Jailed blogger beaten while in critical condition

Human Rights Activists in Iran :
Last night jailed blogger Hossein Ronaqi passed out due to a lack of medical attention because of his kidney ailment and was transferred to the Taleqani Hospital.
According to reports, after his transfer to the hospital, agents of the Revolutionary Guards Forces who were with this human rights activist beat him for no apparent reason and transferred him back to Evin Prison only a few hours later after he was hastily examined by the doctors.

انتقال حسين رونقي به بيمارستان طالقاني و ضرب و شتم وي

شب گذشته حسين رونقي در پي تشديد بيماري بر اثر رسيدگي نکردن به بيماري کليوي بيهوش و به بيمارستان طالقاني منتقل شد.

بنا به اطلاع گزارشگران هرانا، ارگان خبري مجموعه فعالان حقوق بشر در ايران، در پي انتقال وي مامورين امنيتي سپاه که اين فعال حقوق بشر را همراهي مي‌کردند بدون دليل به ضرب و شتم وي پرداخته و پس از معاينه سر پايي پزشکان مجددا ساعاتي بعد حسين رونقي را به زندان اوين منتقل کردند. (هرانا – 25/5/90)


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