unacceptable. International laws absolutely do not allow for such actions to take place.”

Mr. Mehdi al-Atiat-chairman of the Arab delegation in defense of Ashraf said in an interview with al-Babeliya TV that, “The commander of forces stationed at Ashraf receives his orders directly from channels tied to the Iranian regime and has a direct connection to the terrorist Qods Force. We have informed international parties about this issue.”

He added, “Currently, the Arabic delegation in defense of Ashraf is calling for UNAMI to be stationed in Camp Ashraf, for Iraqi forces to be expelled, for the dismantling of a fence built separating the clinic from the camp, and also for the disbanding of a committee which is mandated with suppressing the camp.”

“The restrictions, just like the loudspeakers set up at the gate, are imposed daily against Ashraf on the orders of the Iranian regime’s embassy in Iraq.”

“We have called on all international sides to take action and we have apprised them of the situation. Today, we specifically informed prosecutors at the International Criminal Court about the daily aggressions against Ashraf.”

The former chair of Diyala province’s council in Iraq has called for lifting restrictions on the residents of Camp Ashraf while urging the parliament to form a fact-finding commission to visit Ashraf and investigate the effects of the siege.

In an interview with the Iraqi news agency, Ebrahim Bajelan said, “I have and will always stress that combating human beings like this is not part of the ethics and tradition of Iraqis. I ask for the creation of a committee formed by all parliamentary groups to support and investigate the situation of Ashraf residents, to visit the camp, and to help immediately to lift the siege.”

Bajelan added, “We must respect Ashraf residents, observe their rights and ensure that drugs and food are allowed in their camp. While at the Diyala provincial council, we respected the UN’s decision not to displace PMOI members in Ashraf and we formed a committee (comprised of the Islamic party, the Shiite coalition and the Kurdish list), and visited the camp and met with the officials there. We inspected the entire camp and did not find even a single bullet there.”

He stressed that denying the residents medical treatment and pharmaceutical drugs is unbecoming of humanitarian values and violates the UN charter which Iraq is a signatory of.


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