Jailed student activist throw in solitary again

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Jailed student activist Arash Sadeqi who ended his hunger strike on Friday December 24 and was transferred to the public cellblock in Evin Prison, was once again transferred to a solitary cell in Cellblock 209 on Friday December 31.
His friends in the public cellblock have said that he was suffering from stomach hemorrhage and that his heart and lung problems have deteriorated due to the lack of medical treatment.
According to reports, his many heart and lung problems are a result of his past detention but has deteriorated because of his hunger strike and beatings by prison officials.
It is still not clear why this student activist was thrown in solitary.

انتقال مجدد آرش صادقي، دانشجوي زنداني به بند انفرادي
آرش صادقي، فعال دانشجويي زنداني، که جمعه سوم دي ماه اعتصاب غذاي خود را شکسته و به بند عمومي منتقل شده بود، روز جمعه دهم دي ماه براي چندمين بار به انفرادي بند ٢٠٩ اوين منتقل شد .
گزارش ها حاکي از آن است که دوستان آرش در بند عمومي به اين نکته اشاره داشتند که وي دچار خونريزي معده شده است و همچنين مشکلات قلبي و ريوي وي دوباره با بي توجهي مسئولان زندان تشديد پيدا کرده است .
به گزارش جرس، مشکلات قلبي و ريوي آرش مربوط به دوره قبلي بازداشت وي است که با توجه به اعتصاب غذاي اخير وي و ضرب و شتم مسئولين زندان بيماري اش تشديد يافته است.
علت انتقال اين فعال دانشجويي به بند انفرادي هنوز مشخص نمي باشد. (جرس – 11/10/89)


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