Fars state-run News Agency :
Fars state-run News Agency -The Commander of the Revolutionary Guards Corps in the town of Noor announced that two parties held in this town were [disrupted] and that elements behind the parties were arrested.
“According to reports we received that mixed night parties were being held in a home in one of the coast townships in Noor and after investigations into the report, the necessary measures were taken to disrupt the celebrations”, Yusef Taleb Nejad said.
RGC soldiers from the Baqiollah Base along with security forces entered the home the party was being held and were met with a number of half-naked [term used by regime officials meaning ordinary summer attire] women, girls and men who were drinking alcohol and dancing.
These people who had all drank alcoholic beverages and were intoxicated… were arrested by agents and were all transferred to the Izadshahr Police Station. They will be detained there until the end of legal procedures and will then be referred to the judiciary.
The RGC commander said that 15 men and women were arrested in the party.
Regarding the second party he said that “according to reports from Hezbollah [referring to pro-government vigilantes] and on investigations by the Noor Intelligence Unit regarding a mixed party with loud music… in a village in the Chamestan region, the location of the party was identified after coordination with the judicial officials and 16 men and women were arrested.

سپاه بار ديگر به مهماني خصوصي مردم حمله کرد

فرمانده سپاه ناحيه نور از شناسايي و کشف دو محفل پارتي در اين شهرستان و دستگيري عوامل آن خبر داد.

يوسف طالب‌نژاد با اعلام خبر کشف دو محفل پارتي و دستگيري عوامل آن توسط سربازان بقية‌الله سپاه ناحيه نور بيان داشت: بر اساس اخبار و گزارش‌هاي واصله مردمي مبني بر برپايي پارتي مختلط شبانه در منزلي واقع در يکي از شهرک‌هاي ساحلي نور و پس از بررسي و اطمينان از صحت و سقم خبر، اقدامات لازم براي انحلال اين جشن و پارتي صورت گرفت.

سربازان بقيةالله سپاه ناحيه نور به همراه ضابطان قضايي انتظامي پس از کسب دستور مقام قضايي و هماهنگي لازم وارد محل برگزاري پارتي شدند که به محض ورود تعداد زيادي از دختران و زنان و مردان را با وضعيت نيمه‌عريان و در حال شرب خمر و مستي و رقص و پايکوبي مشاهده کردند.

اين افراد که همگي شرب خمر کرده و حالت غيرعادي داشتند.. که توسط ماموران دستگير و پس از تفهيم اتهام و ثبت اسامي و تنظيم صورت‌جلسه به همراه اقلام و آلات مکشوفه به کلانتري ايزدشهر نور منتقل تا پس از تکميل پرونده براي سير مراحل قانوني به مرجع قضايي ارسال و تحويل شوند. وي دستگيري 15 مرد و زن در اين پارتي خبر داد.

فرمانده سپاه ناحيه نور درباره کشف محفل پارتي دوم نيز گفت: بر اساس گزارش‌هاي امت حزب الله و تحقيقات ميداني به‌عمل آمده توسط پرسنل واحد اطلاعات ناحيه نور درباره برگزاري محفل پارتي مختلط همراه با موسيقي جاز و سيستم صوتي و... در روستايي در منطقه چمستان با هماهنگي مقام‌هاي قضايي اين محفل نيز کشف و 16 زن و مرد دستگير شدند. (فارس – 24/3/90)


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