The Guardian :
Iran Iranian opposition figure dies of heart attack while on hunger strike. Hoda Saber`s wife says she received reports that prison officials delayed transferring him to hospital for six hours
Hoda Saber, a 52-year-old journalist and opposition figure, has died of a heart attack after spending 10 days on hunger strike. A leading Iranian journalist and opposition figure has died of a heart attack after spending 10 days on hunger strike in Tehran`s notorious Evin prison.
Hoda Saber, a 52-year-old political activist from the opposition Nationalist-Religious movement, was taken to the Modarres hospital in the city after a cardiac complication, which his wife claims was brought on by his hunger strike.
The news of his death coincides with the second anniversary of Iran`s disputed presidential election, which gave Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a second term.
Speaking from Tehran, Saber`s wife, Farideh Jamshidi, told the Guardian: 'My husband died two days ago, but we were unaware of his death until today when someone in the hospital informed one of our friends’.
She said Saber stopped eating food and later stopped drinking water in protest at the death of his fellow dissident Haleh Sahabi, She died of a heart attack during scuffles with security forces at the funeral of her father, Ezatollah Sahabi, the leader of the Nationalist-Religious alliance of politicians, on 1 June.
Jamshidi accused prison officials of negligence toward her husband, saying she received reports that they delayed transferring him to hospital for six hours.
‘Doctors told us later that they could have saved his life by taking him to the hospital earlier. We were supposed to visit him in the prison tomorrow and now we have to visit his dead body in the cemetery’…
After disappearing for two weeks in July 2010, Saber`s family were informed that he had been picked up by security officials and taken to Evin.
When Haleh Sahabi died at her father`s funeral, Saber - who had served several jail terms in the past - and his fellow inmate Amir Khosro Dalirsani said in a joint statement that they would go on hunger strike in protest over her death and over the brutal crackdown against protesters by the regime.
Several human rights organisations have issued statements coinciding with the anniversary of the election and many have expressed concerns for those political prisoners arrested since 2009.

شخصيت مخالف ايراني دراعتصاب غذا به‌خاطر حمله قلبي فوت مي‌کند

شخصيت مخالف ايراني در حالي‌که دراعتصاب غذا بود، بر اثر حمله قلبي فوت مي‌کند، همسر هدا صابر مي‌گويد که وي گزارشاتي دريافت کرده است که مقامات زندان انتقال وي به بيمارستان را با 6ساعت تأخير انجام دادند…

اخبار مرگ وي هم‌زمان با دومين سالگرد انتخابات رياست جمهوري بحث‌برانگيز که به محمود احمدي‌نژاد دومين دوره (رياست جمهوري) را داد، گشت.

فريده جمشيدي، همسر صابر از تهران به گاردين گفت: ”همسرم دو روز قبل فوت کرد، ولي ما از مرگ وي تا امروز اطلاعي نداشتيم، تا اين‌که يکي از دوستان ما در بيمارستان ما را از مرگ وي مطلع کرد ”…

جمشيدي مقامات زندان را متهم به سهل انگاري درباره همسرش نمود و مي‌گويد وي گزارشاتي دريافت کرده است که آنها انتقال وي به بيمارستان را با 6ساعت تأخير انجام دادند.

”دکترها به ما گفتند که در صورتي که وي زودتر به بيمارستان مي‌رسيد مي‌توانستند جان وي را نجات بدهند. ما قرار بود که فردا وي را در زندان ملاقات کنيم و حالا ما بايد با پيکر بي‌جانش در گورستان ديدار کنيم ”…

ويليام هگ وزير خارجه بيانيه‌ايي صادر نمود که مي‌گويد: دوسال بعد از اين‌که مردم به درخواست رفرم به خيابانها ريختند، من مي‌خواهم اين مشخص باشد که توجه ما منحرف نشده است و ما به فراخواندن ايران به پاسخگويي به مسئوليت هاي حقوق‌بشر بين‌المللي ادامه خواهيم داد“.(سايت گاردين- 22/3/1390)


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